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GEODIS named ‘Outstanding Logistics Player of the Year” at the 2023 Payload Asia Awards

Leading global transport and logistics provider operator, GEODIS, received the “Outstanding Logistics Player of the Year” award at the 10th Payload Asia Awards 2023. This is the second successive year that GEODIS has received this award.

Lakshmanan Venkateswaran, Sub Regional Managing Director – South East Asia (right), receiving the award from Irene Lau, Assistant General Manager, Aviation Logistics, Hong Kong International Airport, at the 10th Payload Asia Awards ceremony.

The Outstanding Logistics Player the Year is awarded to the company that provides integrated management over the flow of goods and demonstrates expertise in delivering the full logistics package, from shipping, inventory, warehousing, and packaging to security functions and digital solutions.

GEODIS APAC and Middle East Regional President and CEO, Onno Boots, remarked, “We are honored to be recognized as the winner of the Outstanding Logistics Player of the Year again this year. This award is testament to the commitment of our employees to excellence and innovation and in providing our customers with the best possible service. The logistics industry is poised for significant growth, driven by the thriving e-commerce sector. In response, we remain committed to expanding our logistics footprint with market leading technology and end-to-end logistics solutions to help our customers meet this growing demand.”

In Asia Pacific, GEODIS expanded its contract logistics capabilities last year with the acquisition of Keppel Logistics, a contract logistics specialist based in Singapore, and also invested in new warehouse facilities in Malaysia, Luhari in India, and Jiaxing, Zhejiang and Minhang, Shanghai, in China. These facilities include state-of-the-art technology and systems to support its retail and ecommerce customers with advanced warehousing solutions for faster and more reliable delivery options. The facilities also incorporate market leading sustainability and environmental initiatives.

In Bangalore, India, GEODIS established its sixth strategic control tower for its Supply Chain Optimization service which specializes in supply chain management and advisory solutions.

In August this year, GEODIS expanded its hub-and-spoke model road network from Southeast Asia to China. Equipped with industry-leading Internet of Things (IoT) security features and infrastructure, the GEODIS Road Network is integrated with major air and sea ports and offers multimodal options to meet customer needs for agile and flexible supply chains.

GEODIS –    

GEODIS is a leading global logistics provider acknowledged for its expertise across all aspects of the supply chain. As a growth partner to its clients, GEODIS specializes in four lines of business: Global Freight Forwarding, Global Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express Transport, and European Road Network. With a global network spanning nearly 170 countries and more than 49,400 employees, GEODIS is ranked no. 5 in its sector across the world. In 2022, GEODIS generated €13.7 billion in revenue. GEODIS is a company owned by SNCF group. 

Harren Group expands its service portfolio and launches Harren Ship Management

Re-think ship management: Inspired by customer feedback on ship management services available in the market, German maritime services and logistics provider Harren Group revisited its vast expertise in managing their own fleet as well as third-party vessels for over three decades. Today, the group offers holistic, forward-looking ship management services to owners under the new Harren Ship Management brand. Their mission: to ensure clients actually experience the value ship management can bring to their asset.

The holistic management strategy is built on a vessel-centric approach that proactively takes into account the constantly changing market environment and the key stakeholder interests of owners and charterers.

Owners directly benefit from the extensive know-how of the wider Harren Group with their range of vessel types and deep expertise in owning, managing, chartering and commercially operating ships. This holistic expertise is key to ensuring a vessel is consistently well positioned to earn the best possible revenues.

Comprehensive ship management services are available for all major vessel types, including heavy-lift and multi-purpose vessels, tankers, bulkers, container vessels and offshore wind.

Harren Group Managing Director Nils Aden describes the new service: “A multi-million-dollar asset deserves more than standard off-the-shelf management. It’s vital to be proactive about taking the many constantly changing parameters into account. This ranges from managing opex in different market cycles to dynamically adapting charterer requirements and adjusted asset strategies.” Aden continues: “An owner’s success depends heavily on their managers’ ability to connect the dots. We fully understand our customers’ needs from our own daily operations.”

Harren Group CEO Martin Harren adds: “With our deep understanding of commercial markets, we are uniquely qualified to help vessels generate the highest possible revenues. Our ship management clients further benefit from access to our wide-ranging group activities, global office network, strong approach on sustainability and engineering excellence.”

