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Evergreen Line launches GreenX – An integrated container logistics solution platform

February 26, 2020 – In fulfilling its mission to provide the most optimized service to its customers, Evergreen Line has launched ‘GreenX’ platform. Responding to the need for greater efficiencies through digitalization, GreenX allows customers to enjoy seamless booking capabilities in addition to direct access to integrated trade services.

GreenX provides a digital portal for Evergreen customers to get instant quotes and book secured space with prioritized equipment supplied by the carrier. From the time of its soft launch last month, GreenX has received nearly two thousands of sign-ups via this one-stop digital platform, demonstrating customers’ interest in executing their bookings and trade services digitally.

The digital platform is powered by BlueX Trade, a neutral freightech supplier that has been involved in building leading ocean cargo networks, now linking the shipper community with Evergreen Line services.

GreenX benefits customers such as enterprise shippers (BCOs), NVOCCs and freight forwarders, giving them the ability to book within minutes directly with Evergreen Line; breaking the traditional rules of contract negotiation which needs to be carried out in advance with volume commitment. GreenX offers spot rates with secured space, giving customers the flexibility to make booking at the most convenient of right times.

The GreenX platform is designed to create a frictionless customer experience with greater shipping effectiveness and efficiency. With free registration, all customers are now able to utilize this one-stop digital platform anytime, anywhere. Essential information such as route searches, instant freight quotes and bookings are just a few clicks away. The limitations of standard working hours, location or traditional communication channels no longer apply. GreenX also empowers customers to make payments, submit VGM (Verified Gross Mass) and Bill of Lading instruction online, accelerating customers’ ability to manage all shipping procedures on one single digital platform.

Evergreen strives to deliver an integrated container logistics solution and bring enterprise shippers a seamless experience throughout their supply chain. In addition to a digital booking platform, GreenX customers will be able to access trade services such as freight financing, insurance, customs brokerage, trucking and warehousing in the near future. Everything they need to move a shipment will be integrated into this logistics ecosystem.

At this initial stage, Evergreen Line will be offering GreenX facilities on routes from Asia to North America, Europe, Mediterranean, Latin America, Middle East, Australia, South Africa and Intra Asia trade lanes. The digital future will bring a whole new world of service levels, and it is just around the corner!

Learn more about GreenX, visit the website and contact your local sales representatives for further information (





  • Year-on-year premium revenue across Club’s mutual business remains flat at February 20.
  • Average rate per gross ton for Club’s mutual P&I business increases by 10% for 2020.
  • Year-on-year tonnage across Club’s mutual business declines by about 9% overall.
  • Loss ratio on continuing business improves yet again, implying favorable claims outlook.
  • Funds under investment generate a 10.6% return for 2019, best in a decade.
  • 2019 financial year surplus forecast to grow by over 20% over previous year-end.
  • Free reserves per ton expected to show considerable increase into first quarter of 2020.
  • Retained claims for 2019 track higher than 2018, while Pool exposures remain above trend.
  • Eagle Ocean Marine continues to make excellent progress in fixed premium sector.
  • American Hellenic Hull’s impressive 2019 results gain further momentum as 2020 begins.
  • Club sees bright future of expanding opportunities across all lines of business over the years ahead.

NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 24, 2020:  Despite challenging conditions in both the shipping and insurance sectors, the American Club enjoyed a solid performance over the 2020 P&I renewal season.  Both its mutual and fixed premium P&I portfolios acquitted themselves well, while American Hellenic Hull has continued to grow its premium and profitability, gaining yet further momentum since the beginning of the year.

Year-on-year premium for the Club’s mutual P&I class remained flat, while a small decline in revenue for its Freight, Demurrage and Defense (FD&D) business was matched by a commensurate increase in premium for charterers’ entries, so that total income on renewal will be virtually identical for 2020 to that of the previous year.

Premium attributable to renewing P&I entries for 2020 saw an increase, in cash terms, of approximately 1.5%.  However, taking into account increases in deductibles, in some cases significant, the modification of terms applying to the application of deductibles generally, and changes to other insurance conditions, the overall premium increase, as if expiring terms had prevailed, was closer to 5%.

Tonnage in the Club’s mutual P&I class declined by about 9% to approximately 17 million gt overall.  Its Freight, Demurrage and Defense (FD&D) entries also moved lower somewhat in tonnage terms, again by about 9%, to 10.7 million gt but, as mentioned above, almost all of this was offset by an increase in daily tonnage on risk in regard to the Club’s charterers business.

