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Archives for February 2024

JAPEX, JGC , and “K” LINE Sign a Storage Site Agreement with PETRONAS and PETROS for the CCS Project in Malaysia

Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.

JGC Holdings Corporation

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.



Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX), JGC Holdings Corporation (JGC) and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) (hereinafter referred collectively as the “Japan Consortium (JC)”) have agreed and signed the Storage Site Agreement (“SSA”) with PETRONAS CCS Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (PCCSV) and PETROLEUM Sarawak BERHAD (PETROS) for the M3 depleted field in offshore Sarawak, Malaysia on 26th February 2024.

Ceremony of the signing of the SSA

Signers related in the above photo, clockwise from upper left side :
Mr. Satoshi Kanamori – “K” LINE Managing Executive Officer
(Left) Dr. James Foo – PETROS Chief Operating Officer
(Middle) Nazrin Banu Shaikh S. Ahmad – PETROS Senior Vice President, Sarawak Resource Management
(Right) Anyi Ngau – PETROS Head Resource Strategy and Governance
Emry Hisham Yusoff – PETRONAS CCS Ventures Chief Executive Officer JAPEX Executive Dr. Tomomi Yamada – JAPEX Executive Management Officer, President of Overseas Business Div Ⅱ
Mr. Masahiro Aika – JGC Senior Executive Officer & TCO

The SSA not only enables the feasibility studies of the CO2 storage sites starting with the M3 depleted field (M3 CCS Project), but also the planning of relevant CO2 storage site development, including onshore terminals and transportation pipelines, as well as assessment of its techno-commercial feasibility.

This collaboration represents a significant advancement in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, including Malaysia and Japan.

The signatories of the SSA were PETROS Senior Vice President, Sarawak Resource Management Nazrin Banu Shaikh S. Ahmad; PETRONAS CCS Ventures Chief Executive Officer Emry Hisham Yusoff; JAPEX Managing Executive Officer and President of Overseas Business Division II, YAMADA Tomomi; JGC Senior Executive Officer, Technology Commercialization Officer, AIKA Masahiro; and “K” LINE Managing Executive Officer, Carbon-Neutral Promotion, KANAMORI Satoshi.

Nazrin said, “As the Resource Manager in Sarawak, this step forward signifies our commitment as Sarawak’s economic growth engine leveraging as an enabler. This is the first project for the industry and the impetus to more low-carbon solution projects. We also express our gratitude for the strong support from PETRONAS CCS Ventures and the Japanese Consortium in participating in this project in Sarawak.”

Emry said, “This collaboration is not just a strategic move to unlock potential CCS opportunities in Malaysia but necessary in addressing climate change as a collective action in achieving a low-carbon future. By securely storing captured CO2 underground, CCS plays a pivotal role in decarbonizing key industries, and it is hoped that this milestone will set an impetus for other CCS initiatives within Malaysia.”

“This is in line with PETRONAS CCS Ventures “ commitment in accelerating Malaysia’s potential as a prominent regional hub for CCS. The company continues to undertake deliberate actions to accelerate the development of a sustainable energy portfolio that prioritizes responsible practices,” adds Emry.

YAMADA representing the Japanese Consortium Parties said, “We are very proud to work with PETRONAS CCS Ventures and PETROS for this epochal project and believe that expertise of each company can make great contribution for realizing the CCS value chain centered on Sarawak aiming at the decarbonization of the APAC region, including Japan.”

By executing SSA for the CCS project in Malaysia, JAPEX, JGC, “K” LINE will contribute towards carbon neutrality in 2050, including the realization of a de-carbonized society in Asia targeted by the “Asia Energy Transition Initiative (AETI)” (*1).

*1: The Japanese Government’s initiative announced in May 2021, which aims to achieve sustainable economic growth and carbon neutrality simultaneously in Asia.

“K” Line : NEDO Green Innovation Fund Project

Approval in Principle (AiP) from Japanese Classification Society Class NK for the design concept of the Multi-functional Floating offshore windfarm Support Vessel

“K” Line Wind Service, LTD. (“K” Line Wind Service), a joint venture of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. and Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., together with Japan Marine United Corporation (Japan Marine United) and Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd. (Nihon Shipyard) have been jointly granted Approval in Principle (AiP) *¹ from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) for the design concept of the multi-functional floating offshore windfarm support vessel (MFSV).