About Harren Ship Management:

Harren Ship Management provides full technical and crew management services for all maritime assets within the Harren Group. The newly founded subsidiary provides its dedicated services to external partners and is proud of the group’s successful track record with third-party vessels. Harren Ship Management takes a holistic approach while incorporating the extensive expertise within the Harren Group. The fleet under management currently consists of 65 units of all key vessel types. Harren Ship Management guarantees the highest standards of quality and performance with dedicated teams specialised in each area, a culture strongly rooted in seafaring and engineering, and a strong focus on sustainability.

Learn more about Harren Ship Management:

About Harren Group:

For nearly 35 years, Harren Group has been at the forefront of the ever-changing world of shipping. Today, Harren Group’s core business areas include heavy-lift shipping, maritime engineering solutions, integrated project logistics, ship management and crewing, commodity logistics and offshore wind operations. With an unwavering passion for people and progress, Harren Group is dedicated to leading the energy transition, carrying loads no one else can. We bring the world – and their people – closer together.

Learn more about Harren Group:

TT Club : Good Neighbour Agreements – The Risk Implications

TT Club, leading international freight transport and cargo handling insurer, applauds equipment sharing agreements as efficient use of resources but flags up potential liability issues if appropriate insurance cover is not in place.  Guidance is outlined in the first of TT’s new ‘Risk Bytes’ series of advice documents.

24th October 2023

The benefits of good neighbour agreements are well recognised and utilised by cargo handling operators, and others in the supply chain to successful effect.  Sharing infrequently used equipment gives greater flexibility in operations has significant cost savings.  Usually reciprocal arrangements, they are not always formally outlined in well-defined contracts. 

“In such circumstances the casual nature of the arrangement, though often workable and agreeable to both parties, can lead to potential risks where liability and responsibility in the unfortunate event of an incident or breakdown may not be clear,” says TT’s Mike Yarwood. “It is these circumstances that we are seeking to help operators avoid with our recently published ‘Risk Byte: Good neighbour agreements’.”

This is the first in a series of ‘Risk Bytes’ which TT is providing to its membership and those in the global supply chain.  They are designed to provide a snapshot of the risks associated with day-to-day operating risks that may not be recognised or, if they are, not sufficiently covered by the relevant insurance policies.  ‘Risk Bytes’ are aimed at simplifying complex risk issues by providing easily digestible information and guidance.

As regards good neighbour agreements the primary risk, explains Yarwood,   “Is in the event of the equipment or machine being lost or damaged during the period of the loan leading to financial exposure for the owner.  In addition, this might severely impact business operations and cancel out any benefit gained from the arrangement, and severely damage years of a good working relationship with the neighbour.”

This first topic of ‘Risk Bytes’ outlines provisions that should be made in a formalised written contract, giving clarity on where the risk and liability rests during the operation of any shared asset and gives the opportunity for thorough due diligence to be carried out before the agreement is signed.

Yarwood concludes, “Of course, we recommend checks on financial stability and whether sufficient and appropriate insurance cover is in place.  But we are also offering advice on adequate staff training, health and safety provision and include a readily recognised case study of a typical asset sharing operation.”

A copy of ‘Risk Byte: Good neighbour agreements’ can be downloaded, free of charge HERE

About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1100 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 97% of its Members with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.

“K” Line : Development of CHRONUS System for Automatic Creation of Laytime Statements on Dry Bulk Carriers

— Digital Transformation to enhance customer service quality —

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha., Ltd. (“K” LINE) has developed the CHRONUS system using the AI-OCR technology*1 developed by Cinnamon Inc. (Cinnamon AI). The system automatically retrieves the necessary information from the records of cargo loading and unloading services for dry bulk carriers (Statements of Fact) and calculates demurrage and dispatch fee. And it automatically prepares Laytime Statements*2.

Usually in dry bulk carrier services, cargo owners and shipping companies set time limitation at a port for loading and unloading, called laytime, in the contracts between them. Every time a trip is finished, we calculate the actual duration of vessel staying at the port and the demurrage and dispatch fees actually incurred are settled. A Laytime Statement is prepared after calculating the net cargo handling time excluding the duration when services are not being performed due to rain or equipment failure in accordance with the details in the Statements of Fact provided by shipping agencies at individual ports and contractual conditions. However, the formats of the Statements of Fact vary depending on the port or the cargo owner. This means that it is necessary to enter a chronological record of the cargo handling work into a spreadsheet to calculate laytime.

