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Campaign for Greater Container Safety Must Focus First on Dangerous Goods

The recent reports of container ship fires has once more focussed those in the container supply chain on safety issues related to the incorrect processing of dangerous goods.  The nascent Cargo Integrity campaign initiated by the international transport and logistics insurer, TT Club has as a consequence gained renewed impetus. 

20 March, 2019

The recent fire aboard ‘Yantian Express’, details ofthe final judgment on the  ‘MSC Flaminia’ explosion in July 2012, and the ongoing investigation of the ‘Maersk Honan’ fire are currently making headline news.  Then just days ago news has come in of ‘Grande America’ sustaining a container fire in the Bay of Biscay and subsequently sinking.  These perilous incidents not only frequently cost lives, millions of dollars in cargo losses and ship damage, but also significant delays in cargo supply chains amounting to major disruption across numerous industries in these ‘just-in-time’ days.

Yet these incidents are merely the tip of a failing safety iceberg.  Taking the maritime segment of global supply chain, it is estimated that a major container ship fire at sea occurs on average every 60 days, albeit that there have already been four major cargo-related fire incidents in 2019.  Furthermore TT Club’s records indicate that across the intermodal spectrum as a whole, 66% of incidents related to cargo damage can be attributed to poor practice in the overall packing process; that is not just in securing but also in cargo identification, declaration, documentation and effective data transfer. The calculated cost of these claims in the Marine Aviation & Transport (MAT) insurance sector is in excess of USD 500 million a year.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, TT Club’s Risk Management Director, is leading the Cargo Integrity charge, “We are endeavouring to focus all direct and indirect stakeholders on recognising and doing the right thing,” he states. “One particularly critical aspect of this is the correct declaration and handling of dangerous goods (DG).”

All types of cargo can be mishandled, however wrongly classified, labelled, packed or simply inaccurately identified dangerous commodities bring the greatest potential risk of disaster.  Estimating the degree of failure to comply with best practices in this regard is not straightforward.  ICHCA International, the cargo handling operatives association has calculated that of the 60 million packed containers moved each year, 10% or six million are declared as DG.  Information from published government inspections (which are invariably biased towards declared DG loads) suggests that 20% of these are poorly packed or incorrectly identified.  This translates into 1.3 million potentially unstable DG containers traveling around the world each year.

Storrs-Fox emphasises that this scale of risk is elevated when undeclared or misdeclared DG consignments are considered.  “In these cases an estimate of volumes is more obscure. An indication has been given through the work of one container carrier, Hapag-Lloyd, developing a profiling algorithm to search its booking system for potential misdeclaration of commodities.  Results from Cargo Patrol, when extrapolated to the carryings of all the lines, concludes a reasonable estimate in excess of 150,000 volatile containers in the supply chain each year.”

Container lines in particular are making efforts to mitigate the problem.  The Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), in which many of the top lines participate, has been active for a number of years and has successfully identified a number of commodities that commonly cause problems during transport – not always limited to those formally identified as dangerous.  TT Club has additionally promoted, together with UK P&I Club and Exis Technologies, the Hazcheck Restrictions Portal, which is designed to identify and streamline the complexity of regulations and protocols imposed by carriers and ports around the world in relation to transporting declared dangerous goods.

However, as Storrs-Fox concludes, “There is very much still to be done in achieving true Cargo Integrity. Our diverse campaign is seeking significant cultural and behavioural change to say the least.  Certain elements may require legislative action, enforcement and inspection and there are great challenges in the field of technological development.  Above all there is a need for all involved in the supply chain to have a realistic perception of risk and a responsible attitude towards liability.”  


Notes to editors

TT Club is the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services. Established in 1968, the Club’s membership comprises ship operators, ports and terminals, road, rail and airfreight operators, logistics companies and container lessors. As a mutual insurer, the Club exists to provide its policyholders with benefits, which include specialist underwriting expertise, a world-wide office network providing claims management services, and first class risk management and loss prevention advice.

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GEODIS Expands Growth in E-Commerce

New logistics centre in Oberhausen under construction

Levallois-Perret, 7 March 2019 – GEODIS will open a new warehouse in Oberhausen this summer. The 40,000 square-meter building is being built by SEGRO, a UK industrial real estate group, with which GEODIS has already implemented other major projects.

