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Archives for August 2023

“K” Line : Use of Internal Azure OpenAI Chatbot Based on Azure OpenAI Service Begins in Japan

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) is pleased to announce that in Japan it has today started using AIplicity Chat Powered by ChatGPT API (hereinafter “AIplicity Chat”) provided by Japan Business Systems, Inc. across “K” LINE offices in Japan.

It is an AI chat service based on the Azure OpenAI Service which Microsoft offers on its Azure cloud.

“K” LINE has been proactively assessing the various latest technologies to provide superior services in the rapidly-changing business environment. In this, it has studied ways to use ChatGPT. It has decided to quickly introduce this service for several purposes including the streamlining of employees’ operations, encouraging the utilization of technology, supporting the implementation of duties in a secure and reassuring environment and piquing employees’ curiosity and their spirit of trying new things.

To prevent data leaks, AIplicity Chat is designed in consideration of security. For example, it does not make secondary use of the information entered. It stores the information exchanged on an internal network of offices in Japan in the Azure tenant. “K” LINE has prepared guidelines for the use of generative AI and made them accessible across the company to make its personnel aware of the risks involved in inputting and outputting data and to draw their attention to these risks. In the future, it will discuss the utilization of AI from different perspectives and test the service itself to continually upgrade AIplicity Chat.

At “K” LINE, digitalization and efforts to actively use data and digital technologies are underway with a view toward laying a solid business foundation for the realization of the business strategy in the medium-term management plan announced in May 2022*¹. Through this digitalization, “K” LINE will continue to enhance its business processes and support its core values of safety, environmental conservation and quality to achieve continuous growth and increase its corporate value.


*¹Medium-term Management Plan (announced May 9, 2022)


DX Strategy 2023 (announced on December 22, 2022)

“K” Line : MoU Signed with NAVTOR A.S. on Fleet Monitoring and Support System

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) has adopted NavFleet as a fleet monitoring system platform provided by NAVTOR A.S. (NAVTOR), and witnessed by Norwegian Embassy in Japan, “K” LINE signed a MoU with NAVTOR regarding the development of “K” LINE 24/7/365 global fleet monitoring and support system through the use and functional expansion of NavFleet on August 25.

NAVTOR is Norway-based company developing the maritime DX business that is well known as a provider of electronic navigational charts, who has advanced software development capabilities and extensive experience.

NavFleet a total ship operations platform that provides a monitoring of vessel position, weather and route information on shore through automatic and seamless data communication via the cloud, and automatically alert users potential navigational risks to prevent navigational accidents. Future, NavFleet is capable to unite business critical data from various systems and provide overview of the fleet operation at a glance, while assisting to automate tasks, simplify regulatory compliance and ensure safe navigation of the fleet at all times.

“K” LINE is promoting the strengthening of a worldwide organization system covering Safety and Quality Management to achieve the business strategy in its medium-term management plan announced in 2022. “K” LINE will continue to develop its competitiveness and corporate value by targeting supremely safe navigation and transport quality management supported by the contributions of the knowledge and experience of competent human resources and the technologies complementing the human factors.


Business Briefing (Released on May 26, 2023) p. 57, 58

Medium-term Management Plan (Released on May 9, 2022)

“K” Line : (Amendment)Allocation of Treasury Stock to Board Benefit Trust

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. hereby make amendments to “Allocation of Treasury Stock to Board Benefit Trust” announced on August 2, 2023.

Reason for amendment

The amendment was made because the wording could have led to a misunderstanding that the stock repurchase and the allocation of treasury stock to the Board Benefit Trust were a series of events.

Details of the amendment (excerpt)

The amendments are underlined in below.

(Before amendment)

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) stated in the “Notice Regarding Cancellation of Treasury Stock” announced on March 14, 2023 that, the Board Benefit Trust that was established for officers’ performance-based share remuneration was scheduled to acquire the Company’s stock by underwriting the disposal of the treasury stock for its expanded cap of funds around August, 2023.

However, the Company hereby announces that it plans to delay the allocation of treasury stock to the Board Benefit Trust stated above to around November 2023 following the completion of the stock repurchase by the Company during the period from August 3 to October 31, as announced today in the “Notification of Stock Repurchase and Share Buyback through Off-Auction Own Share Repurchase Trading (ToSTNeT-3)”

(After amendment)

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) stated in the “Notice Regarding Cancellation of Treasury Stock” announced on March 14, 2023 that, the Board Benefit Trust that was established for officers’ performance-based share remuneration was scheduled to acquire the Company’s stock by underwriting the disposal of the treasury stock for its expanded cap of funds around August, 2023.