Recently developed and put into use, the CHRONUS system reads the data from differently formatted Statements of Fact, recognizes records of cargo handling operations in time sequence from arrival of the ship, through the start and end of the operations to the departure of the ship, calculates the demurrage and dispatch charges automatically in accordance with the pre-imported conditions of the cargo transport contract and creates a Laytime Statement. Although creating Laytime Statements is an indispensable part of bulk carrier operations, the time and labor required for this process varied depending on how much practical experience the individual personnel involved had, and there were often calculation errors during the preparation of the statements. “K” LINE’s dry bulk team will standardize its workflows including the flow for the preparation of Laytime Statements to ensure they are not affected by the individual experience of the personnel involved and streamline the work processes to enhance its operation of services for its customers.

At “K” LINE, Digital Transformation is underway as a functional strategy for realizing the business strategy in the medium-term management plan*3 announced in May 2022. With the use of data and digital technologies, “K” LINE will improve its core value in safety, the environment and quality in a bid to boost its competitiveness and corporate value.

*1  AI-OCR (Optical Character Reader)
A technology for optically recognizing printed and handwritten writing using artificial intelligence (AI)

*2  Statements that keep a record of the difference between the allowed cargo handling time and the actual time

*3  Medium-term Management Plan (announced on May 9, 2022)


DX Strategy 2023 (announced on December 22, 2022)

Cinnamon AI

Company profile

Company name: Cinnamon Inc.


Location: 6th Floor, Spirit Building 3-19-13 Toranomon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Established: October 2016

Representative: Miku Hirano, Representing Director and Co-CEO

Business description: AI product business and AI consulting business

To make a world full of creation using AI where everyone can dream of a new future, Cinnamon AI provides AI consulting and AI products aimed at realizing advanced business AI solutions.

HPC to optimize Rail Terminal of ALG Company in Kazakhstan

Hamburg, 19 October 2023 ALG Company (ALG), headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan, has taken a bold step towards optimizing their rail terminal capacity to meet the growing demands of the evolving trade landscape. In response to changing trade routes and the rerouting of cargo due to recent geopolitical developments, ALG has selected HPC Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC), a renowned intermodal terminal specialist, to review their current terminal concept and conduct a feasibility study for its optimization and development.

The ALG Terminal in Almaty currently plays a pivotal role in handling a diverse range of cargo, including 20 and 40-foot containers, cars, breakbulk, and large-size equipment. It also offers storage services in temporary storage warehouses and customs warehouses within a free zone. Recognizing the need to adapt to the shifting trade dynamics, ALG is committed to ensuring their terminal remains a major logistics hub.

Indira Tanirbergenova, CEO at ALG Company, underlines the importance of this collaboration, stating, “The changes in trade routes across the Middle Corridor connecting Asia with Europe overland, have led to increased demand for efficient rail trade infrastructure in Kazakhstan. We believe that by working closely with HPC, we can better position ourselves to meet these demands and contribute to the growth of our region’s trade activities.”

Due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the middle corridor is set to benefit significantly from increased volumes passing through Kazakhstan – which formerly were transported through Russia. This strategic location underscores the critical role that ALG can play in facilitating trade along the middle route. At the same time demand is increasing in the Almaty region as well as neighbouring countries.

HPC has been tasked with developing a comprehensive planning framework that includes a concept revision. This revision entails operational data analysis, market analysis, and volume forecasting. Furthermore, it involves a meticulous review of the current terminal concept, dwell times, train schedules, gate processes, loading and unloading processes, and storage capacities. Following this analysis, HPC has developed an operational concept that presents various development options and operational refinements to meet ALG Company’s evolving needs.

Frank Busse, Partner and VP Europe at HPC, emphasizes the significance of local context in their planning approach, stating, “Understanding the local framework conditions and existing planning is essential to develop viable concepts. Our goal is to provide ALG with a range of options that will empower them to make informed decisions regarding the future development of their rail terminal.”

HPC has a proven track record of developing intermodal rail terminals worldwide, having successfully completed approximately 130 projects in this specialized field. By leveraging their expertise in analysing, forecasting, simulating, and master planning environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure, HPC has consistently delivered innovative and efficient solutions. Their commitment to sustainable logistics aligns perfectly with ALG’s aspirations for their terminal’s future.

