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Archives for October 2021

“K” LINE and IBM Japan, Field Trial Utilizing IoT and AI Conducted to Improve Safety and Quality of Car Carrier Cargo Handling

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) and IBM Japan, Ltd. (IBM Japan) have conducted a field trial with the objective of improving work quality by strengthening the safety management of cargo handling. Internet of Things (IoT) devices and artificial intelligence (AI) were utilized to collect and analyze information on driving of vehicles during operation in cargo holds, positional information of vehicles and workers, and vital information of workers.

The field trial verified the restriction of driving speed of vehicles, prevention of contact between vehicles and workers, prevention of collisions of vehicles, and collection of vital information of workers. Specifically, with the cooperation of a stevedoring company, beacons (positional information sensors), surveillance cameras, and speed measurement equipment were installed on the cargo deck to collect data. Furthermore, AI-based image recognition technology (Note*) was used to separate vehicles and workers based on camera images to determine the status of their proximity. In addition, heart rates data were obtained from wearable devices (Note*) and based on analyzed data by algorithm to ascertain trends in driver stress. The aim is to improve work quality by strengthening the safety management of cargo handling by analyzing this diverse and complex data and visualizing the number and condition of speed violations and near-miss incidents in the vessel.

Monitoring by using AI-based Camera on the cargo deck.

IBM Cloud, which is secure and has a track record in many companies as a data platform, was used for data analysis. IBM Japan created IBM®︎ Maximo Monito, a solution for remote monitoring, on IBM Cloud to provide real-time visualization of large data sets, AI-based anomaly detection, and a configurable dashboard. This solution enabled the collection, management, and analysis of sensor information, and data scientists played a central role in supporting tasks such as IoT application design and data analysis.

“K” LINE will conduct further verification aimed at practical implementation based on the results of this field trial.

Acquisition of biometric information obtained as heartbeats of stevedores using wearable devices.  (Wearable IoT solution from Mitsufuji.)

“K” LINE aims to establish a world-leading safe operation system, with contribution to people living well and prosperously under its corporate philosophy as an integrated logistics group. In order to further strengthen safety management in the car carrier business, “K” LINE believes it is important to further utilize digital technologies such as IoT and AI.

“K” LINE has also been engaged in strengthening communication infrastructure. The “CENTURY HIGHWAY GREEN,” a next-generation environmentally friendly car carrier, was delivered to “K” LINE in March 2021, equipped with significantly improved facilities for communication within the vessel and between the vessel and land. By adopting a variety of environmental measures and digital technologies, “K” LINE will remain committed to the improvement of safety, the environment, and quality as a key issue it faces.


March 12, 2021 release: Delivery of Next-generation Environmentally Friendly Car Carrier Fueled by LNG “CENTURY HIGHWAY GREEN”

GEODIS Expands Road Network Across Southeast Asia

GEODIS upgrades road network capabilities, connects Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam

GEODIS, a global leading transport and logistics services provider, has expanded its road network in Southeast Asia to Vietnam; another step towards its ambition to develop a scheduled road service connecting Singapore to China. GEODIS’ own fleet of vehicles and expanded network of partners enables full and partial loads to be carried by road along the Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand axis, and now Vietnam. The addition of the service to Vietnam will serve businesses driving the manufacturing boom in that country over recent years, helping the region become a vital supply chain node for many high-tech, retail, and FMCG businesses.

Launched in November 2019, the Road Transport service of GEODIS in Southeast Asia was created to meet the needs of companies looking for a day-definite road transportation solution for their cargo, in the range of 30 to 1000 kilos per shipment.

The expanded road network for Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load (LTL) service provide freight management from first to last mile and offers additional options for existing GEODIS customers, in addition to air and ocean transport modes.  The door-to-door road option has the advantage of loading space flexibility, with benefits of lower rates than air freight, shorter transit times than ocean freight, and on-the-ground expertise for customs clearance.