However, the Company hereby announces that it plans to delay the allocation of treasury stock to the Board Benefit Trust stated above until after the completion of the stock repurchase by the Company announced today in the “Notification of Stock Repurchase and Share Buyback through Off-Auction Own Share Repurchase Trading (ToSTNeT-3)”. The method and timing of the allocation will be announced as soon as it is decided.

Dachser and Fercam strengthen groupage and contract logistics business in Italy

Long-standing partnership leads to foundation of a joint venture for groupage and contract logistics

Kempten/Bolzano, August 23, 2023 – Fercam is set to transfer its Distribution (groupage) and Logistics (contract logistics) divisions to a joint venture with Dachser under the name Dachser & Fercam Italia S.r.l.”. Dachser’s 80 percent share in the new venture strengthens and rounds off its European network. The transfer of control is still subject to approval by the relevant competition authorities.

According to the terms of the contract signed by the two companies, Fercam will detach its Fercam Distribution (groupage) and Fercam Logistics (contract logistics) divisions from Fercam AG and integrate them into the new company by the end of the year. These two divisions, which employ 920 people at 43 locations in Italy, generated some EUR 400 million in revenue in 2022.

From the beginning of 2024, the independent company will operate under the name “Dachser & Fercam Italia S.r.l. and report directly to Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics at Dachser. As before, the groupage and contract logistics business in Italy will be managed by Fercam´s Distribution and Logistics manager Dr. Gianfranco Brillante and his proven team, whose expertise will provide continuity in the Italian market. Fercam AG will own a 20 percent share in Dachser & Fercam Italia S.r.l.

Fercam Transport (national and international road and rail transports), Fercam Air & Ocean, and Fercam Special Services (Fine Art, Fairs & Events, Home Delivery, Removals & Relocation, Archive & Documents Management)—including all international subsidiaries—remain exclusively owned by Fercam AG and will not become part of the new joint venture. Fercam plans to promote further growth and internationalization of these divisions in the future, including overseas.

“As family-owned companies, Dachser and Fercam are united by an understanding of values-oriented management that ensures the future viability of the company over generations. So we’re all the more pleased that we’re now strengthening our bond even more, building on our 20 years of collaboration to found this joint venture in Italy,” says Bernhard Simon, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Dachser.

“Dachser is a dynamically growing family-owned company with similar goals and short decision-making channels, making it an outstanding and reliable partner for us for all European transports. Over the course of our partnership, however, conditions have changed considerably, with market share concentrated among only a few European and global players. That’s why we decided to launch a joint venture exclusively for groupage and contract logistics. It´s a win-win situation for both sides”, says Thomas Baumgartner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Fercam. “This allows us to further strengthen our ties with our partner company while simultaneously solidifying our own position,” explains Hannes Baumgartner, Managing Director of Fercam. “Being a part of Dachser’s European network opens up additional opportunities for growth, particularly in exports. That creates security and stability for the future.”

Completing the European network

The majority takeover of Fercam’s groupage and contract logistics business is the third major acquisition Dachser has made to expand its transport and logistics network in Europe, following Graveleau (France, 1999) and Azkar (Spain, 2013). “With this acquisition, we are closing the last remaining gap and rounding off our own groupage and contract logistics network in the major continental European markets,” explains Burkhard Eling, CEO of Dachser. “Our focus remains on growing organically and sustainably. In addition, this year we’ve strengthened our presence in key markets such as Benelux, Australia, Japan, and now Italy through targeted acquisitions.”

Customers stand to benefit from uniform processes and systems

“Dachser and Fercam have been working together with great success for 20 years. During this time, we’ve gotten to know each other very well and gained an appreciation for one another,” adds Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics at Dachser. Family-owned Fercam, headquartered in Bolzano, South Tyrol, has been handling the distribution of all groupage shipments with industrial and consumer goods from Dachser’s European network in Italy since the start of the partnership, and feeds corresponding shipments from Italy into this network. “Fercam is a guarantor of continuity and expertise in Italy. Through this acquisition and other investments, we can further accelerate our growth—especially in the Italian market—and improve the quality of our offering even more. Our customers in Europe, Italy, and worldwide will benefit from consistent processes and uniform systems in the medium term,” Tonn says regarding the synergies and customer benefits of the new joint venture.