For more information on intermodal terminal consulting services, please visit the website:


Steffi Karsten, HPC Marketing / PR, E-Mail:

About HPC

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting operates as a logistics consulting company, specialising in strategy and transformation services for the ports, terminals, and rail sectors. Since its establishment in 1976, the Hamburg-based consulting company has delivered approximately 1,800 projects across 135 countries spanning six continents along the entire port project development cycle. HPC employs about 100 domain experts with a background as terminal operators, software engineers, logistics managers, transport economists, data scientists and mathematicians. As a subsidiary of the Hamburg Port and Logistics Corporation (HHLA), HPC has its roots in port handling of container, breakbulk and multipurpose, as well as hinterland operations.

HPC optimiert Bahnterminal der ALG Company in Kasachstan

Hamburg, 19. Oktober 2023 Die ALG Company (ALG) mit Hauptsitz in Almaty, Kasachstan, hat einen wichtigen Schritt zur Optimierung ihrer Bahnterminalkapazität unternommen, um den wachsenden Anforderungen der sich entwickelnden Handelsbeziehungen gerecht zu werden. Als Reaktion auf die sich ändernden Handelsrouten sowie die Umleitung von Gütern aufgrund der jüngsten geopolitischen Entwicklungen hat ALG den renommierten Spezialisten für intermodale Terminals, HPC Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC), mit der Überprüfung des aktuellen Terminalkonzeptes und der Durchführung einer Machbarkeitsstudie für dessen Optimierung und Entwicklung beauftragt.

Das ALG-Terminal in Almaty spielt derzeit eine zentrale Rolle beim Umschlag einer breiten Palette von Gütern, darunter 20- und 40-Fuß-Container, Autos, Stückgut und Großgeräte. Es bietet auch Güterlagerung und die Nutzung von Zolllagern innerhalb einer Freizone an. ALG erkennt die Notwendigkeit, sich den sich wandelnden Handelsbedingungen anzupassen, und setzt sich mit Entschlossenheit dafür ein, dass sein Terminal eine Schlüsselrolle in der Logistik behält.

Indira Tanirbergenova, CEO der ALG Company, unterstreicht die Bedeutung dieser Zusammenarbeit: “Die Veränderungen der Handelsrouten über den Mittleren Korridor, der Asien mit Europa auf dem Landweg verbindet, haben zu einer erhöhten Nachfrage nach einer effizienten Infrastruktur für den Schienentransport in Kasachstan geführt. Wir glauben, dass wir uns durch die enge Zusammenarbeit mit HPC besser positionieren können, um diese Anforderungen zu bedienen und zum Wachstum der Handelsaktivitäten in unserer Region beizutragen.”

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation in der Ukraine wird der Mittlere Korridor erheblich von der Zunahme der durch Kasachstan geführten Transportmengen profitieren, die früher über die nördlichere Route durch Russland gesteuert wurden. Diese strategische Lage unterstreicht die entscheidende Rolle, die das ALG-Terminal bei der Erleichterung des Handels auf der mittleren Route spielen kann. Gleichzeitig steigt die Nachfrage in der Region Almaty und in den Nachbarländern.

HPC wurde mit der Erarbeitung eines umfassenden Entwicklungskonzeptes beauftragt, das auch eine Überarbeitung des bestehenden Konzeptes beinhaltet. Diese Revision umfasst eine Betriebsdatenanalyse, eine Marktanalyse sowie eine Mengenprognose. Darüber hinaus wurden die derzeitigen Leistungs- und Lagerparameter, die Zugfahrpläne, die Gate-Prozesse, sowie die Be- und Entladeprozesse analysiert. Im Anschluss an diese Analyse hat HPC ein Betriebskonzept entwickelt, das verschiedene Entwicklungsoptionen und betriebliche Verfeinerungen aufzeigt, um den sich entwickelnden Bedürfnissen der ALG Company gerecht zu werden.

Frank Busse, Partner und VP Europe bei HPC, betont die Bedeutung des regionalen Kontextes für den Planungsansatz: “Um tragfähige Konzepte zu entwickeln, ist es wichtig, die lokalen Rahmenbedingungen und bestehenden Planungen zu verstehen und zu berücksichtigen. Unser Ziel ist es, der ALG eine Reihe von Optionen an die Hand zu geben, die sie in die Lage versetzen, fundierte Entscheidungen über die zukünftige Entwicklung ihres Bahnterminals zu treffen.”

