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GEODIS recognized with Best Service Award by Schneider Electric China

Multinational, French-owned digital automation and energy management solutions company, Schneider Electric, has presented GEODIS with its 2023 Best Service Award in China.

The award is in recognition of the international transport and logistics provider’s consistent ability to deliver to Schneider improved end-customer satisfaction, reliable service and reduced transit times. In 2022, having had a long-term supplier relationship with Schneider, GEODIS won a three-year contract for airfreight services between France and China, and in overcoming a challenging market environment, proved worthy of this major supplier award.

In looking for a resilient, long-term partner who could help optimize its costs, Schneider also prioritized agility in delivery and scalability. In GEODIS it found a collaborator which integrated its airfreight expertise with superior customer service. Schneider Electric’s needs were assessed through close collaboration with personnel in both China and Europe over the eight-month negotiation period, and GEODIS was subsequently awarded the contract.

Under the new contract, GEODIS France transports cargo from Schneider’s manufacturing facility in Evreux to Charles De Gaulle Airport to be airfreighted to China for distribution to domestic markets. The contract also covers goods moving in the opposite direction, from Shanghai and Beijing to Paris, with onward delivery to Schneider entities. The main criteria for GEODIS’ success has been a commitment to volumes by the service operators, together with securing sufficient airfreight capacity and meeting agreed transit times.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining a reliable supply of capacity while optimizing costs remained a challenge.  In order to provide Schneider with the flexibility and consistency it required, GEODIS designed a unique integrated solution that combines its own-operated network AirDirect services with third-party commercial carriers.

“It is an honor to receive this award for Best Service by Schneider Electric China,” said Onno Boots, GEODIS’ Regional President and CEO, Asia Pacific and Middle East.  “The GEODIS promise is to ensure excellence in supply chain operations and superior service quality. This award highlights our team’s commitment to ensuring our customer’s success by providing agile and robust services, capable of adapting to the complexities of an ever-changing supply chain.”

The Supplier Award is also reflective of GEODIS’ continued support of the client’s US factories by providing warehouse facilities near Schneider manufacturing sites. In addition, the two companies recently signed a new Master Customs Agreement for customs brokerage services in Europe, starting in France.

GEODIS –    

GEODIS is a leading global logistics provider acknowledged for its expertise across all aspects of the supply chain. As a growth partner to its clients, GEODIS specializes in four lines of business: Global Freight Forwarding, Global Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express Transport, and European Road Network. With a global network spanning nearly 170 countries and more than 49,400 employees, GEODIS is ranked no. 5 in its sector across the world. In 2022, GEODIS generated €13.7 billion in revenue. GEODIS is a company owned by SNCF group. 

“K” Line : MOU for Feasibility Study to Realize “Setouchi / Shikoku CO2 Hub Concept”

Sumitomo Corporation

JFE Steel Corporation

Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Woodside Energy Ltd

Sumitomo Corporation (Sumitomo), JFE Steel Corporation (JFE), Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.(SOC), Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) and Woodside Energy Ltd (Woodside) have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) to jointly conduct a business feasibility study aimed at aggregating CO2 from the Setouchi and Shikoku regions and then transporting those emissions to Australia for permanent storage.

This study will investigate the feasibility of collecting CO2 by small-sized vessels from emitters scattered in multiple areas in Setouchi and Shikoku regions, storing those emissions temporarily at a hub port (*1) in Japan before the CO2 is transported to Australia by large-sized vessels for sequestration/storage. By collectively handling CO2 emitted from multiple regions, industries, and companies in the Setouchi and Shikoku regions, we aim to scale up and reduce costs, and work together to build a CCS (*2) value chain that would be difficult for individual companies to achieve.

The Japanese government has set a goal of implementing a policy to develop a business environment to initiate CCS projects by 2030 in its “Basic Policy for Realizing of GX” (*3). Sumitomo, JFE, SOC, “K” LINE and Woodside intend to leverage each company’s knowledge and experiences to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society through this feasibility study.

On December 16th, an MOU ceremony was held at the ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Forum in the presence of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ken Saito to commemorate the conclusion of this MOU.