The development of this design concept is subsidized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as a part of Green Innovation Fund Project “Technology development project for basic manufacturing and installation cost reduction for floating wind turbines”.

The development of floating offshore wind is expected to take an important and key role in the achievement of the carbon neutrality by 2050, especially in Japan where shallow water area to develop the bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines is limited.

The installation of floating offshore wind turbines always required mooring works by vessels, with the whole mooring system composed of an anchor, a mooring chain, and a fiber rope. “K” Line Wind Service has been pursuing the study on the most effective mooring method and the most suitable vessel design for such mooring work together with Japan Marine United and Nihon Shipyard. Finally, we completed the design concept of MFSV and obtained AiP from ClassNK.

This MSFV is designed to perform whole mooring works efficiently for floating offshore wind turbine installation, like “transportation of mooring system”, “deploying mooring system on the seabed”, “anchor tensioning”. On top of such primal functions, the uniqueness is multifunctional concept. This MFSV is designed to provide various vessel solutions in each phase of an offshore wind projects such as “Survey”, “Transportation”, “Construction”, and “Operation & Maintenance”. (multifunction concept of MFSV is currently under process of patent application)

“K” Line Wind Service is determined to contribute to Low-carbon and decarbonization of society by pursuing the provision marine and vessel solution including the design concept of MFSV for mass production and cost reduction of offshore wind power generation.

AiP award ceremony at Wind Expo 2024
From left :
Hirohiko Yanagita, Managing Officer of Japan Marine United Corporation
Toshiyuki Shigemi, Senior Executive Vice President of ClassNK
Teruki Kuramoto, President of “K” Line Wind Service, Ltd.
Yoshinori Maeta, President of Nihon Shipyard co., Ltd.,

AiP, which stands for Approval in Principle, is a scheme for the examination of plans and documents based on the rules for products in the early design stage to confirm their technical feasibility from the viewpoint of the rules.  (Source: Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, ClassNK )

about adoption of the Joint Project “Mass-Production and Cost Reduction of Floating Offshore Wind Installation” as Green Innovation Fund Project “Cost Reductions for Offshore Wind Power Generation Project”

Related Press Release of Green Innovation Fund Project

Joint project on “Mass-production and Cost Reduction of Floating Offshore Wind Installation” adopted as Green Innovation Fund (On January 21, 2022)

Jumbo Shipping, SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine join forces in new commercial joint venture: JSI Alliance

After three years in a successful joint venture, Dutch maritime heavy lift transport and engineering contractor Jumbo Shipping and German breakbulk and project cargo specialist SAL Heavy Lift are thrilled to welcome their American sister, multipurpose and liner operator Intermarine, to the group. On 1 March 2024, JSI Alliance will be ready to set sail with a new combined fleet of 50 vessels.

Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine have reached a significant milestone – one that resonates throughout the world of heavy lift shipping. They have joined forces to create a new industry powerhouse with the experience, legacy and reputation of these three renowned carriers, combining their fleets and all commercial activities for breakbulk and project cargo. What can be seen as the evolution of the commercial alliance Jumbo and SAL formed in 2021, JSI Alliance builds on the same fundamental principles. They will provide a unified commercial entry point for sales and marketing for their joint network of offices and agents in 23 countries worldwide. Versatile and flexible, the large fleet of around 50 vessels ranges from effective multipurpose vessels to the most advanced heavy lift ships in the world, with a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 t SWL. This essentially creates a real one-stop shop for customers seeking all kinds of maritime breakbulk or project transport solutions.

Intermarine President Richard Seeg explains: “This is a great step for Intermarine and a significant milestone for us in our over 35 years of business. We’re a sister company to SAL, which means we’ve had some cooperation up to this point. But forming a real commercial joint venture and alliance marks the beginning of a new and greater adventure. I’ve truly admired what Jumbo and SAL have managed to achieve over the past three years, and I’m excited to bring the Intermarine product to the joint venture. This will add more services and an expanded reach to the portfolio. With our strength, especially in the Americas, I’m sure our alliance is off to a great start.”