Since March 2021, GEODIS has expanded its road network capabilities by offering both standard and personalized solutions including its RoadDirect, RoadFast, and RoadSave services. With these differing levels of service, GEODIS balances transit time and costs to ensure customers can tailor the solution that best fits their needs; to include door-to-door service, customs brokerage and onward distribution.

Accompanying the new expansion of the Road Transport service of GEODIS is a dedicated access to a rate calculator and automated quotation system, which will be available towards the end of 2021.

“Our expanded service aims to give our customers greater flexibility and reliability of service in the context of current supply chain disruptions affecting air and sea cargo flows,” said Lakshmanan Venkateswaran, Sub-Regional Managing Director – South East Asia. “The service refinements come at a pivotal time as ASEAN’s manufacturing productivity and market expansion are gaining momentum due to the confluence of events that is motivating global companies to diversify their supply chain options”.


GEODIS is a global leading transport and logistics services provider recognized for its commitment to helping clients overcome their logistical constraints. GEODIS’ growth-focused offerings (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport) coupled with the company’s truly global reach thanks to a global network spanning nearly 170 countries, translates in top business rankings, #1 in France and #7 worldwide. In 2020, GEODIS accounted for over 41,000 employees globally and generated €8.4 billion in sales.

TT Club : A picture is worth a thousand words

TT Club, the insurance provider to the global freight industry remains dedicated to heightening awareness of the risks to security in the supply chain.  It has launched a series of brief informative and instructive animations to highlight specific vulnerabilities.

London, 26th October, 2021

A total of seven animations simply and clearly illustrate in graphic form a variety of theft techniques from driver attacks, false authority personnel and inadequate perimeter fencing to theft from moving vehicles.  They are intended to alert all operatives throughout the supply chain no matter their function, location or level of experience.

“Supply chain security is a vital consideration for all actors in the global supply chain, regardless of where they are operating or the  nature of their contractual obligations,” comments TT Club’s MD of Loss Prevention, Mike Yarwood.  “Cargo loss through theft or criminal damage has always been a concern but the current stresses and strains on supply chains across the world make security an even higher priority for operators and cargo owners alike.  Such conditions as cargo congestion, delays, longer dwell times and shortage of secure storage facilities all mean the opportunities for criminals increase.  Alterations to well established transport procedures or ‘work arounds’ also bring heightened risk.”

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TT has evidence that criminals continue to infiltrate the supply chain with increasing ingenuity, accessing cargo with relative ease and impunity. As exemplified by the screenshots taken from one of the animations above.  The means at their disposal, the lengths they are prepared to go and the strategies they employ differ geographically. Where a particular strategy meets with success, it is often used again and in other locations, creating a dynamic risk landscape. Such trends have led TT to design and produce this series of graphic animations, which it is hoped will have universal appeal through their ability to communicate the threats comprehensively and clearly across the world. 

“One certainty within the unpredictable dynamics of our modern cargo environment is that freight crime pays,” stresses Yarwood.  “This motivates criminals to maintain and expand their activities, constantly striving to identify and target low-risk high-value goods to acquire via a diverse variety of methods.  We must ramp up our vigilance and communicate effectively with those at risk.”

The animations along with further insight into supply chain security risks and how to mitigate them are available within the TT Club website HERE


About TT Club:

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1100 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 93% of its Members with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.

Joint project on “Development of Ammonia-fueled ship” adopted as Green Innovation Fund

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE), together with ITOCHU Corporation, NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd., Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd. and Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd. have jointly applied for and been selected for the “Green Innovation Fund Project / Development Project for Next-Generation Ships / Development of Ammonia-Fueled Ships,” a project publicly announced by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

In order to achieve the International Maritime Organization’s strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, this project will use ammonia as marine-fuel, which is attracting attention from various fields as a candidate for alternative fuels, to develop, own and operate propulsion systems and hulls ahead of other countries, with the aim of implementing ammonia-fueled ships in society under Japan’s leadership as early as possible by 2028, so that Japan’s maritime industry can maintain its long-term advantage in the field of zero-emission ships.