GEODIS will hire up to 500 employees for the extensive warehousing and order picking operations in Oberhausen. The combination of a strong, available pool of skilled workers and an attractive logistic location with very good transportation connections make Oberhausen the ideal choice for this new location. In addition, the logistics center will be implemented with an innovative warehouse concept that combines maximum space utilization with maximum productivity. Over the years, GEODIS has developed this industry-specific and highly automated process.

With this new opening, GEODIS is continuing to expand its long-standing e-commerce strategy. In recent years, the company has significantly expanded its contract logistics business on a national and international level with well-known companies in this sector. With Oberhausen, a total of six of the 14 logistics centers operated by GEODIS in Germany alone will specialize in e-commerce.

We have been pursuing a very successful growth strategy in this market segment for years,” says Thomas Kraus, President & CEO North, East and Central Europe. German e-commerce has been growing steadily for years. Market sales have increased to 63 billion euros in 2018, an increase of around ten percent compared to 2017.[1]  “The demand for modern and innovative logistics concepts in this area is high, because the goods are to be delivered to the end customer as quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have been able to develop a high level of expertise and concrete unique selling propositions in this area. This makes e-commerce one of our core competencies, both in Germany and internationally,” adds Kraus.

Further information on GEODIS can be found at


GEODIS is a top-rated, global supply chain operator recognized for its passion and commitment to helping clients overcome their logistical constraints. GEODIS’ growth-focused offerings (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport) coupled with the company’s truly global reach thanks to a direct presence in 67 countries, and a global network spanning 120 countries, translates in top business rankings, #1 in France, #4 in Europe and #7 worldwide.

In 2017, GEODIS accounted for over 40,500 employees globally and generated €8.1 billion in sales.

[1] According to the industry report Online-Handel 2018 of the IFH Cologne.

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“K”LINE Press Release – Notice on Provision for Losses and Extraordinary Losses from Business Structural Reforms, and Revised Forecast of Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2018

Please be advised that “K” Line Tokyo Head Office published the following press release today.

Please click the following addresses to read our reports.

Notice on Provision for Losses and Extraordinary Losses from Business Structural Reforms, and Revised Forecast of Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2018.

Supplementary report

If you cannot open the URL please access via our Website.
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“K” Line announce the Launching of a 200,000-dwt Bulk Carrier “CAPE SAPPHIRE”

Today, at the Marugame business headquarters Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., the 200,000-dwt ton Cape size bulker “CAPE SAPPHIRE” has been completed.

The ship is compliant with the Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carrier (CSR-BC) for bulk cargo ships, and the main institution is equipped with an electronically controlled engine with enhanced anti-corrosion measures, in order to save energy, we have installed WAD (Weather Adapted Duct) in front of the propeller and Hybrid Fin behind the propeller.

Furthermore, for complying with the regulation of SOx Global Cap that will be enforced in all sea areas from January 2020, the vessel is equipped with a scrubber on the funnel to remove sulfur oxides from the gas discharged from the engine, it is a state-of-the-art ship that gathers world-class technology among Cape size bulkers and she will be engaged in iron ore and coal transport for Japanese steel mill.

With a large number of vessels from various types with various sizes – from very large to small -, “K” Line offers its customers a unique range of transport services. “K” Line will remain committed to flexibly and actively responding diversifying needs for shipments of ore and other iron-bearing raw materials.

Vessel Particulars

LOA                      :           299.95M

Width                  :           50.00M

Depth                  :           24.70M

Draft                    :           18.32M

Deadweight      :           208,564T

Gross Ton          :           107,454T

Main Engine     :           MES MAN-B&W 6G70ME-C9.5

Speed                   :           14.5KTS

Class                     :           NK

Flag                      :           Japan

Builder                :           Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

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American Club reports strong tonnage and premium gains over 2019 P&I Renewal Period

  • Year-on-year P&I tonnage rises by 10%, premium by 4%, FD&D tonnage and premium grow by 8% and 2% respectively.
  • Club’s retained claims exposures continue to develop favorably into 2019.
  • Investment earnings rebound substantially in January 2019 following creditable 2018 year-end performance.
  • Eagle Ocean Marine enjoys year-on-year revenue growth of 42% as fixed premium market continues to undergo realignment.

NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 25, 2019: The American Club experienced a very positive outcome to the recently-concluded 2019 P&I renewal season. The Club’s mutual P&I and FD&D business saw increases in both tonnage and revenue, while the Club’s fixed premium facility, Eagle Ocean Marine (EOM), recorded a significant rise in year-on-year income.  There was also good news on the claims and investment fronts.

The American Club’s mutual P&I business saw tonnage increase by more than 1.6 million gt as of February 20, 2019 by comparison with the previous year, and by just under 900,000 gt in regard to mutual FD&D entries. Year-on-year premium growth was more subdued – as soft market conditions continued to prevail – with increases of 4% for P&I and 2% for FD&D entries.  However, the average rate per gt on renewing P&I entries was about 1.5% higher than the expiring figure, a positive sign for risk pricing into 2019 and beyond.

The Club’s retained claims development for the most recent policy year remained favorable, emergence for 2018 at the twelve-month point being some 26% better than 2017. While the figures are immature, they augur well for the future, although the incidence of larger claims within the International Group Pool over recent months will counterbalance to some extent the very favorable results of the Club’s own Members.

The Club’s fixed premium brand, Eagle Ocean Marine (EOM), also saw substantial growth.  It acquired nearly 450,000 gt of new business over the renewal season, reflecting additional revenue of about $2.75 million.  Year-on-year premium for EOM increased by 42% as of February 20, 2019, while its claims performance continued to develop favorably.  EOM complements the Club’s mutuality as it grows its footprint throughout the world.  In a period of some uncertainty for the fixed premium P&I market, EOM remains committed to providing the gold standard of service in its field.

Having successfully weathered financial market turmoil toward the end of 2018, the American Club’s investment portfolio has performed well into the current year.  While the Club’s investment return was flat at year-end 2018 (though substantially better than benchmark), its portfolio generated a return of 2.7% for January 2019 alone, with a positive 1% in the fixed income space being further buoyed by an equities’ performance in excess of 7% for the period.

Speaking in New York today, Joe Hughes, Chairman and CEO of SCB, Inc., Managers of the American Club, said: “The 2019 renewal was thoroughly positive for the American Club and Eagle Ocean Marine. Both performed exceptionally well in a challenging environment.  Their success in attracting new business speaks to the confidence of the global maritime community in the Club’s and EOM’s ability to deliver insurance services of the highest quality and relevance to their customers.

Our outstanding people are at the core of our continuing success, and I am certain that the American Club and EOM will continue to be the leading choice for those we are proud to serve over the years ahead.”

Notes to Editors

The American Club

American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc. (the American Club) was established in New York in 1917. It is the only mutual Protection and Indemnity Club domiciled in the entire Americas and its headquarters are in New York, USA.

The American Club has been successful in recent years in building on its US heritage to create a truly international insurer with a global reach second-to-none in the industry. Day to day management of the American Club is provided by Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc. also headquartered in New York.

The Club is able to provide local service for its members across all time zones, communicating in eleven languages, and has subsidiary offices located in London, Piraeus, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Houston, plus a worldwide network of correspondents.

The Club is a member of the International Group of P&I Clubs, a collective of thirteen mutuals which together provide Protection and Indemnity insurance for some 90% of all world shipping.

For more information, please visit the Club’s website

P&I Insurance

Protection and Indemnity insurance (commonly referred to as “P&I”) provides cover to shipowners and charterers against third-party liabilities encountered in their commercial operations; typical exposures include damage to cargo, pollution, death/injury or illness of passengers or crew or damage to docks and other installations.

Running in parallel with a ship’s hull and machinery cover, traditional P&I cover distinguishes itself from usual forms of marine insurance by being based on the not-for-profit principle of mutuality where Members of the Club are both the insurers and the assureds.

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Joint Development of an Innovative Method for Ship Hull Inspection and Maintenance Using Drone and Image Analysis System

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “K” LINE) is pleased to announce the launching of a development project using an innovative method for ship hull inspection and maintenance by a drone and image analysis system jointly with TECHNOS MIHARA CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as TECHNOS MIHARA), a professional company of “non-destructive testing” in Hiroshima, Japan.