“The Scene of the MOU Ceremony at the ASEAN-Japan Economic Co-Creation Forum”

Each company’s comment on this initiative

Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation has highlighted mitigation of climate change as one of its key areas of focus and has committed to being carbon neutral by 2050. Sumitomo Corporation recognizes that CCUS (*4) is a key technology to combat climate change, and in January 2023 established a dedicated global CCUS team within the Energy Innovation Initiative. This new team will capitalize on existing resources to establish new business along the whole CCUS value chain, including CO2 separation and capture, transport and storage and utilization of the captured carbon. This feasibility study is being carried out in collaboration with Metal Product Business Unit, which are working for GX (Green Transformation) with the steel industry and Living Related & Real Estate Business Unit.


JFE Group has formulated the JFE Group Environmental Management Vision 2050, and has positioned addressing climate change issues as the most important management issue, and is strongly promoting efforts to resolve these issues. In addition to working on the development of various ultra-innovative technologies such as carbon recycled blast furnaces and direct reduction steelmaking, JFE aims to achieve carbon neutrality by utilizing CCUS, which includes inter-company collaboration and industrial complex collaboration. In order to build the CCUS value chain, we will accelerate our efforts by expanding and strengthening inter-company collaboration, including in Japan and overseas.


Based on the 2050 Carbon Neutral (CN) Vision “SOCN2050,” SOC Group will take on the challenge of realizing CN by mobilizing every possible CO2 reduction measures in Japan and overseas by 2050. As a characteristic of CO2 emissions of the cement production, more than half of the CO2 emissions come from the process derived from limestone, which is the main raw material, in addition to energy-derived CO2. Full utilization of CCUS as well as non-fossil energy is essential in order to realize CN. SOC is working on CCU to mineralize CO2 as artificial limestone (CaCO3) in the NEDO’s Green Innovation Fund Project, however, SOC believes that CCS is indispensable for the realization of CN. Therefore, as SOC has main cement plants in Setouchi and Shikoku regions, we recognize the great significance of participating in this initiative.


“K” LINE group is promoting a variety of initiatives to support the low-carbon and carbon-free for both ourselves and society in accordance with its long-term environmental policy, ““K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050”. In the field of CCS, we are planning to start the world’s first full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) transport from next year. We will apply the knowledge gained through the operation of these vessels, which will be launched sequentially in Japan and overseas, to future business development, including this project, with the aim of realizing a sustainable society and enhancing corporate value.

Woodside Energy

Woodside is a global energy company, founded in Australia with a spirit of innovation and determination.  Woodside aim to thrive through the global energy transition with a low cost, lower carbon, profitable, resilient and diversified portfolio. Our focus in operations remains on safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental performance, leveraging more than 35 years of operating experience.  We have growth opportunities across gas, oil and new energy. The company’s success is due in part to its technical expertise, financial strength, and experienced workforce. As a result, Woodside is well-positioned to continue executing large projects well into the future. 

*1 hub port: A port established to temporarily store CO2 aggregated from multiple emission sources by small-sized vessels.

*2 Carbon Capture, and Storage.

*3 “Basic Policy for the Realization of GX” (Released as of Feb 10th, 2023 by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, JAPAN)

*4 CCUS: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage.

Publication of “K” LINE REPORT 2023

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) is pleased to announce publication of “K” LINE REPORT 2023.

In the “K” LINE REPORT, we explain from both financial and non-financial information with the goal of helping all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, better understand overview and progress of Medium-Term Management Plan.

・Objective, Values and Six Capital of the “K” LINE Group

・Message from the CEO/CFO

・Overview and Progress of Medium-Term Management Plan (2022-2026)

・Special Feature in Three Growth-Driving Businesses

* (Coal & Iron Ore Carrier Business, Car Carrier Business and LNG Carrier Business) and Liquefied CO2 Transport Business

・The “K” LINE Group’s Materiality

・Management Base (Human Rights, Compliance)

・Safety / Ship Quality Management

・Environmental Strategy

・Promotion of Innovation and Digital Transformation

・Human resources

・Corporate Governance

・Risk Management

・Business Overview


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Innovative Hydrogen Initiative Takes Off: HPC Coordinates Pioneering Project to Prepare Baltic Sea Region Airports for Green Aviation

Joint meeting launched the hydrogen project for airports funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Programme

Hamburg, December 14, 2023 – HPC Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) has won the European tender for the project coordination of the “BSR Hydrogen Air Transport – Preparation of Baltic Sea Region Airports for Green Hydrogen” project. The three-year EU-funded project aims to prepare airports in the Baltic Sea Region for the use of gaseous hydrogen for small and regional aircraft and ground equipment and to better connect them to existing aviation hubs. The inaugural partnership meeting recently took place in Hamburg.