Role of each company

Mitsui E&S Machinery1. Development of ammonia fuel tank & fuel supply system
2. Development of technology related to ammonia-fueled engine
3. Development of safety features specific to ammonia-fueled ship
4. Demonstration of related to ammonia-fueled engine & supply system
Nihon Shipyard1. Development of hull equipped with ammonia fuel tanks
2. Ammonia fuel handling system onboard
3. Safety systems onboard
4. Verification of research and development through shipboard demonstration
“K” LINE ITOCHU Corporation NS United KaiunOperational demonstration of ammonia-fueled ship

Through the “Joint Study” framework for studying ammonia as an alternative marine fuel (Note 1) established in June this year, “K” LINE has been studying the use of ammonia as marine-fuel. Together with the four companies involved in this joint project, “K” LINE will continue to work toward the social implementation of ammonia, a promising zero-emission fuel, as a marine-fuel in society.

Dachser Erfurt continues along its growth trajectory

Kempten/Erfurt, October 21, 2021 – Logistics provider Dachser is once again expanding its logistics center in Erfurt, Germany, and adding some 3,200 m2 of transit terminal space to its stock warehouse in the nearby Thörey commercial zone. This means that the Dachser location now has 6,100 m2 of floor space available for industrial goods and a total of about 3,300 m2 for food. Operations at the new addition began on schedule at the start of September.

DACHSER Logistik baute in Thörey einen Anbau an das Bestandsgebäude. Foto: Paul-Philipp Braun

Adding space to the transit terminal creates an extra 49 gates for loading and unloading trucks. “The expansion allows us to make procedures and processes for handling cargo even more efficient,” says Dr. Rimbert J. Kelber, General Manager of Dachser’s Erfurt logistics center. “In addition to being better placed to cope with daily fluctuations and workload peaks, we are also creating ideal conditions for our continued growth.” The expansion of the warehouse creates ten new jobs at the location. In summer 2022, Dachser is also planning to add new offices, complete with sanitation and storage space, as well as a state-of-the-art break room with a total area of 640 m2 for the location’s employees.

A reliable partner even in challenging times

“By investing in the future of this location, we’re ensuring that at all times, we’ll be able to provide our customers in the region with logistics services of the high quality they are used to,” says Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics. “Thanks to the tremendous commitment of our employees during and after the restrictions imposed during the pandemic, we’ve always been able to reliably maintain our delivery capability. We’ve been and we remain a stable partner for our customers and a reliable supplier in the region.”

Dachser opened its first location in the German state of Thuringia in 2004 and provides logistics services for customers from the industrial and food sectors. Only last year, Dachser invested in this location by adding a 20,000 m2 warehouse with office space to the logistics center.

About Dachser:

Dachser, a family-owned company headquartered in Kempten, Germany, provides transport logistics, warehousing, and customized services in two business fields: Dachser Air & Sea Logistics and Dachser Road Logistics. The latter consists of two business lines: Dachser European Logistics and Dachser Food Logistics. Comprehensive contract logistics services and industry-specific solutions round out the company’s range. A seamless shipping network—both in Europe and overseas—and fully integrated IT systems ensure intelligent logistics solutions worldwide.

Thanks to some 30,800 employees at 387 locations all over the globe, Dachser generated consolidated net revenue of approximately EUR 5.6 billion in 2020. The same year, the logistics provider handled a total of 78.6 million shipments weighing 39.8 million metric tons. Dachser is represented by its own country organizations in 42 countries on five continents. For more information about Dachser, please visit

“K” LINE successfully separated and captured CO2 from exhaust gas in World’s First CO2 Capture Plant on Vessel

~Captured CO2 has Purity greater than 99.9%, Demonstrating performance in line with Plan~

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) has successfully separated and captured carbon dioxide (CO2) from the exhaust gas emitted from the vessel, coal carrier “CORONA UTILITY”(operated by “K” LINE for Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.), which has been installed the “CC-OCEAN” project for the verification of CO2 capture plant onboard as part of the “Research and Development for advancing marine resources technologies” (Note 1), in cooperation with Mitsubishi shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (“Mitsubishi Shipbuilding”) and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (“Class NK”).