Thanks to their long-standing partnership, Dachser and Fercam are already fully in sync when it comes to operational groupage handling. Fercam makes a point of continuously investing in its logistics facilities, digital systems, and climate protection—the two companies are an excellent fit in this respect, too.

Joint venture without duplicate structures

Dachser’s European Logistics business line did not previously have any locations of its own in Italy, so the joint venture will not result in any duplicate structures. All employees of Fercam’s Distribution and Logistics divisions will work for Dachser & Fercam Italia. Dachser’s acquisition of shares in these two divisions is also a symbol of the company’s commitment to make additional, sustainable investments in its Italian locations.

In the Food Logistics business line, which handles the transport and storage of chilled and non‑chilled food, Dachser has been represented in Italy since 2017 with three locations and around 270 employees. 

About Dachser

Dachser, a family-owned company headquartered in Kempten, Germany, provides transport logistics, warehousing, and customized services in two business fields: Dachser Air & Sea Logistics and Dachser Road Logistics. The latter consists of two business lines: Dachser European Logistics and Dachser Food Logistics. Comprehensive contract logistics services and industry-specific solutions round out the company’s range. A seamless shipping network—both in Europe and overseas—and fully integrated IT systems ensure intelligent logistics solutions worldwide.

Thanks to some 32,850 employees at 379 locations all over the globe, Dachser generated consolidated net revenue of approximately EUR 8.1 billion in 2022. The same year, the logistics provider handled a total of 81.1 million shipments weighing 42.8 million metric tons. Country organizations represent Dachser in 41 countries. For more information about Dachser, please visit

About Fercam

Fercam is based in Bolzano in South Tyrol, Italy. In 2022, the family-owned company generated revenue of EUR 1.128 billion. The transport and logistics provider has branches in 21 countries and a close-knit network of forwarding agents worldwide. Fercam offers specialized services in a wide range of transport and logistics areas:

Fercam Transport for road and rail transports, Fercam Air & Ocean, which handles imports and exports with its own customs clearance offices, and Fercam Special Services covering Fine Art, Fairs & Events, Removals & Relocation, as well as Archive & Documents Management.The activities of the divisions for groupage and contract logistics will soon be performed by the joint venture with Dachser: Dachser & Fercam Italia S.r.l.

For more information about Fercam, please visit

GEODIS makes strategic investments in Asia expanding Road Network from Singapore to China

Equipped with industry-leading Internet of Things (IoT) security features and infrastructure, the GEODIS Road Network is integrated with major air and sea ports and offers multimodal options to meet customer needs for agile and flexible supply chains.

GEODIS, a global leader in the transport and logistics sector, is driving its growth in Asia with strategic investments in its capabilities and infrastructure in the region. The company has expanded its Road Network from Southeast Asia (SEA) to China – solidifying its position as a leader in providing secure day-definite, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions connecting Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

The Road Network features advanced IoT technology and equipment for transporting goods securely for the High Tech, Semiconductor, Automotive, Engineering, Retail, and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sectors. Investments have also been made to increase service frequency and to enhance its capabilities with dedicated customs brokerage and trade compliance teams at major border crossings to facilitate the seamless movement of goods. The Road Network integrates with major air and sea ports to offer customers a variety of multimodal options to meet the challenges of today’s fast-moving  environment and their need for agile and flexible supply chains.  

The Road Network to Shenzhen will officially launch on 23 August 2023 and will subsequently be extended to Hong Kong, and in the near future to Indonesia, connected by an inter-modal road-sea service.

In recent years, trade between ASEAN and China has grown rapidly, underscoring the significance of logistics in facilitating trade. Road freight has become one of the fastest-growing modes of transport in the ASEAN freight market with Thailand and Vietnam looking to invest  further in infrastructure to support cross-border trade. The Road Network will enable GEODIS to access the expanding logistics sector in Asia Pacific, projected to reach US$4.5 trillion by 2029 with an anticipated growth of 5.24% from 2023 to 2029.