Invited by the project’s lead partner Hamburg Airport, the representatives of the 16 project partners, including airport operators, technology companies and research institutions from Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Baltic States and Germany kicked-off their co-operation.

Gaseous hydrogen is seen as the propulsion system of the future, especially for smaller aircraft with up to 80 seats. In a total of three work packages, the project is investigating how airports in the Baltic Sea region can be prepared for its use. The focus is on the supply chain of hydrogen to the airport, its storage at the airport, refuelling in aircraft and ground vehicles, the design of handling processes in compliance with safety regulations and fire protection, as well as the consideration of legal framework conditions, economic efficiency, and business plans. Demonstration flights of a hydrogen-powered aircraft between several project partner airports are also planned to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

HPC won the project coordination contract in a European tender process. The tasks include project coordination and ensuring that the project is implemented according to plan.

Jan Eike Hardegen, Head of Environment at Hamburg Airport, said on the occasion of the project launch: “The project is a beacon on the way to CO2-neutral aviation. The project will develop and test solutions for green aviation as well as for the use of gaseous hydrogen on the ground for vehicles and terminal operations. A changeover of this magnitude can succeed if we work together with other industry players. With HPC, we have an experienced project manager on board who has already successfully implemented international logistics projects on a comparable scale. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with all project participants.”

Dr. Olaf Zeike, Project Manager at HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, also commented on the project: “In this project, we are able to successfully combine our expertise from aviation projects, the development of hydrogen logistics chains, co-funding management and the experience of multi-year coordination of Interreg projects for the benefit of the intended project success. We support the climate goals of the project partners and are pleased to be able to make a tangible contribution to the decarbonization of aviation and the revitalization of regional air transportation.”

HPC has proven expertise based on more than 50 national and international airport projects and around 80 funding projects. HPC funding experts have already successfully contributed their know-how to project development and applications for the funding programme.

Further information on the range of consulting services in the field of airport terminals and co-funding can be found on the website:

About HPC

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting is a logistics consultancy specializing in strategy and transformation services for the ports, terminals and hinterland facilities sectors. Since its foundation in 1976, the Hamburg-based consultancy has carried out more than 1,800 projects in 136 countries on six continents, covering the entire development cycle of port projects. HPC employs around 100 experts with a background as terminal operators, software engineers, logistics managers, transport economists, data analysts and scientists as well as mathematicians. As a subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), HPC has its roots in port handling of containers, general cargo and multipurpose freight as well as hinterland traffic.

Innovative Wasserstoff-Initiative hebt ab: HPC koordiniert wegweisendes Projekt zur Vorbereitung von Ostseeflughäfen auf grüne Luftfahrt

Gemeinsames Meeting eröffnete das vom Intereg Baltic Sea Programme geförderte Wasserstoff-Projekt für Flughäfen

Hamburg, 14. Dezember 2023 – HPC Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) hat das europäische Ausschreibungsverfahren um das Projektmanagement des „BSR Hydrogen Air Transport – Preparation of Baltic Sea Region Airports for Green Hydrogen“ Projekts für sich entschieden. Das auf drei Jahre angelegte und von der EU geförderte Projekt hat zum Ziel, Flughäfen in der Ostseeregion auf den Einsatz von gasförmigem Wasserstoff für Klein- und Regionalflugzeuge sowie Bodengeräte vorzubereiten und besser an bestehende Luftfahrt-Hubs anzubinden. Das Eröffnungsmeeting fand kürzlich in Hamburg statt.

Unter der Leitung des Lead-Partners Hamburg Airport haben sich Vertreter der insgesamt 16 Projektpartner darunter Flughafenbetreiber, Technologieunternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen aus Schweden, Finnland, Polen, den baltischen Staaten und Deutschland getroffen.