JSI Alliance stands for both commercial flexibility as well as technical excellence, offering semi-liner and liner services as well as customised project shipping solutions around the world. Services range from effective transport solutions for small parcels and single cargo items to the most complex industrial cargo units. The ability to combine services and transport solutions gives customers a new multitude of options.

Laurens Govers, Director Chartering & Projects at Jumbo Shipping, adds: “When we launched our commercial alliance with SAL three years ago, we weren’t sure how the market and our customers would receive this new take on a commercial cooperation in the heavy lift sector. Today, we look back at the success it’s been. Through our growing relationship with Intermarine as well, I’m confident that our new setup and wider service scope as JSI Alliance will be a valuable addition to our platform. Every customer, from EPCs and industrial equipment manufacturers to project freight forwarders, will find transport services that can benefit their business and projects in our new constellation.”

The Jumbo and SAL services and fleets are highly complementary, but the Intermarine “products” are somewhat different and expand the scope. The Intermarine fleet is based on standardised, effective multipurpose vessels typically geared up to max 500 t SWL, essentially where the Jumbo and SAL vessel portfolio begins. Furthermore, Intermarine is highly experienced in operating a mix of owned and time-chartered vessels, both on a short- or long-term basis. While the owned fleet typically takes on complex cargo operations, volume cargo and vessel positions may require a different approach. The focus on flexible commercial solutions that Intermarine brings to the table really helps JSI Alliance achieve their goal of being a true one-stop shop for customers.

Intermarine COO Lars Rasmussen says: “We have a setup where we can combine many different vessels and service scopes. With JSI Alliance, you can find simple, straightforward transport solutions as well as the capacity to handle the most complex heavy lift projects. We can combine standard multipurpose ships, with mighty heavy lifters, deck carriers and even in some case bulk vessels – all under our operation and management. I’ve been in bulk, breakbulk and project shipping for over three decades now, and I’ve never seen a commercial solution as comprehensive as this.”

JSI Alliance holds a combined +120 years of experience between its three members. The fleet and service scopes differ somewhat in the new joint venture, but Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine share a very similar culture and values. This is essential in a close, unified commercial structure where all sales teams work from the same platform.

SAL Heavy Lift Managing Director Jens Baumgarten summarises: “We’ve obviously gained vital experience in our years of commercial partnership with Jumbo. JSI Alliance emerged more or less organically with our closer commercial cooperation with our sister company, Intermarine. That being said, we’ve worked intensively over the past several months to prepare and set up our structures so we can operate effectively from day one. Our greatest priority is keeping our customers happy – both during and after each project and shipment. We believe that the added value we create for our customers will strengthen relationships and lead to repeat transport inquiries over many years.”

JSI Alliance replaces Jumbo-SAL-Alliance as the unified marketing platform and brand. As operators and owners, however, Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine remain independent – allowing the three brands to be active in the market.

Intermarine CEO Svend Andersen stresses: “JSI Alliance is the pinnacle of commercial innovation in heavy lift shipping. My many years in shipping have given me good instincts for which collaborations work and which don’t. I have no doubt that this one is a winner. Combining our strengths both commercially and technically outmatches any other operator in the market. Whether in Asia, Europe, Africa, the US or South America – the JSI Alliance organisation ensures that every customer gets the best possible service.”

All sales offices are unified from day one as JSI Alliance offices represent all three members. Also, back-office support functions such as engineering, QHSE and project management will contribute to the alliance organisation, maximizing synergies between the entities.

Daan Koornneef, CEO of Jumbo Shipping, concludes: “I’ve truly enjoyed witnessing the progress and the effective way our three organisations have come together, where we build on the success of the now former Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. And Dr Martin Harren, CEO of SAL Heavy Lift and Harren Group, agrees: “For our company and group, it’s vital that we remain agile commercially and operationally, and seize the opportunities as they come – this is the true spirit of our organisations. JSI Alliance marks a new cornerstone for our business.”