However, in consequence of the countervailing trends described above, and notwithstanding the Club’s decision not to apply a standardized, or general, increase for 2020, average P&I rates per ton on mutual business increased by about 10% year-on-year, an encouraging sign for the future.

The Club’s P&I business renewing into the 2020 policy year enjoys a trailing five-year loss ratio of only 41% compared with 48% twelve months earlier.  This suggests a positive trend for future losses, as an improving profile for continuing Members can be expected to moderate prospective exposures over the years ahead.

As to the performance of its funds under investment, the Club enjoyed a 10.6% return over the year to December 31, 2019, the best result in a decade.

Retained claims for 2019 are not emerging as favorably as they did in 2018, although they remain largely within the original budget set for the year.  Pool claims for 2019 are developing in an above-trend direction, similar to that for 2018, notwithstanding that the American Club, once again, had no claim on the Pool for its own account during the year.

Although the American Club’s year-end 2019 financials remain to be formally concluded, preliminary indications point to the positive development of certain important metrics.  Surplus is expected to grow by more than 20% by comparison with the previous year.  Free reserves per ton for 2020 are also forecast to rise, being likely to settle in the area of $4.15 on a statutory basis within the first quarter of 2020.

The American Club’s fixed premium brand, Eagle Ocean Marine (EOM), has continued to make progress into the beginning of 2020.  Premium for the 2019/20 policy period to date has grown by 23% over the figure for the previous year at the same point and is forecast to exceed $14.5 million in total for the current facility year, a record.

Aimed at the operators of smaller vessels in local and regional trades, with a substantial footprint in Asia, EOM continues to be a steady contributor to the American Club’s mutual membership, enjoying a cumulative combined ratio of about 77% since inception.  As the fixed premium P&I space continues to undergo transition and realignment, the attraction of EOM as a haven of stability, and the gold standard for service provision, will continue to energize its development.

American Hellenic Hull, the Club’s hull and war risks underwriting subsidiary, has performed conspicuously well over the past twelve months.  Preliminary results for the financial year to December 31, 2019 disclose sharp increases in both revenue and profitability, buoyed by higher levels of market pricing.

Earned premium grew by about 90% over the previous year to approximately $16.7 million in 2019, while pure underwriting profit rose by about 400% to $3.6 million.  The bottom-line result for 2019 was marginally below break-even, a notable improvement on the comparatively small, but inevitable, losses sustained during the company’s start-up period.

Indeed, the strong earnings generated by American Hellenic Hull in the second half of 2019 have gained yet further momentum into the early part of the current year, with tonnage insured, underwriting income, operating profitability and balance sheet strength all maintaining an impressive upward trajectory.

Commenting upon the confluence of these positive trends across the American Club’s diversified portfolio of interests, Joe Hughes, Chairman and CEO of SCB, Inc., the Club’s managers, said:  “Although difficult business conditions prevail in both the shipping and insurance sectors, the American Club’s recent experience has been highly encouraging.  The 2020 renewal of the Club’s mutual P&I and FD&D entries proceeded in a very respectable direction, while both EOM and American Hellenic Hull have performed with real distinction over recent months.

“My colleagues and I see exciting prospects ahead of us.  We live in challenging times, but we are certain that the difficulties of the present will generate opportunities for the future.  These opportunities will be found across the increasingly broad marine insurance landscape which the American Club, by virtue of its diversified capabilities, is now richly equipped to develop over the years to come.”

Notes to Editors

The American Club

American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc. (the American Club) was established in New York in 1917. It is the only mutual Protection and Indemnity Club domiciled in the entire Americas and its headquarters are in New York, USA.

The American Club has been successful in recent years in building on its US heritage to create a truly international insurer with a global reach second-to-none in the industry. Day to day management of the American Club is provided by Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc. also headquartered in New York.

The Club is able to provide local service for its members across all time zones, communicating in eleven languages, and has subsidiary offices located in London, Piraeus, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Houston, plus a worldwide network of correspondents.

The Club is a member of the International Group of P&I Clubs, a collective of thirteen mutuals which together provide Protection and Indemnity insurance for some 90% of all world shipping.

The American Club also operates a fixed premium facility, Eagle Ocean Marine (EOM), aimed at the operators of smaller vessels in local and regional trades.  Since it commenced underwriting in 2011 with its coventurers at Lloyd’s, EOM has enjoyed considerable success in building a growing footprint in this specialist market and generating strong profitability for both the Club and its co-insuring partners.

American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company, Ltd. (AHHIC) is a wholly-owned, Solvency-II accredited hull and war risk subsidiary of the Club, based in Cyprus.  Since it began operating in mid-2016, AHHIC has enjoyed an increasing market presence coupled with growing premium volume and rising profitability.