Gasförmiger Wasserstoff gilt speziell für kleinere Flugzeuge mit bis zu 80 Sitzen als Antrieb der Zukunft. In insgesamt fünf Arbeitspaketen untersucht das Projekt, wie Flughäfen der Ostseeanrainer-Staaten auf seine Verwendung vorbereitet werden können. Dabei stehen Fragen der Lieferkette von Wasserstoff zum Flughafen, seiner Lagerung auf ihnen, die Vertankung in Flugzeuge und Bodenfahrzeug, die Ausgestaltung von Handling-Prozessen unter Beachtung von Sicherheitsvorschriften und Brandschutz sowie die Berücksichtigung rechtlicher Rahmenbedingungen, Wirtschaftlichkeit und Businesspläne im Mittelpunkt. Zum erfolgreichen Projektabschluss sind zudem Demonstrationsflüge eines wasserstoff-betriebenen Flugzeugs zwischen mehreren Projektpartnerflughäfen geplant.

HPC hat in einem europäischen Ausschreibungsverfahren das Projektmanagement gewonnen. Zu den Aufgaben gehört die Projektkoordination sowie das Sicherstellen der planmäßigen Projektumsetzung.

Jan Eike Hardegen, Leiter Umwelt bei Hamburg Airport, sagte anlässlich des Projektstarts: “Das Projekt ist ein Leuchtturm auf dem Weg zu einer CO2-neutralen Luftfahrt. Es zeigt, dass grüne Luftfahrt optimalerweise den Betrieb grüner Mobilität auch im Terminalbetrieb mitdenkt. Eine Umstellung von dieser Tragweite kann im Schulterschluss gemeinsam mit anderen Branchenteilnehmern gelingen. Mit HPC haben wir einen erfahren Projektmanager an Bord, der bereits internationale Logistikprojekte in vergleichbarem Umfang erfolgreich umgesetzt hat. Wir freuen uns auf die fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit mit allen Projektteilnehmern.”

Dr. Olaf Zeike, Projekt Manager bei HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, äußerte sich ebenfalls zum Projekt: “Bei diesem Projekt konnten wir unsere Expertise aus Projekten der Luftfahrt, dem Aufbau von Wasserstoff-Logistikketten, dem Fördermittelmanagement sowie der mehrjährigen Koordination von Interreg-Projekten erfolgreich zum Wohle des anvisierten Projekterfolgs kombinieren. Wir unterstützen die Klimaziele der Projektpartner und freuen uns, auf diese Weise einen handfesten Beitrag zur Dekarbonisierung der Luftfahrt wie auch zur Wiederbelebung des regionalen Luftverkehrs leisten zu können.”

HPC bringt eine ausgewiesene Expertise mit, die auf mehr als 50 nationalen und internationalen Flughafenprojekten sowie etwa 80 Fördermittelprojekten basiert. HPC-Fördermittelexperten konnten ihr Knowhow bereits bei der Projektentwicklung und Beantragung beim Förderprogramm erfolgreich einbringen.

Weitere Informationen über das Angebot von Beratungsdienstleistungen im Bereich Intermodal Transport und Simulation finden Sie auf der Website:

Über HPC

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting ist ein Logistikberatungsunternehmen, das sich auf Strategie- und Transformationsdienstleistungen für die Sektoren Häfen, Terminals und Hinterland-Anlagen spezialisiert hat. Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 1976 hat das Hamburger Beratungsunternehmen ca. 1.800 Projekte in 136 Ländern auf sechs Kontinenten durchgeführt, die den gesamten Entwicklungszyklus von Hafenprojekten abdecken. HPC beschäftigt rund 100 Fachexperten mit einem Hintergrund als Terminalbetreiber, Software-Ingenieure, Logistikmanager, Verkehrsökonomen, Datenanalysten und -wissenschaftler sowie Mathematiker. Als Tochterunternehmen der Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) hat HPC seine Wurzeln im Hafenumschlag von Containern, Stückgut und Mehrzweckfracht sowie im Hinterlandverkehr.

“K” Line Listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index, a Leading Index for ESG Investing for 13 years in a row

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” Line) has been selected again as an Asia Pacific Index component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), one of the leading global indices for ESG investing, for the 13th consecutive year since 2011.