About JSI Alliance:

JSI Alliance stands for sea logistics of all types of heavy lift, breakbulk and project cargo in all markets. Side by side, three of the most prominent and technologically advanced breakbulk and heavy lift carriers, Jumbo Shipping, SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine, are combining their strengths and resources to deliver the best maritime transport solutions to customers worldwide. Three united teams and three fleets operate as one shared fleet – specialised in their respective business fields. And customers benefit from simplified, full-scope services. JSI Alliance controls and operates around 50 owned and chartered project cargo vessels – of these, 25 high-end project cargo vessels. With three DP2 vessels, four semi-submersible deck carriers, two range-extending Fly-Jibs and eleven ice-class vessels, JSI Alliance can reach almost any location and master the most demanding scopes. JSI can also organise time charter vessels if needed.

JSI Alliance provides highly flexible shipping solutions and an unparalleled range of breakbulk and project shipping services in the market. Lifting capacities from standardised multipurpose ships range from 160 t SWL to 3,000 t SWL. As such, JSI Alliance manages the largest fleet of vessels in the +800 t lifting segment as well as the most advanced green heavy lift ships, with Orca series vessels launching in 2024. This provides a commercial bandwidth that stretches from rapid positioning vessels for smaller or larger single shipments to large volume contracts and full-scope solutions for complex projects – all under one roof. A strong group of experienced professionals – commercial, engineering, project management, QHSE – works closely together with a combined network of agents and offices worldwide. They provide partnership, expert advice and safely delivered goods to a wide range of clients, including EPCs, brokers, forwarders, OEMs, energy companies and more.

JSI Alliance: stronger, together.

Safety innovators acclaimed at annual award ceremony

From a shortlist of three chosen by judges from a total of twenty-eight outstanding entries for this year’s competition, the partnership between Cross Currents 88 and G2 Ocean AS was announced as the winner of the TT Innovation in Safety Award, at a presentation ceremony in London today.  The two highly commended innovations came from Royal Haskoning DHV and Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore.

Winner Photograph : (l-r) Richard Steele, ICHCA; David Robinson MBE; Jan Andreassen, G2 Ocean; Thomas Keenan, Cross Currents 88; Mike Yarwood, TT Club

Independently organised by international cargo handling association ICHCA, the TT Club Innovation in Safety Awards are dedicated to both organisations’ mission to promote and improve safety in all operational aspects of the supply chain.  In encouraging innovation, the Awards are aimed at showcasing products, processes and services that address safety issues, to as wide an audience as possible, in an increasingly complex and challenging industry.

The successful shortlisted entries offered solutions to preventing potentially fatal falls in cargo holds, enhancing mooring safety and improving the safety and stability of containers on board ships.  In a competitive final “Spyder Netting” from Cross Currents 88 and G2 Ocean AS was declared the winner. CEO of ICHCA, Richard Steele said, “Falls from height during cargo operations is a vitally important risk to be managed. Spyder Netting, a thin layer of plastic film which can be rolled out across gaps and secured between layers of cargo, has already saved lives. Cross Currents has been personally thanked by a stevedore whose fall was arrested by the netting.”

At the presentation ceremony, attended by representatives of many of the Award entrants and safety professionals from across the global industry, all three short-listed innovations were revealed in detail.  Cargo handling veteran David Robinson delivered a keynote speech and presented the award to the winners.

The wide-ranging safety challenges tackled by this year’s award entrants fell into four main categories. Both the advantages of using data collection in providing insight into safety improvements and the growth of learning technology in training using virtual simulation featured heavily. In the operational environment, practical products to secure cargo and distance human involvement through automation were put forward.  Finally, segregating machines from people was a primary aim of many. This goal is crucial in improved safety, as the situation causes the second highest amount of severe consequence incidents in cargo operations.   

This, the sixth iteration of these unique and prestigious awards, is part of ICHCA and TT’s jointly held value to encourage innovative solutions to crucial safety challenges. “However, they are just part of our efforts,” said TT’s Mike Yarwood.  “We want to nurture widespread and varied advances in safety innovation, so we seek to give all entrants the oxygen of visibility in the marketplace to help develop and grow their initiative to benefit cargo handling operations globally.”