“ASEAN and China are two of the fastest growing economies in the world. As the region remains poised for growth, GEODIS sees the extension of our Road Network to China as an opportunity to enhance our multimodal solutions and connectivity across major air hubs and seaports to give customers greater flexibility and reliability. We have made significant investments to our security, infrastructure and capabilities to ensure a safe and efficient flow of goods for our customers. Ultimately, we want to provide them with a competitive advantage to grow their business,” said Onno Boots, Regional President and CEO of GEODIS Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Recognizing the need for high security, GEODIS has made significant investments into advanced IoT security equipment and processes to safeguard high-value shipments throughout the Road Network. With GPS-tracked, sensor-equipped containers, prime movers and trailers, the Road Network is monitored 24/7/365 by a professional command center, providing real-time, end-to-end visibility of shipments actual locations. Customers can access automated updates of shipment milestones including border crossings via GEODIS’ freight management solution.

The Road Network will be equipped with industry-first truck safety and driver assistance features such as brake assist, stability control assist, hill hold assist and driver fatigue monitoring, to ensure utmost safety of people, vehicle and cargo.

GEODIS also targets heightened economic, operational and environmental performance through high-utilization double-deck container loading, and reduction in carbon emissions through their fleet of new prime mover trucks. Last year, GEODIS added to their fleet seven new Mercedes-Benz Actros prime movers, equipped with the latest in security and safety technologies.

The completion of the GEODIS Road Network from Singapore to China is part of the company’s continued investment to boost its capabilities and infrastructure to match their customers’ growth in the Asia Pacific region.

GEODIS –    

GEODIS is a leading global logistics provider acknowledged for its expertise across all aspects of the supply chain. As a growth partner to its clients, GEODIS specializes in five lines of business: Supply Chain Optimization, Global Freight Forwarding, Global Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and European Road Network. With a global network spanning nearly 170 countries and more than 49,400 employees, GEODIS is ranked no. 6 in its sector across the world. In 2022, GEODIS generated €13.7 billion in revenue. GEODIS is a company owned by SNCF group. 

TT Club : Death in confined spaces – a hidden danger

International freight transport insurer TT Club is seeking to draw attention to the life-threatening hazards caused by enclosed and confined spaces prevalent throughout the global supply chain.  Toxic gases produced by some cargoes as well as leakages, residual fumigants and other causes of a reduced oxygen environment are the chief problems, with 60% of fatalities suffered by would be rescuers.

Confined or enclosed spaces are common in the supply chain industry. Such spaces exist across all freight modalities; from tank containers to cargo hold stairwells and holds, to road tankers and sealed cargo units.  A lack of understanding of the danger present may have fatal consequences.

Without sufficient oxygen the human body starts to shut down very quickly. Any rescue operations are therefore time critical. The primary cause of reduced oxygen levels is the increased presence of other gases, such as carbon dioxide. This may arise from rusting of the ship’s structure or metal cargoes, oxidation of cargoes such as coal or the decomposition of biodegradable cargoes, for example fish meal, logs, bark, or wood pellets.   All these lead to carbon dioxide – and potentially other gases – being released, simultaneously depleting the oxygen. Other associated hazards include flammable or toxic vapours from leaking cargoes or leaking pipes or hoses.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director at TT explains that a lack of awareness of these, often hidden dangers is surprisingly high. “The key risk is that workers may not readily recognise spaces that could present danger,” he states.  “The cargo hold of a ship is a leading example, but containers and other cargo transport units pose similar risks; there may be a lack of knowledge of the cargo packed or whether fumigants have been used. Similarly, tanks units, whether a road barrel or tank container, certainly qualify as enclosed spaces.”

The speed with which the effects of oxygen depletion can become debilitating require thorough and regular communication to ensure that operatives understand the risks.  When entering a lethal space there are no obvious red flags. In terms of symptoms there are no warning signs such as coughing or feeling breathless or nauseous.  An individual can pass out without having the opportunity to raise an alarm or escape. 

The quick onset and catastrophic nature of these symptoms often leads to others rushing to the aid of the casualty, unaware of the reason for their collapse. Statistically, over 60% of fatalities connected to confined and enclosed spaces are suffered by would be rescuers.

“The silent and invisible nature of this killer emphasises the importance of raising awareness of the risk,” stresses Storrs-Fox.  “Developing and undertaking drills to practice rescues are crucial steps in mitigating the risks, as are a number of other strategies including risk assessments of working in potentially hazardous spaces, discouraging short cuts in work practices and testing, monitoring and venting air in confined areas.”

While not exhaustive, TT has developed a checklist of risk mitigation strategies that can be applied across all modes, whether on land or at sea.  This can be accessed HERE

About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1100 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 97% of its Members, with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.