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Philippe Gilbert appointed Executive Vice President of Geodis Wilson

Amsterdam, Paris 24th February 2010

Philippe Gilbert has been appointed Executive Vice President of Geodis Wilson. Peter Nevhagen who spearheaded the division together with Philippe Gilbert during the transition period will remain a member of the Board as appointed Chief Operating Officer of Geodis Wilson. Geodis’ freight management division is hence from now on under one single leadership.

Jean-Louis Demeulenaere, Deputy CEO of Geodis Group commented: “I am delighted that both, Philippe and Peter accepted their new responsibilities. During the recent phase following the merger of the networks, a co-headed management system was entirely legitimate. Now, in the context of strong future growth ambitions of Geodis Wilson and Geodis Group it is necessary to revert to a classical management structure. I am convinced this evolution in leadership will boost the strategic development of the division.”

Philippe Gilbert said: “Geodis Wilson needs to be able to compete in all major trades and selected vertical markets. Right now we are just outside of the Top 10 worldwide freight forwarders. And we are ready for the jump. Our growth strategy will move us forward.” Peter Nevhagen, who also previously functioned as the Chief Marketing Officer of Geodis Wilson and whose main new focus will be on further improvements of service quality, operational performance and efficiency added: “The change from commercial to operational leadership is an exciting and challenging opportunity to further support and drive the transformation of Geodis Wilson. To me this a logical next step within the development of our company.”

Concomitantly with these changes, Kim Pedersen has been appointed as Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Geodis Wilson Board. Kim Pedersen: “After a few years of integration, our division is conducting a dynamic growth strategy in the coming years – and with a high sense of urgency, we will focus on increasing our market share through innovative integrated solutions”.

Philippe Gilbert, Executive Vice President Geodis Wilson

Before joining Geodis Wilson, Philippe Gilbert worked for Saga, Circle and EGL as Chief Operating Officer for Latin America and EMEA. He joined Geodis in September 2005 when he was appointed Senior Vice President for Geodis Overseas and Groupage. In 2007 he became Chief Operating Officer of Geodis Wilson. In addition to this role he was appointed Executive Vice President in 2008, together with Peter Nevhagen, before Philippe took the single leadership of the division in 2010. Today he is the Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Geodis Wilson Freight Board.

Peter Nevhagen, Chief Operating Officer Geodis Wilson

Peter Nevhagen joined Wilson in 2002, as Managing Director of the Swedish subsidiary. In 2005 he was nominated to the position as Vice President of the Nordic & Baltic region, and following Geodis’ acquisition of Wilson in 2007 he became Chief Marketing Officer of the newly formed Geodis Wilson division. In 2008, he was appointed Executive Vice President of the division before he changed from his commercial role into operational leadership in 2010, as being Chief Operations Officer.

Kim Pedersen, Chief Marketing Officer Geodis Wilson

Kim Pedersen joined Wilson in 1994 and after being Managing Director of the Danish subsidiary, he carried the position of Vice President Nordic and Baltic region between 2007 and 2009. From 2009 and up to this nomination of CMO, Kim Pedersen acted as Vice President Global Sales / Deputy CMO.

About Geodis Wilson and the Geodis Group

Geodis Wilson is a leading global freight management company. With 5,500 employees in over 50 countries the company delivers tailor-made, integrated solutions to customers enabling them to operate as ‘best in class’. Geodis Wilson manages cargo across five continents by sea and air, making supply chains transparent and flexible to manage. As the freight forwarding element of the Geodis Group, Geodis Wilson grew out of the merger of Geodis Overseas, TNT Freight Management, and Rohde & Liesenfeld.

In 2008 the Geodis group became part of the French rail and freight group SNCF. With its now 50.000 employees in 120 countries SNCF Geodis (the transport & logistics branch of SNCF) ranks among the top six companies in its field in the world, is no.4 in Europe and no. 1 in France.