So, the partners aim to provide a tool kit that helps promote these ground-breaking ideas in a number of ways.  A Digest of all the award entries is available   NOW. In the months between awards cycles, entrants are invited to various discussion forums, conference and exhibition appearances, including the TT/ICHCA Safety Village at TOC Europe in June (details HERE).

All these opportunities seek to enable and act as communications conduits for innovative thinking in safety, the partnership helps link innovators with those looking to invest in safety measures and operators seeking solutions.  Through these efforts, the relevance of the innovative products and services can also be honed to maximum effect, and their place in established safety practices of the future cemented.

About ICHCA International

Established in 1952, ICHCA International is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the safety, productivity and efficiency of cargo handling and movement worldwide. ICHCA’s privileged NGO status enables it to represent its members, and the cargo handling industry at large, in front of national and international agencies and regulatory bodies, while its Technical Panel provides best practice advice and develops publications on a wide range of practical cargo handling issues.

Operating through a series of national and regional chapters, including ICHCA Australia, ICHCA Japan and plus Correspondence and Working Groups, ICHCA provides a focal point for informing, educating, lobbying and networking to improve knowledge and best practice across the cargo handling chain.

About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1200 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 97% of its Members, with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.

The Chugoku Electric Power and Nippon Gas Line Participate in the Joint Evaluation to Establish CCS Value Chain Originated from Japan for the CCS Project in Malaysia

Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX), JGC Holdings Corporation (JGC HD), Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE), and JFE Steel Corporation (JFE Steel) have agreed that The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. (EnerGia) and Nippon Gas Line Co., Ltd. (NGL) participate in the joint evaluation aiming to establish CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) value chain originated from Japan (hereinafter “the Joint Evaluation”) for the CCS project in Malaysia and concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among the six companies (hereinafter “the Six Companies”) on February 26, 2024.

JAPEX, JGC HD, “K” LINE (hereinafter “the Three Companies”), and PETRONAS CCS Ventures Sdn. Bhd.(PCCSV) signed the Key Principles Agreement in September 2023 to commercialize the CCS project (hereinafter the “CCS Project Development”) and have commenced the specific preparatory works with a view of beginning the front-end engineering design in 2024 and the subsequent construction works*1. As part of the CCS Project Development, the Three Companies conducted a survey assuming recipt of CO2 from Japan and discussions with candidate CO2 emitters, have found that their direction aligns with EnerGia’s to consider further reduction methods of CO2 emissions from power generation businesses, and with NGL’s to proceed with commercialization of domestic marine transportation of liquefied CO2, therefore, the Six Companies signed the MOU to conduct the Joint Evaluation, in addition to JFE Steel which participated in June 2023*2.

The Six Companies will conduct the Joint Evaluation, collaborating with the CCS Project Development, to establish the CCS value chain, from CO2 separation and capture at JFE Steel’s steelworks and EnerGia Group’s power plant to marine transportation (including domestic marine transportation in the Setouchi area) of liquefied CO2 to the receiving point(s) in Malaysia, including estimation of required facilities and costs.

In the CCS Project Development, aiming to start injection and storage of CO2 emitted in Malaysia as well as captured outside Malaysia such as in Japan under the seabed at the end of 2028, the Three Companies have been proceeding with the detailed study on the specifications and estimated costs of ,necessary facilities, including CO2 pipelines from onshore gathering facilities, marine transportation of liquefied CO2, and receiving facilities for liquefied CO2 transported by ships and offshore injection facilities, and business scheme. 

By executing the Joint Evaluation for the early commercialization of the CCS project, JAPEX, JGC HD, “K” LINE, JFE Steel, EnerGia, and NGL will contribute towards carbon neutrality in 2050, including the realization of a de-carbonized society in Asia targeted by the “Asia Energy Transition Initiative (AETI) ” *3.

*1: Please refer to a joint press “JAPEX, JGC HD, and “K” LINE Sign a Key Principles Agreement with PETRONAS for the maturation and development of the CCS Project in Malaysia” on November 20, 2023

*2: Please refer to a joint press “Agreed on Joint Evaluation with JFE Steel Corporation to Establish CCS Value Chain Originated from Japan Aligned with CCS Study in Malaysia” on June 19, 2023

*3: The Japanese Government’s initiative announced in May 2021, which aims to achieve sustainable economic growth and carbon neutrality simultaneously in Asia.