For more information, please visit the Club’s website

P&I Insurance

Protection and Indemnity insurance (commonly referred to as “P&I”) provides cover to shipowners and charterers against third-party liabilities encountered in their commercial operations; typical exposures include damage to cargo, pollution, death/injury or illness of passengers or crew or damage to docks and other installations.

Running in parallel with a ship’s hull and machinery cover, traditional P&I cover distinguishes itself from usual forms of marine insurance by being based on the not-for-profit principle of mutuality where Members of the Club are both the insurers and the assureds.

Dachser delivers new glass for Big Ben

From the Upper Palatinate to London: DACHSER delivers plate glass hand blown by glassworks Glashütte Lamberts to the UK. The destination of the safely packaged glass panes is none other than the world-famous Elizabeth Tower in London.

Glashütte Lamberts reproduced the glass plates for the newly renovated Big Ben dial.

The Elizabeth Tower, or Big Ben as it is more commonly known, is one of London’s most famous landmarks. Its four striking clock faces, each seven metres in diameter, also gave it its name “the Clock Tower.” The iconic symbol is currently undergoing renovation work; it is set to chime again in all its glory by 2021. Renovation work is also being carried out on the glass dials using glass plates from Waldsassen in Germany’s Upper Palatinate region, where Glashütte Lamberts faithfully reproduced Big Ben’s dial and produced 1,300 glass plates for the famous tower by hand. “It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. And it’s especially moving to think that we’re the ones making the glass for it. It’s something we are proud of,” says Robert Christ, Head of Marketing at Glashütte Lamberts.

Also already in use for Buckingham Palace

The company’s logistics partner DACHSER handles transportation from the Upper Palatinate to Dartford near London. Transporting this fragile glass freight requires no small amount of precision and expertise. But the experts at DACHSER make sure everything goes to plan and arrives at its destination undamaged.

“It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. And it’s especially moving to think that we’re the ones making the glass for it. It’s something we are proud of.” Robert Christ, Head of Marketing at Glashütte Lamberts.

After all, they already have the necessary experience: DACHSER Logistics Center Hof delivered glass made by the long-established company to the UK for Buckingham Palace. “We’ve been working with Glashütte Lamberts since 2009 and serve them in other European countries,” says Angela Puchtler, Sales Executive at DACHSER Logistikzentrum Hof.

DACHSER supplies mouth-blown flat glass to England for the glassmaker Glashütte Lamberts.

342 glass plates become a dial

Safely packed into wooden crates and palleted for transportation, the glass plates make their way via direct transport to their famous installation site in London, where a British company cuts them to the exact size to fit the tower’s clock face. As of next year, about 1.300 glass plates from Bavaria will adorn what is probably the most famous tower in England. “We work together with our customers to develop transport solutions for very specific requirements such as these,” Puchtler says. “And it goes without saying that we’re rather proud that we, as logistics specialists, have played a part in restoring the Elizabeth Tower to splendor.”


About Dachser:

A family-owned company headquartered in Kempten, Germany, Dachser offers transport logistics, warehousing, and customer-specific services in two business fields: Dachser Air & Sea Logistics and Dachser Road Logistics. The latter consists of two business lines: Dachser European Logistics and Dachser Food Logistics. Comprehensive contract logistics services and industry-specific solutions round out the company’s range. A seamless shipping network—both in Europe and overseas—and fully integrated IT systems ensure intelligent logistics solutions worldwide.

Thanks to some 30,600 employees at 399 locations all over the globe, Dachser generated consolidated net revenue of approximately EUR 5.6 billion in 2018. That same year, the logistics provider handled a total of 83.7 million shipments weighing 41.3 million metric tons. Country organizations represent Dachser in 44 countries.

For more information about Dachser, please visit

Cargo Theft Report Confirms Upward Trends in 2019

  • Cargo in transit by road remains the dominant risk
  • Food & beverage cargo increases share of commodity profile
  • Thefts confirmed from unsecure truck parking average 8 per day globally
  • South America ranks highest in median value of cargo per incident in unsecured locations

19th February, 2020

The second annual report on cargo theft worldwide, issued today by leading international transport and logistics insurer, TT Club and global provider of supply chain intelligence, BSI confirms the overwhelming targeting of cargo trucks compared to all other modalities. The consistency of this trend year-on-year is also reflected in the 2019 data analysis of top commodities stolen; food and beverages representing 28% of all reported thefts in comparison with 19% in 2018. Other 2018 to 2019 results comparisons are presented in infographic #1 below.