DJSI, the index provided by S&P Dow Jones Indices, measures the performance of companies in terms of economic, environmental and social criteria, through a corporate sustainability assessment, and only includes companies with remarkable performance. Among those indices, Asia Pacific Index for 2023 selects 156 companies in the Asia-Pacific developed region (including 75 Japanese companies) as components, as a result of sustainability assessment of about 600 largest companies in the region. Launched in 1999, DSJI is one of the first global sustainability benchmarks for investors which integrate sustainability consideration into their portfolios.

Our corporate principle is to help make the lives of people more affluent, as a rooted in the shipping industry, and we aim to improve our corporate value and contribute to all stakeholders by realizing both social and economic value. Going forward, we will continue to make use of competitive advantage we have cultivated with a focus on shipping, and realize initiatives to achieve sustainability of both social/environmental and the company.

“K” Line hold FY2023 Dry Bulk Global Meeting

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) held a global meeting for the dry bulk business at the company’s head office over a two-day period from November 14 to 15. The meeting gathered not only the members of the dry bulk team at the head office but also 25 national and representatives from 10 major overseas offices, with about 100 people engaging in lively discussions in either sales or operation sessions.

At the meeting, Atsuo Asano, Representative Director, Vice President Executive Officer (responsible for Dry Bulk Carriers Unit) explained the shared significance of global KPIs (key performance indicators) based on a project for further advancement of business management for maximizing corporate value. He also spoke about measures to boost ROIC, which is an indicator for “earning power,” which emphasized the importance of everyone working in unison to achieve further growth.

On the theme of Current status of KPI progress, the KPIs identified at the start of year. such as safety/efficiency in navigation, profitability, low-carbon/decarbonization efforts for CO2 emissions reduction, were analyzed and reflected on during the operation sessions, with frank discussions taking place about increasing safety and profitability in navigation and cargo operations as well as environment and DX challenges.

On the theme of “Expand Our Business, Empower Our Success!” topics like analysis and measures for company growth and expanding the revenue base in the future as well as organizational and environmental sales with technical and environmental teams were discussed in the sales sessions, also including debates about identifying sources of added value and ways to enhance “K” LINE’s strengths through the concerted efforts of the Tokyo head office and overseas locations.

Going forward, “K” LINE will regularly hold global meetings and share KPIs globally, thereby improving customer-oriented service quality while also creating a sense of unity among our employees and strengthening teamwork. Our dry bulk business will realize sustainable profitability growth while at the same time further developing its business network on a foundation of global diversity and adding environmental reaction to the advanced transportation knowhow accumulated over many years.

GEODIS launches new Pharma Cross Dock facility in Rodgau

In November, the global logistics service provider GEODIS officially put a new 700 square meter temperature-controlled location, with an integrated cooling area in Rodgau, into operation. With this opening, GEODIS is pursuing its strategy of expanding and strengthening its global pharmaceutical network.

With a temperature-controlled warehouse between 15 and 25 °C and the additional cooling area with a temperature range between 2 and 8 °C, the new Pharma Cross Dock offers optimal conditions for the handling and interim storage of pharmaceutical products. The new facility ensures continuous cooling along the entire transport and logistics chain. The direct connection to the A45 motorway and the proximity to Frankfurt Airport ensure good accessibility. 

Photo signature: GEODIS Pharma Cross Dock

The transportation of vaccines and pharmaceuticals requires fast handling and a continuously temperature-controlled environment. In addition to the CEIV certification1 of the Frankfurt site, Rodgau offers GDP-compliant solutions for quality assurance in pharmaceutical distribution and is therefore an integral part of the global expansion to strengthen the 27 CEIV-certified air freight locations. 

“In addition to the strategic acquisition of transport specialist trans-o-flex at the beginning of the year, Rodgau is now our first Pharma Cross Dock in Germany to go into active operation.With this investment, we are creating an important basis for our further positioning in the German market, which is considered Europe’s most important exporter of pharmaceuticals, and is thus significantly strengthening our portfolio for sensitive and fast air freight in pharmaceutical logistics,” says Antje Lochmann, Managing Director Germany.

1CEIV Pharma Certification is a globally consistent and recognized pharmaceutical product handling certification to ensure the international and national compliance to safeguard product integrity while addressing specific air cargo needs.