“K” LINE Safety Campaign 2023 – 2024

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) launched our annual safety campaign during this winter season. In this campaign, we have been focusing on the themes, the importance of fire prevention and early response to fires and injury prevention, by sharing information both at sea and onshore with the aim of further promoting and enhancing safety awareness. As of today, approximately 180 vessels and around 3,200 participants have taken part in this campaign (including approximately 300 onshore staff).

As COVID-19 measures have been lifted, we have actively visited ships to have face-to-face meetings on board, and also had online conferences with ships’ crews.

By exchanging information with ship captains and crews who are continuing to operate safely and protect the environment on the front lines, each of us was able to reconfirm the importance of our mission for our common goal, ensuring safe operations. 

This campaign has been proceeded smoothly thanks to helps from our charterers and ship management companies.

Safe navigation is an immutable mission in the maritime industry which sustains the society. “K” LINE will continue to strengthen our competitiveness and enhance corporate value with ensuring supremely safe navigation and transport quality management leveraged by the competent human resources and the technologies complementing the human factors.


Business Briefing (Released on May 26, 2023) p. 57, 58

TT Club’s Laurence Jones announces retirement plans

After a career of over 50 years, the last 18 of which spent as Global Risk Assessment Director at cargo handling insurance specialist TT Club, Laurence Jones has announced that 2024 will be his final year.

London, 20th February 2024

During his 18 years with TT, based in Sydney, Laurence has consistently championed safety in the port and terminal industry to assist the TT membership, and the industry at large, in becoming safer and more secure. His range of industry experience has provided considerable value to TT, further enhancing the insurer’s global reach and credibility in the broader industry.

“In his time with us Laurence has applied his deep expertise of port and terminal operations and enthusiasm for improving safety and security for the benefit of the Membership,” says Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Director Risk Management.  “I’m pleased that Laurence has agreed to dedicate this year to continuing to transfer his skills and knowledge within the business, including to last year’s newcomers, Neil Dalus and Josh Finch, who are already expanding the capacity of the loss prevention function to deliver TT’s high standards of risk assessment and risk management output.”

As a qualified engineer, Laurence’s 52-year career has spanned general management, operations, maintenance, design, construction, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, industrial relations, safety, environment, risk assessment and auditing.

These varied skills have been brought to bear in the fields of bulk materials handling (terminals, open cut mines and underground mines), container terminals, logistics (rail and road), manufacturing (steel) and insurance. Prior to joining TT, Laurence worked 26 years for BHP Billiton and then spent eight years in container terminals with P&O Ports.  After assisting with the integration of P&O Ports and DP World, he joined TT in December 2006 for a role that spanned internal advice and support in underwriting decisions and claims assessment, together with hands-on approach with TT Club’s membership to highlight first-hand the areas where risks may be reduced.

Many will recognise Laurence from his extensive presence at a wide range of industry events. As a moderator, Laurence has demonstrated a talent for probing panellists and drawing questions from the audience.

Indeed, ever active in the wider transport and logistics industry, Laurence has participated actively on ICHCA boards and Technical Panels. He has also energetically supported the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA), specifically promoting safety from the perspective of loss experience, as well as with the International Association of Ports & Harbors (IAPH).

While TT will continue to enjoy Laurence’s presence for the remainder of this year, he will be missed by his colleagues, his contacts within TT’s membership and so many of his friends and associates across the global industry.

About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1200 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 97% of its Members, with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.

“K” Line Group Exhibits at Wind Expo 2024

“K” Line Group will participate in Wind Expo 2024 to be held from February 28th to March 1st at Tokyo Big Sight.

Based on the experience and know-how of offshore support vessel operations in overseas and Japan by Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. and Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., “K” Line Wind Serivice Ltd. has been pursuing the best and creative soutions for the supply chain development of Japanese offshore wind industry with enthusiastic activities. We established a corporative relationship with a leading company in Japanese offshore industry and conducted the studies through Green Innovation Fund “Cost Reductions for Floating Offshore Wind Power Generation Projects” adopted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Based on what “K” LINE Group has cultivated expertise in safe and high-quality operations in this field over the years, “K” Line Wind Service obtained ISO 9001:2015, an international standard for quality management systems certified by ClassNK at the end of 2023 (*). We are determined to contribute to the development of Japanese Offshore Wind projects by providing the safe and reliable offshore support vessels.