“K” LINE has been maintaining the finest quality of our fleet under unique ship management policy named “KL-QUALITY,” designed as a high-level and systematic ship inspection program by a dedicated team consisting of professional Superintendents. However, we have continued having difficulty for a long time in inspection of ship parts that are hard to access, such as the top side of cargo hold, ship hull under water, etc. As a result of multiple on-site trials with aerial and underwater drones with TECHNOS MIHARA, which has sophisticated technology for drone operation and image analyzation, we’ve found notable improvement in the accuracy of such inspections. In addition, we have also enjoyed an improvement in efficiency and safety of the inspections by automation using these drones.

“K” LINE and TECHNOS MIHARA are now proceeding to the next step and have reached a mutual agreement to develop a new system for ship hull inspection and maintenance through integration between drone and digital image analysis technology of TECHNOS MIHARA together with the long-time accumulated and cultivated expertise and know-how of “K” LINE’s ship management.

Our new department known as “AI/Digitalization Promotion Division” was set up in January 2019 and is aiming to introduce new technology, improve our high-value-added transportation services and obtain the best possible satisfaction and reliability from our esteemed customers. “K” LINE is dedicated to continue seeking the best and safest services through strong cooperation and alliances with various businesses partners across different fields.

Please refer to the link below for a close up video captured by aerial drone.


The development history of drone of TECHNOS MIHARA:

2014                TECHNOS MIHARA started to develop a drone for marine transportation business.

Apr 2018        Started practical tests on board supported by “K” LINE.

Jul 2018          Started a service of aerial crop spraying by drone.

Jan 2019         Obtained world’s first approval from Class NK as an official drone service provider for an alternative vessel inspection system.

Jan 2019         Obtained world’s fourth (Japan’s first) approval from Bureau Veritas as an official drone service provider.

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Maiden Call from Ichthys LNG Project to Naoetsu LNG Terminal in Japan for “K” Line’s LNGC “Oceanic Breeze”

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., Tokyo, (hereinafter referred to as “K” LINE) is proud to announce that “K” LINE’s LNGC “OCEANIC BREEZE” which carries LNG from Ichthys LNG Project in Australia made maiden call to Naoetsu LNG Terminal operated by INPEX CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as INPEX) in Japan.

“OCEANIC BREEZE” is owned by “K” Line and INPEX Shipping Co., Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary of INPEX, and is a dedicated LNGC for carrying 0.9 million tons of LNG per year from the Ichthys LNG Project in Darwin, Australia to Naoetsu, Niigata, Japan.

Ichthys LNG Project is the first large-scale LNG project by global standards operated by INPEX. The Project is characterized as “All Japan” for its features such as 70% of approx. 8.9 million tons per year of LNG produced by the Project will be supplied to Japanese customers, along with the fact that Japanese companies are major participants in crucial parts of the Project’s value chain, including exploration and production, building of liquefaction plants and receiving terminals, laying pipelines, and maritime transportation.

In addition to LNG, the Project will produce LPG (approx. 1.65 million tons per year) as well as approx. 100,000 barrels of condensate per day at peak.

We are proud to further mention that “K” LINE Group will be more involved in the shipment of LNG, LPG and condensate exported by the Project. The Project’s first LNG cargo was carried by our LNG carrier “PACIFIC BREEZE” in October 2018 and first LPG was also carried by our VLGC “GRACE RIVER.” It is further planned that Aframax tankers operated by our subsidiary in Singapore will carry condensate products. Recalling the importance of our crucial role in the energy value chain, “K” LINE Group is committed to continue providing the most reliable and stable service possible to our valued customers with assurance of the highest standard of safety.

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TT Club appoints new Senior Underwriter

TT Club, the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services, has appointed Andrew Peers as the Senior Underwriter for its UK, Benelux and Nordic underwriting team.

Andrew joins the Club from RSA, where he spent 17 years and led a team of 12 marine liability and marine property insurance underwriters, delivering value to his clients and London market brokers. Andrew has also held senior positions at GE Frankona and Willis.

Reporting to the Club’s EMEA Regional Director Mark Argentieri, Andrew will head up an underwriting team focused on driving forward and providing continued support to TT Club’s core transport, logistics and ports business in the North European market. He will be working closely with the Club’s regional broker partners and industry contacts, whilst bringing key London market brokers to the Club.

Mark Argentieri says: “Andrew is a highly respected, well experienced marine insurance professional and his appointment further reinforces TT Club as the centre of expertise for the global container transport insurance industry.  His skills and contacts will undoubtedly be a great asset to the EMEA region and the Club as a whole in delivering real value to our membership.”