As a result of demonstration, the captured CO2 had a purity (Note 2) of more than 99.9%, which is in line with the planned performance.

In early August 2021, after installation of a small-scale CO2 capture plant (Note 1), experts from Mitsubishi Shipbuilding were onboard the vessel to operate, maintain the plant, and instruct the ship’s crew how to operate, as well as measured, analyzed the captured CO2 and evaluated the system performance.

From mid-September, the ship’s crew has been conducting the operation, measurement and maintaining the plant, and will continue to evaluate the safety and operability of the CO2 capture plant in order to sort out the issues to be considered and conduct research and development for future commercialization.

Based on the “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050 (Note 3), we will continue to research, develop, and introduce various environmental load reduction technologies, including the “CC-OCEAN” project, and contribute to activities aimed at achieving GHG reduction targets.

(Note 1)

Announced on 31-Aug 2020: “CC-Ocean” (Carbon Capture on the Ocean) project

Announced on 5-Aug 2021: Launch of the “CC-OCEAN” project demonstration

(Note 2) The purity of the CO2 captured by the CO2 capture plant. When a terrestrial plant captures CO2 with a purity of more than 99.9%, the captured CO2 can be used in a wide range of applications, including chemical processes to enhance production of fertilizer or methanol, general use such as dry ice for cooling, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) to increase crude oil production.

(Note 3) “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050, Blue Seas for the Future, which is formulated in 2015.

Based on the revision in June 2020, our milestone target is set to [improve CO2 emission efficiency by 50% over 2008], which is surpassing the IMO target of a 40% improvement.

GEODIS extends its Contract Logistics reach to Sweden

In pursuing its goal of organic growth GEODIS, a global leading supply chain provider, is establishing a contract logistics footprint in Sweden for the first time with the opening of 16,000 sqm facility at Arendal, near Gothenburg.

One of the market leading freight forwarders in the country, GEODIS will open its new warehouse, strategically located in the proximity of Gothenburg port, on 1st December 2021 in order to now establish contract logistics operations in Sweden. Arendal is located only 15 km from the city of Gothenburg, It benefits from excellent connections to the regional motorway network with access to Stockholm and Malmo, as well as Oslo in Norway, and the wider Nordic region.

The full range of warehousing and distribution services will be offered including, receiving goods to WMS, inventory storage, pick and packing, case palletization, value added services, returns processing, quality control and distribution. A variety of industry sectors will be catered for at the new facility, but fast-growing retail and ecommerce verticals will be core businesses served.

Thomas Kraus, GEODIS President & CEO North, East and Central Europe commented on the expansion into the Swedish market, “The GEODIS Freight Forwarding business has been long-established in the country and our traditional customers have been calling for an extension to our services. We will draw on our well-established contract logistics operations capabilities throughout Europe and around the world to help our customers to achieve their ambitions for business growth. It’s the ideal stepping-stone for GEODIS growth in Sweden.”

Managing Director of GEODIS in Scandinavia, Magnus Tornerhjelm sees the new facility’s location as a particular asset.  “This new, strategically positioned facility provides a solid logistical base. It is an answer to the warehousing and logistics needs of our current and future customers while also allowing them to benefit from a last mile distribution network,” he said.

In Sweden, the GEODIS group operates from 8 locations (Helsingborg, Jönköping, Borås, Norrköping, Lund, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö) and employs 350 employees.


GEODIS is a global leading transport and logistics services provider recognized for its commitment to helping clients overcome their logistical constraints. GEODIS’ growth-focused offerings (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport) coupled with the company’s truly global reach thanks to a global network spanning nearly 170 countries, translates in top business rankings, #1 in France and #7 worldwide. In 2020, GEODIS accounted for over 41,000 employees globally and generated €8.4 billion in sales.