“K” LINE, “K” Line Kinkai, K Line Logistics and Daito Corporation will present our activities with ship models and movies. “K” Line Wind Service will also give a presentation at the PR Seminar on March 1st (Fri) 14:30. You are always welcome at our booth and for the seminar. Please visit us! 

(*) Released on December 27th, 2023:

“K” Line Wind Service, Ltd. Obtains ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Information about the Wind Expo

Name : Wind Expo at World Smart Energy Week, Tokyo Show

Organizer : Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) RX Japan Ltd.

Date : February 28th (Wed) to March 1st (Fri) 2024

Place : Tokyo Big Sight, West Exhibition Hall

Booth at : W17-18

“K” Line : Establishment of OCEANICWING S.A.S. and Acquisition of AIRSEAS Business

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) is pleased to announce that OCEANICWING S.A.S. was established on January 18th in France and, as of February 15th, has acquired the business of AIRSEAS(France). The goal is to strengthen the development and commercialization of “Seawing”, an automated kite system using wind power.

“Seawing” is expected to reduce CO2 emissions from vessels by approximately 20%. By synergy with fuel conversion, such as using liquified natural gas (LNG) instead of conventional heavy fuel oil, “Seawing” is also expected higher performance of CO2 reduction.

“Seawing” harnessing natural wind power and can be installed on any type of vessel, including existing ones, to all vessels. No energy production or supply facility is required.

“K” LINE’s long-term environmental guideline, ““K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050 ~ Blue Seas for the Future ~” outlines the 2030 target of improving CO2 emission efficiency by 50% compared to 2008, exceeding the 40% target set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.

“K” LINE will contribute to the low-carbon society by development of environmental technology including “Seawing”.

Overview of the New Company

Company nameOCEANICWING S.A.S.
Head OfficeNantes, France
Date of EstablishmentJanuary 18th, 2024
Start of OperationFebruary 15th, 2024

TT Club : Safety culture essential for a sustainable supply chain

Future sustainability of the sometimes fragile global supply chain must revolve around a fundamental safety culture throughout all operators and organisation involved, determines International freight and cargo handling insurer TT Club.

“The importance of culture within an organisation, particularly where safety is concerned cannot be underestimated,” says TT’s Logistics Risk Manager Josh Finch.  “Safety is everybody’s responsibility and everybody has a voice in safety matters.  A strong safety culture will positively impact safety performance.”

In an increasingly risk intense global supply environment, a greater emphasis on safety will help avoid critical incidents such as fire, cargo damage and vessel loss, which further exacerbate shortages, congestion and human suffering. This message pervades the loss prevention work of TT and is exemplified in a wide variety of studies and reports published in the insurer’s latest review of current and on-going risk trends – A Year in Focus*.

TT’s view of an pervasive safety culture is represented by a number of contributions in this publication.  Analysis of its own claims data and detailed research into a range of risks across the supply chain results in reports on and advisable actions to mitigate invasive pest in freight containers and increased cyber security risk as ports automate; increased customs documentation errors and clandestine immigration threats; help from drone technology and the dangers of plastic micro pellet spillages.  Attention to a broad spectrum of hazards is essential in developing the all important safety culture.  

“TT has recently witnessed a renewed focus and commitment towards loss prevention activities, with additional emphasis placed on the Club’s mission statement to make the industry safer, more secure and more sustainable,” comments Loss Prevention Managing Director Mike Yarwood.  “Greater safety goes hand-in-hand with enhanced security and consequently sustainability. TT’s mutual ethos demands that we  guide those we insure – and indeed the wider industry – in all aspects of risk through the container transport and global logistics supply chain. Via our latest Year in Focus we aim to add to the large cannon of knowledge and guidance.”

*Available HERE for free download

About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1200 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 97% of its Members, with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.