HPC kann auf eine langjährige Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von intermodalen Bahnterminals weltweit zurückblicken und hat bereits rund 130 Projekte in diesem Spezialgebiet erfolgreich umgesetzt. Durch die Nutzung ihrer Expertise in der Analyse, Prognose, Simulation und Masterplanung umweltfreundlicher Transportinfrastrukturen liefert HPC innovative und effiziente Lösungen. Das Engagement von HPC für eine nachhaltige Logistik deckt sich idealerweise mit den Zielen der ALG für die Zukunft ihres Terminals.

Weitere Informationen zu Beratungsleistungen rund um Intermodal- und Bahn-Terminals finden Sie auf der folgenden Website:


Steffi Karsten, HPC-Marketing / PR, E-Mail:

Über HPC

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting ist ein global agierendes Logistikberatungsunternehmen, das sich auf Strategie- und Transformationsdienstleistungen für die Sektoren Häfen, Terminals und Bahn spezialisiert hat. Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 1976 hat das Hamburger Beratungsunternehmen rund 1.800 Projekte in 135 Ländern auf sechs Kontinenten entlang des gesamten Entwicklungszyklus von Hafenprojekten durchgeführt. HPC beschäftigt rund 100 Experten aus den Bereichen Terminalplaner, Software-Ingenieure, Logistikmanager, Verkehrsökonomen, Datenwissenschaftler und Mathematiker. Als Tochterunternehmen der Hamburger Hafen- und Logistikgesellschaft (HHLA) hat HPC seine Wurzeln im Hafenumschlag von Containern, Stückgut und Massengut sowie im Hinterlandbetrieb.

GEODIS opens new Schiphol-Rijk temperature controlled facility

Global logistics provider GEODIS has officially started the operation of its new 5500 sqm site in Schiphol on October 6th. Services to the pharma and healthcare sectors will be provided.    

This new location is next to the existing site and will expand GEODIS’ footprint in pharma & healthcare, which is already well-established at the logistics operator’s Venlo site with a significant presence in contract logistics for customers in both sectors. The new Schiphol-Rijk investment will focus on freight forwarding and be part of GEODIS’ worldwide cross docking network for ambient and cold chain products.

The new location is TAPA-A rated for air freight and holds the appropriate CEIV Pharma certification1 for handling goods in the 15-25 °C and 2-8 °C ranges.

“Opening an additional specialized warehouse at Schiphol-Rijk enables us to offer customers a turnkey solution for pharma & healthcare logistics,” says Mark van den Assem, Managing Director GEODIS Benelux. “Increasing the synergy between our Contract Logistics and Freight Forwarding lines of business is a crucial part of our growth strategy and will have significant benefits to the supply chain needs of our customers”.  

1  CEIV Pharma Certification is a  globally consistent and recognized pharmaceutical product handling certification to ensure the international and national compliance to safeguard product integrity while addressing specific air cargo needs.

GEODIS –    

GEODIS is a leading global logistics provider acknowledged for its expertise across all aspects of the supply chain. As a growth partner to its clients, GEODIS specializes in five lines of business: Supply Chain Optimization, Global Freight Forwarding, Global Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and European Road Network. With a global network spanning nearly 170 countries and more than 49,400 employees, GEODIS is ranked no. 6 in its sector across the world. In 2022, GEODIS generated €13.7 billion in revenue. GEODIS is a company owned by SNCF group. 

“K” Line : Disclosure of information based on the TNFD Framework

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) has conducted a comprehensive assessment of risks and opportunities by introducing the LEAP approach* proposed by the TNFD to evaluate environmental risks and nature-related impacts of our business and consider appropriate responses as part of our information disclosure under the TNFD framework.

The final version of the TNFD’s formal framework was released in September 2023. Our current analysis of biodiversity is based on the beta version of the framework (versions 0.1 to 0.4) before the official version was issued. The LEAP approach was conducted under the supervision of SOCOTEC Certification Japan. The results of the assessment and analysis, as well as the measures taken, have been compiled and disclosed as information.