Link to photograph :

HPC with new MD duo

Hamburg, 20 October 2021 – Dr Nils Kemme has been appointed Managing Director of HPC Hamburg Port Consulting. His appointment, effective from September, completes HPC’s dual leadership by seasoned experts promoted from its own ranks. Nils Kemme has been working at HPC for a decade in various management positions. Together with fellow Managing Director Suheil Mahayni, he will be driving the further development of consulting services and digital solutions for the global port and logistics industry. 

Hamburg Port Consulting. Dr. Nils Kemme

Nils Kemme has been closely associated with terminal operations since his university days. A business economist specialising in logistics, he conducted research on the optimisation of Automated Guided Vehicles AGV at Container Terminal Altenwerder, part of the HHLA Group, and wrote his doctorate on simulation-based planning and optimisation of container terminals.

As a terminal planner at HPC, he has developed numerous planning and optimisation projects aimed at operational efficiency and has established HPC’s own simulation department. With his team, he has successfully implemented more than 40 such simulation projects. Additionally, Nils Kemme has brought into focus significant features in the areas of sustainability and electrification of equipment. Having assumed the role of a partner in 2019, he has since taken responsibility for shaping the company. 

“With Nils Kemme, we have gained a renowned expert in the industry as well as a confident leader,” says Suheil Mahayni. “As an insider, he is also very familiar with the DNA of the companies within our group.  I am really looking forward to our cooperation.”

The joint MDs are united in their motivation: “Together we can demonstrate how we want to develop our organisation: customer-, team- and technology-oriented,” says Nils Kemme. “With climate change, the demands of energy transformation and new technologies, the global port and logistics industry is facing major challenges.  We must meet these with a strong team possessing a great deal of expertise, motivation and a good connection to the customer,” adds Suheil Mahayni.

Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) operates as a logistics consulting company, specialised in strategy and transformation services for the ports, terminals, and rail sectors. Since establishment in 1976, the Hamburg-based consulting company has delivered approximately 1,700 projects across 130 countries spanning six continents, along the full port project development cycle. HPC employs about 100 domain experts with a background as terminal operators, software engineers, logistics managers, transport economists and mathematicians. As a subsidiary of the Hamburg Port and Logistics Corporation (HHLA), HPC has its roots in port handling of container, break bulk and multipurpose, as well as hinterland operations.

GEODIS’ Executive Leadership Program recognized as the best Asia’s Training & Development Excellence Awards 2021

Global leading transport and logistics provider wins top award for redefining leadership in the logistics sector

GEODIS has been named ‘Best Leadership Development Program for Top Management’ at the 2021 Asia’s Training & Development Excellence Awards. Hosted by the World HRD Congress and the Employer Branding Institute, the annual event identifies outstanding talent and development initiatives from organizations across Asia, while celebrating the best practices in employer branding and Human Resources (HR).

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the inner workings of the supply chain, prompting logistics service providers to explore alternative routes and sourcing strategies; this in addition to investing in digital transformation solutions that meet the rising expectations for operational efficiency through already overwhelmed freight channels. Such complexities have heightened the need for businesses to ensure employees have the necessary support, skills and mindset to not only adapt, but to thrive within a rapidly changing market environment.

Applying a human design centered approach to leadership has thus become a core aspect of GEODIS’ long-term strategy. In particular, the Executive Leadership Program for the senior management team, comprising 132 global board members and leaders, ensures GEODIS’ leaders have the skillsets and resources to make well-informed strategic decisions amidst the industry’s complex climate. This two-year program (2020-2022), delivered by Harvard Business School, features a comprehensive curriculum covering key business issues such as customer centricity, leading in adversity, and CSR and sustainability.

Mario Ceccon, Executive Vice President Group Human Resources, GEODIS, said: “We are very pleased to have our Executive Leadership Program recognized by the jury at the Employer Branding Institute. This is a much-valued testament to GEODIS’ continued efforts to become not just an employer of choice, but also a company that has the foresight and capabilities to take the company even further”.

Onno Boots, President and Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, GEODIS, said: “Given the persistence of change sweeping the industry, it is more crucial than ever for our team to have the skills required to respond to, what are now every-day challenges.  Training and development programs are therefore crucially important to us.  We already have plans in place to further scale up our training initiatives across all levels.”