GEODIS –    

GEODIS is a leading global logistics provider acknowledged for its expertise across all aspects of the supply chain. As a growth partner to its clients, GEODIS specializes in four lines of business: Supply Chain Optimization, Global Freight Forwarding, Global Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and European Road Network. With a global network spanning nearly 170 countries and more than 49,400 employees, GEODIS is ranked no. 5 in its sector across the world. In 2022, GEODIS generated €13.7 billion in revenue. GEODIS is a company owned by SNCF group.

“K” Line : Approval in Principle (AiP) from Japanese Classification Society ClassNK for Advanced Maneuvering Assistant System

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) has been granted Approval in Principle (AiP) *1 from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) for joint development of Advanced Maneuvering Assistant System, which is being developed in cooperation with Japan Radio Co., Ltd., YDK Technologies Co., Ltd. and KAWASAKI KINKAI KISEN KAISHA, Ltd. (Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen).

We have been in progress in the Joint Technological Development Program for the Demonstration test of Fully Autonomous Ships under the MEGURI 2040 Fully Autonomous Ship Project*2 (MEGURI2040) administrated by the Nippon Foundation.

Advanced Maneuvering Assistant System, the core technology of the autonomous navigation system, has been granted AiP from ClassNK.

Background of approach

From 2021, we have been conducting joint research and development with Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and YDK Technologies Co., Ltd. for the Advanced Maneuvering Assistant System to assist the navigation in making accurate maneuvering decisions, and we are currently working on MEGURI 2040 using the technology developed through joint research and development.

In 2022, we have been conducting the system design targeting the existing large RORO cargo ship “HOKUREN MARU No. 2” operated by Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen. We have been collaborating with ClassNK in verification and validation for safety of the system, including the conditions of use and backup systems.

System summary

The Advanced Maneuvering Assistant System automatically generates some routes for avoiding a collision with other ships on a monitored route when a collision with another ship due to OZT  *3 is predicted and assists the operator in avoiding the collision. The system will consider COLREGs*4 and suggest up to two avoidance routes that will allow the ship to return to its original course line within 1 hour. In addition, track control is performed for the selected avoidance route by linking the system with Auto Pilot and ECDIS*5.

WPx : WayPoint

Scene of proposing avoidance routes

We will continue to work with Japan Radio Co., Ltd., YDK Technologies Co., Ltd. and Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen to develop a comprehensive system that will contribute to the improvement of fully autonomous ships technology as the core technology with the Advanced Maneuvering Assistant System in order to realize the autonomous navigation system on the existing RORO cargo ship “HOKUREN MARU No. 2”.

*1 AiP, which stands for Approval in Principle, is a scheme for the examination of plans and documents based on the rules for products in the early design stage to confirm their technical feasibility from the viewpoint of the rules.

Source : ClassNK

*2 A subsidization scheme to cultivate further momentum for technological development in the field of fully autonomous ships, promoting changes in logistics, economies, and social infrastructure in Japan, and supporting such technological development through the success of the world’s first fully autonomous operation trials by domestic coastal vessels. We are participating as a member of the Designing the Future of Fully Autonomous Ships Plus consortium (DFFAS+).

*3 OZT:Obstacle Zone by Target

*4 COLREGs:International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea

*5ECDIS :Electronic Chart Display and Information System

Related Release

November 27, 2023: The Nippon Foundation MEGURI2040 Fully Autonomous Ship Project

-Demonstration test of autonomous navigation system on large RORO cargo-

July 21, 2023: Participating in the Second Stage of the Nippon Foundation MEGURI2040 Fully Autonomous Ship Project for Social Implementation

November 2, 2021: Starts Joint R&D on Integrated Navigation Support System Using AI

and Other Cutting-edge Technologies

TT Club : Stolen goods need a market – Avoid being a receiver

Reducing the threat of theft in the supply chain can have many lines of attack, freight insurance specialist TT Club is advocating that of cutting off the market for stolen goods. Receiving stolen property is not just illegal, it provides a market for the criminals, consequently causing  lost time, revenue and reputational damage to the rightful owners as well as the transport and storage business that serve them.