TT Club

TT Club is the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services. Established in 1968, the Club’s membership comprises ship operators, ports and terminals, road, rail and airfreight operators, logistics companies and container lessors. As a mutual insurer, the Club exists to provide its policyholders with benefits, which include specialist underwriting expertise, a world-wide office network providing claims management services, and first class risk management and loss prevention advice.


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Growth in business sees DACHSER plan New Facility in the North of England

Northampton, 7 February 2019

Rochdale Logistics Centre, Kingsway Business Park - Feb19

Dachser Ltd in the UK is to build a new 5,175 square metre logistics centre in Rochdale to replace its existing distribution facility. The development of the 3.7 hectare (9.2 acre) site represents EUR 16 million (GBP 14.4 million) investment by the company.

Since the acquisition of J. A. Leach Transport Limited in 2010, including the current site of Dachser operations in the North of England, business has grown fivefold, necessitating the warehouse expansion.

“Our significant investment is evidence of Dachser’s commitment to the UK market and our optimistic view on the future of both import and export trade with the rest of Europe,” commented Mark Rollinson, Managing Director Dachser UK.

According to Rollinson the new logistics centre is evidence of how Dachser has grown in the UK in tandem with its customers. “With the extended resource provided by this new facility we will satisfy the demands of our customers’ global integrated supply chains as well as a sustained increase in UK exports delivered through Dachser’s extensive European distribution network,” stated Rollinson,

Located on the Kingsway Business Park adjacent to the Trans-Pennine motorway, the M62 at junction 21, the new facility will have 49 dock loading doors and an additional four level access doors. There will be an internal area of nearly 7,000 square metres, including office space.

“The Rochdale Logistics Centre is connected to the global Dachser network with daily direct freight services,” explains Gary Atkinson, Branch Manager Dachser Rochdale. “With this new construction, our location in the North of England is evolving into an important hub within Dachser’s European network.  Ensuring that the new facility remained within Rochdale was an important consideration in the interests of the company’s workforce; the location is also optimally situated from a logistics viewpoint on an important artery of the UK’s ‘Northern Powerhouse.”  he continued.

Dachser UK currently employs a total of 448 people, 106 of whom are based in Rochdale where the company expects to create many jobs over the next five years.  



Dachser UK is part of the Dachser group, a major international logistics provider which on 31 December 2017 generated total sales worth EUR 6.12 billion. 29,100 staff working in 369 locations worldwide handled 81.7 million consignments comprising 39.8 million metric tonnes. Dachser has been established in the UK since 1975, and now has four locations which include a new logistics centre in Northampton as well as branch offices in Rochdale, Dartford and Bristol.

Dachser aims to be the supplier of choice for European logistics and value-added services. A fully-integrated European distribution network provides a comprehensive, high quality service of total freight solutions supported by the latest technology. Core services in the United Kingdom comprise European export, import and UK pallet distribution, as well as contract logistics, value added services and international sea and air freight forwarding. 

For more information, please visit


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“K” LINE Deploys Binary Cycle Power Generation System on Coal carrier “CORONA YOUTHFUL” and Starts Onboard Trial

“K” LINE is pleased to advise that one of our new 91,000-DWT-type coal carriers, “CORONA YOUTHFUL,” was delivered with a binary cycle power generation system developed by KOBE STEEL, LTD. at OSHIMA SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD. on 1 February 2019 with operational trial having commenced in order to confirm performance and durability at sea as joint research between KOBE STEEL and “K” LINE.

Binary cycle power generation system is a waste heat recovery electric power generation system utilizing compression heat by scavenging air from the main engine, which, in turn, contributes to reduction in fuel oil consumption of diesel generator engine.

“K” LINE is continuously attempting to obtain greater efficiency in its operations as well as further reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental pollutants in accordance with “K” LINE ENVIROMENTAL VISION 2050, our long-term environmental management vision.  This innovative binary cycle power generation system is considered as one of the  efficient systems to help us achieve our goals by 2050.

Environmental concern with the greenhouse gas emission effect is growing and “K” LINE will, based on “K” LINE ENVIROMENTAL VISION 2050, encourage less environmental load from marine transport by operating ships that are highly energy efficient and which contribute to conservation of the global environment

(※)“K” LINE ENVIROMENTAL VISION 2050 can be seen in below link:


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