GEODIS is currently gearing up for the next phase of its leadership program, with new modules and sessions in the pipeline to maintain the company’s competitive advantage in a post-pandemic era.


GEODIS is a global leading transport and logistics services provider recognized for its commitment to helping clients overcome their logistical constraints. GEODIS’ growth-focused offerings (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport) coupled with the company’s truly global reach thanks to a global network spanning nearly 170 countries, translates in top business rankings, #1 in France and #7 worldwide. In 2020, GEODIS accounted for over 41,000 employees globally and generated €8.4 billion in sales.

Dynamic Consumer Buying Patterns Challenge the Flexibility of Supply Chain Management

Northampton, UK: 18th October 2021

The buying patterns of UK consumers have changed dramatically, resulting from lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The surge in DIY and home-based leisure activities and the sales of related products have boomed and seem here to stay. The dominant means of purchasing has shifted with online sales almost doubling during the first few months of the pandemic. DACHSER DIY Logistics specialist services have aided retailers in coping with both trends.   

The sudden growth in online shopping and the dynamic activity in the e-commerce economy made sales forecasting, inventory planning and supply chain engineering challenging to say the least. Previously infrequent e-commerce consumers found a new way of sourcing their DIY tools and materials. Statista reported the buying activity to have increased by more than 50%, jumping from 6% up to 14% of total sales in the first six months of the crisis, according to management consultant Accenture. More significantly, this level appears to have stabilised in the relatively less-restricted post-crisis period. 

Dachser’s industry solution specific for the DIY sector helps with these challenges, providing individually tailored logistics services for customers in the DIY, garden and home leisure sectors. Established twenty-two years ago, DACHSER DIY Logistics currently has an annual shipment volume of 7.7 million consignments. These figures indicate the significance of this sector-specific logistics solution and how the Dachser team continue to react to the demands placed on the DIY suppliers and retailers by the changing buying patterns of consumers.

The e-commerce boom in the DIY and household goods sector is here to stay. However, so too are the logistical challenges of delivering a huge range of products quickly and efficiently across the UK and Europe from source regions around the world. It is clear that retailers who have not positioned themselves for an e-commerce future will face particularly severe challenges. They must come up to speed as soon as possible.

Suppliers also experience other challenges brought about by the characteristics of an online marketplace, including irregular demand spikes that require sudden changes in supply capacity. These unpredictable order sizes can make managing the distribution difficult, for instance, direct delivery, holding inventory in intermediary hubs, last-mile delivery, proof of receipt and handling product returns.

Consequently, Dachser focuses on a range of tailored eLogistics services to adapt to the continuing digitalisation of its customer’s order processes and supply chains. Providing access to all relevant data concerning customer shipments and a system that has a direct connection with the Dachser transport and warehouse management systems, has proved beneficial to the customer. eLogistics provides quick and accessible information about all processes along the supply chain. There are numerous functions available for handling, control and transparency. Crucially in circumstances where online sales demands are immediate and fluctuating, there is the ability to track in-depth process sequences both in transit and in the warehouse when necessary.  

With variations in routing, volumes, delivery criteria and unexpected disruptions occurring, maximum transparency of the product supply chain is vital in a DIY supplier’s competitive advantage within the future of online sales.


DACHSER, a family-owned company headquartered in Kempten, Germany, provides transport logistics, warehousing, and customised services in two business fields: DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics and DACHSER Road Logistics. Comprehensive contract logistics services and industry-specific solutions round out the company’s offerings. A seamless shipping network—both in Europe and overseas—and fully integrated IT systems provide for intelligent logistics solutions worldwide.

Thanks to some 30,800 employees at 387 locations all over the globe, DACHSER generated consolidated net revenue of approximately EUR 5.6 billion in 2020. The same year, the logistics provider handled a total of 78.6 million shipments weighing 39.8 million metric tons. DACHSER is represented by its own country organisations in 42 countries on five continents. For more information about DACHSER, please visit