Our business is dependent on natural capital, mainly in the oceans, and we consider efforts to address not only climate change issues but also biodiversity conservation, mainly in the oceans, to be one of the important themes in our business activities.

Based on a comprehensive understanding of climate change and natural capital, we will continue to enhance our assessment, analysis, and disclosure of information in order to strengthen risk and opportunity management and build a sustainable future.

* It consists of four phases: Locate (discover points of contact with nature) Evaluate (assess dependence on and impacts on nature) Assess (evaluate significant risks and opportunities) Prepare (prepare responses and reporting), an integrated assessment process for managing nature-related risks and opportunities advocated by TNFD for information disclosure. Please refer to our website for details on LEAP analysis.

“K” Line Conduct an Emergency Response Exercise

On October 12th, 2023, “the Emergency Response Exercise” was carried out as a part of training of optimum emergency response prepared for any major maritime accidents. The scenario of the exercise developed that an LNG vessel owned by our subsidiary has run aground in Tokyo Bay while attempting to avoid a fishing vessel suddenly approaching in Uraga Channel. We confirmed a series of emergency response process by setting crisis-management headquarters upon receiving an incident report, establishing communication channel with Ship Management company and conducting a mock press conference at the end of the exercise.

Contact procedures including with online tools were confirmed as well, and a mock press conference on the accident was held simultaneously in person and online. During the press conference, journalists asked many questions, which made a tense atmosphere as if it were a real one.

While growing interest on safety and environmental impact reduction over the world, we are preparing for any unexpected circumstances through the “Emergency Response Exercise”. Furthermore, we will continue our commitment to safe operations to contribute to society by providing industry-leading safe and optimal services with putting our customers first.

TT Club appoints new Regional General Manager for Asia-Pacific

Kamel Tlili takes up the role of Regional General Manager Asia-Pacific for international freight and logistics insurer, TT Club based in its Singapore office from 3rd October. 

Kamel Tlili, Regional General Manager Asia-Pacific, TT Club

Tasked both with maintaining the strong market position the Club enjoys in the region and expanding its reach, particularly in the fast-growing logistics sector, Kamel has the necessary experience to tackle the challenge.  He joins TT after a successful period of six years leading British Marine’s P&I Underwriting Division in Asia at QBE.  During this time, he focused on the strategic development and diversification of the portfolio and was pivotal in the transformation of British Marine’s presence within Asia.

Kamel is well known in the marine mutual community, having previously spent a total of fourteen years at TT’s sister mutual, UK P&I both as an Underwriting Director and Claims Director. He also has sea-going experience at the start of his career after taking a Master’s Degree in Maritime Law at Aix-Marseille University.

In making the announcement Kevin King, TT’s Deputy CEO said, “We are excited to have Kamel join TT with his wealth of marine insurance experience and extensive contacts in the Asia Pacific markets. Kamel is leading a highly experienced, first-class team of underwriting and claims executives and will look to build upon the success the region has had in building and servicing its membership.”

“TT Club has a formidable reputation among industry leaders as well as specialist brokers for its in-depth knowledge of the prevalent risks, and an unequalled claims service,” commented Kamel.  “I welcome the opportunity presented by my new role at the Club to bring both of those attributes, as well an industry-leading loss prevention resource to a wider market within the Asia-Pacific region.”

UK P&I Club, also managed by Thomas Miller, has recently announced the appointment of Peter Jones to its newly created role of Underwriting Director in the region.  The new appointments combine to strengthen Thomas Miller’s resources in Singapore and underline its commitment to the Asia-Pacific region. 

About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1100 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 97% of its Members with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.

Mighty newcomers: SAL Heavy Lift strengthens its fleet with super modern deck carriers “Zhong Ren 121” and ”Zhong Ren 122”

SAL Heavy Lift is pleased to announce another pioneering addition to its fleet: The German heavy lift and engineering expert is chartering the two top modern semi-submersible deck carriers “Zhong Ren 121” and “Zhong Ren 122” on a long-term basis together with its partner Shanghai Salvage (China). Both ships will be delivered in Shanghai between December 2023 and February 2024 and marketed through the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance.