Theft of cargo is an ever-present concern within the logistics industry and prevention is in the interest of businesses, law enforcement agencies and the economy as a whole.  As the industry seeks to understand the way that criminal networks operate, it is worth questioning what happens to goods after they are stolen. Organised criminal networks employ many of the same ‘business’ strategies used by legitimate supply chain operators. There are a myriad of examples of police forces uncovering large warehouses containing stolen goods, trucking operations engaged in the movement of those goods and incidents of  stolen goods entering the retail market.

As TT’s Managing Director, Loss Prevention Mike Yarwood reports, “Earlier this year two containers of BBQ equipment destined for a high street retailer were stolen from a depot in the UK. Two months later the owner of the goods, shopping in another retail store recognised the equipment and, by tracing the serial numbers, was able to identify them as those stolen earlier in the year.” A ongoing legal wrangle has ensued but as Yarwood explains, “The moral of the tale is that a relatively ready market for stolen goods is accessible to thieves if unknowing ‘receivers’ do not take sufficient care to ensure the goods they purchase are legitimate.”

TT is promoting the need for more vigilance and is offering preventative advice to procurement managers that covers such means as:

  • Forming strong, ongoing partnerships with trusted suppliers and thoroughly vetting all new suppliers
  • Implementing a code of conduct that explicitly forbids unethical and illegal procurement practices, including whistleblower protection
  • Verifying the provenance of all goods. All incoming goods should be accompanied by documentation such as bills of sale, invoices and shipping records
  • Initiating regular audits to be conducted by an external party and conducting particularly stringent due diligence when procuring high-risk goods, such as electronics or luxury goods
  • Engaging with law enforcement immediately if suspected stolen goods are identified

Yarwood emphasises the damage caused by theft, “A recent study by the University of Plymouth valued the cost of goods stolen in the UK alone during 2020 at £95.7m. However, the cost of the goods fails to take into account many other factors that impact on the businesses involved,” he highlights.  “Every theft costs the transporter wasted resource as that particular order was not delivered; survey costs to assess the value of the lost cargo are incurred and, most importantly, reputational damage occurs that may lead to the future loss of business. Moreover, insurance premiums will rise for all participants.”

The wider impact on society at large include the funding of criminal organisations, which leads to not only further freight crime but other criminal activity.  It is thought that the sale of stolen cargo has become one of the primary revenue streams for organised criminal groups around the world. Stopping, or at least reducing the market outlets for the proceeds of such thefts must become a priority of all supply chain participants.

For further information please refer to TT’s lates Supply Chain Security Bulletin HERE

About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1200 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 97% of its Members, with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.

Graeme Sassarini to take over as Regional General Manager – Americas for TT Club

Leading insurance provider to the international freight and logistics sector, TT Club has announced a significant change to its New Jersey office leadership. After 29 years at Thomas Miller, TT’s management company, Leo Kirchner will retire at the end of June 2024. A period of leadership transition will commence in January 2024, with Leo continuing to provide support to Thomas Miller Americas for a further two years.

Leo Kirchner

Succeeding Leo as TT’s Regional General Manager – Americas from 1st January 2024 will be Graeme Sassarini, who has been with the company for 20 years and based in the New Jersey office since 2003. Graeme’s close working relationship with TT Members across the region will continue as he leads the Club’s further development of its risk mitigation services to the intermodal and maritime transport, as well cargo handling, sectors.

Graeme Sassarini

Assuming Leo’s role as CEO for Thomas Miller Americas (TMA) will be Leanne O’Loughlin, effective from 1st January 2024. Leanne is currently Regional Director of UK P&I Club in New Jersey having joined TMA in 2019 from a London-based P&I Club.

Charles Fenton, TT’s Chief Executive Officer said: “Leo’s contributions to TT Club have been invaluable. His leadership has been instrumental in strengthening our position in the region’s complex and varied risk management market.  We are pleased that Graeme will be assuming this important leadership role. He brings extensive experience and knowledge to the position that will be of continued benefit our Members and stakeholders.”

Leo added: “I congratulate Graeme on his new appointment.  I have the utmost confidence in him to continue the work that has been so important to me personally throughout my career at TT and Thomas Miller. I look forward to assisting him during the ensuing transition period.

About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1200 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 97% of its Members, with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.