“We don’t use the term ‘milestone’ lightly – but, in this case, it’s more than appropriate. This project is extremely important to us as a group, both commercially and strategically,” says Dr Martin Harren, CEO of SAL Heavy Lift and the Harren Group. “Our combined MPP and heavy lift fleet, which currently comprises 54 units, is one of the world’s leading fleets. We offer our customers the most powerful heavy lift vessels in the world. However, the truth remains that the demands and requirements of our clients – especially in the offshore wind sector – are becoming increasingly extensive and complex. These two new additions give us the opportunity to meet and possibly even exceed these requirements. Customers will benefit from more choices and better solutions.”

Zhong Ren 122

SAL has been working intensively on the topic of semi-submersible deck carriers for years. In 2021, a special department was founded for this purpose. SAL has been acting as commercial agent for two Pan Ocean deck carriers since 2017, gaining valuable experience in the project-based chartering of external tonnage.

“‘Zhong Ren 121’ and ‘Zhong Ren 122’ will empower us to undertake cargo transportation and projects previously inconceivable with our existing fleet,” explains Matthieu Moerman, Director Chartering & Project at Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. “They will expand our capabilities, opening doors to new markets. By adding the two vessels, we can offer more marine transport solutions as a group.”

The key highlights of “Zhong Ren 121” and “Zhong Ren 122” include:

  • 169 m long, 39.8 m wide
  • Ability to carry floating cargo due to semi-submersible mode
  • Ultra-modern DP2 technology
  • DWT: 26,000 t
  • Cargo deck capacity of 5,300 m2
  • Outstanding deck strength of 25 mt/m2
  • Average sailing speed of 12 knots
  • Accommodation facilities for up to 59 people

Following delivery, SAL will have the opportunity to utilise the two vessels for cargo transports from Asia to Europe. Afterwards, they will be deployed for an offshore wind farm project in the USA.

Once the wind farm project has been completed, SAL intends to extend the charter contracts with Shanghai Salvage for an additional two to three years. Alberto Aguilaniedo, Manager Chartering & Projects at Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, states: “With our exceptional project and chartering team, I envision a vast potential for these vessels which further solidifies our strategic focus on the renewable energy sector.”

About SAL Heavy Lift: SAL Heavy Lift, a company of the Harren Group, and part of the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance, is one of the world’s leading carriers specialised in the sea transport of heavy lift and project cargo. The modern fleet of heavy lift vessels offers highly flexible options to customers both within project shipping as well as for offshore projects. With travel speeds of up to 20 knots, dynamic positioning systems, Fly-Jib, 1A ice class, up to 3,500 square metres of unobstructed main deck space and combined crane capacities ranging from 550 to 2,000 tons, the fleet is among the most advanced in the heavy lift sector.

As a leading global company in the heavy lift and project cargo segment, SAL meets the highest standards with regard to quality, technical innovation, health, safety and environment. With SAL’s latest investments in its newbuilding programme of Orca Class heavy lift vessels, the company takes an industry-leading step in applying green technologies to its fleet. The global outreach of SAL is ensured via own sales offices and exclusive agents spread across 23 countries.

About Jumbo-SAL-Alliance: Jumbo-SAL-Alliance manages the sea logistics of all types of heavy lift, breakbulk and project cargo in any market. Side by side, two of the most prominent and technically advanced heavy lift carriers combine their strengths and resources to deliver the best engineered heavy transport solutions to customers world-wide.

Two united teams and two specialised fleets operate as one shared fleet. Customers receive carefree service, an experienced crew and simplified commercial interaction. Jumbo-SAL-Alliance is in full control of all its assets, i.e. 30 dedicated project cargo vessels. With three DP2 vessels, two range-extending Fly-Jibs and eleven ice-class vessels, the Alliance can reach almost any location and handle the most demanding scopes.

Jumbo-SAL-Alliance provides a highly flexible shipping solution and a broad range of services which exceeds any other project cargo shipping service in the market space. With lifting capacities up to 3,000 t SWL, Jumbo-SAL-Alliance manages the largest fleet of vessels in the 800+ t lifting segment. This provides a commercial bandwidth that ranges from rapidly positioning vessels for smaller or larger single shipments to large-volume contracts to full scope solutions for complex projects – all under one roof.

Our experienced people – commercial, engineering, project management, QHSE – work closely with a combined network of agents and offices around the world. We provide clients, whether EPCs, brokers, forwarders, OEMs, energy companies or others, with a partnering mentality, expert advice and safely delivered goods. Jumbo-SAL-Alliance: stronger together.