The BSI and TT Club Cargo Theft Report 2020, available here  is unique in that it analyses data from BSI’s supply chain security country risk intelligence tool, SCREEN and TT Club’s insurance risk management and loss prevention insights. The authors believe the report can play a significant role in educating supply chain professionals in the detailed risk of cargo theft across the globe. Both parties are committed to a proactive approach to minimising human, material and financial losses resulting from cargo crime.

TT Club’s Mike Yarwood urges all those concerned about cargo security to read the report but emphasises one identified trend in particular, “Thefts either of, or from road vehicles most frequently occurred while in transit, in rest areas or an unsecured parking location. These accounted for 60% of those thefts reported. Interestingly, our infographic (#2 below) gives more detail from the regions with confirmed thefts from unsecured parking areas. The median value of losses from these incidents ranges from $100,000 in South America to just over $11,000 in parts of Asia. We are particularly keen to draw attention to the dangers of such informal parking and encourage the provision of more secured truck stop facilities.”

The report includes further advice on how theft risks can be reduced. This section is once more co-authored by BSI’s Advisory Supply Chain Security team and the TT Club’s claims and loss prevention team.


About TT Club

TT Club is the established market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry. TT Club’s primary objective is to help make the industry safer and more secure. Founded in 1968, the Club has more than 1100 Members, spanning container owners and operators, ports and terminals, and logistics companies, working across maritime, road, rail, and air. TT Club is renowned for its high-quality service, in-depth industry knowledge and enduring Member loyalty. It retains more than 93% of its Members with a third of its entire membership having chosen to insure with the Club for 20 years or more.  

About BSI

BSI is the business improvement company that enables organizations to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence. For over a century BSI has championed what good looks like and driven best practice in organizations around the world. Working with over 84,000 clients across 193 countries, it is a truly international business with skills and experience across a number of sectors including automotive, aerospace, built environment, food, and healthcare. Through its expertise in Standards Development and Knowledge Solutions, Assurance and Professional Services, BSI improves business performance to help clients grow sustainably, manage risk and ultimately be more resilient.

To learn more, please visit:

About BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions
BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions is the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, global supply chain verification auditing services, audit compliance and risk management software solutions, and advisory services. BSI’s supply chain services and solutions and services can work independently to address specific needs or combined together to gain unparalleled visibility into your global operations. Implementing BSI’s holistic supply chain risk management suite provides organizations with a complete solution for a more sustainable and secure supply chain.

To learn more, please visit

Dachser expands its contract logistics capacities for Maas-Rhein logistics center

Dachser wins contract to provide contract logistics for Emerson’s Climate Technologies division in Europe and invests in Alsdorf

Alsdorf/Kempten, February 11, 2020. The US conglomerate Emerson is expanding its collaboration with Dachser. In view of the new European contract logistics mandate for Emerson’s Climate Technologies division, Dachser expanded its capacities in Alsdorf by adding a 7,000-square-meter warehouse.

Over the past 30 years, Emerson’s Climate Technologies division has steadily grown its European business, which includes products from the heating, climate control, ventilation, and refrigeration technology sector. Dachser has been providing transport services since 2003, but in the past Emerson relied on an in-house logistics solution for warehousing and packaging. What ultimately tipped the scales in favor of outsourcing the entire logistics process to Dachser was the many years of successful collaboration between the companies. 

New warehouse in Alsdorf

As part of the contract logistics agreement, Dachser will handle not only storage and picking, but also the end-customer-specific packaging of the products as a value-added service. Until now, Emerson has supplied its customers directly from the factory—from Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Ireland. The new warehouse in Alsdorf is now to be established as a central warehouse and distribution center for Europe with a view to bundling shipments more effectively.

The warehouse in Alsdorf offers space for up to 10,000 pallets and around 5,500 shelf spaces over an area of around 7,000 square meters. It also features the necessary office space and social areas. Located only three kilometers from Dachser’s Maas-Rhein logistics center, the distribution center for Emerson’s Climate Technologies division is also ideally connected to the Dachser transport network. Alsdorf is an important regional hub in the German-Dutch-Belgian border region. From here, Dachser operates direct routes to some 50 destinations in eleven countries. With its current workforce of more than 300, the location handles almost 85,000 shipments per month. European shipments dovetail with the services of Dachser Air & Sea Logistics, which also maintains a presence at the Alsdorf branch.

Dachser invests in expanding contract logistics

“Having a comprehensive logistics process chain from a single source has long since become a factor in the success of manufacturing companies like Emerson. This is why Dachser has been expanding its contract logistics services for some years now,” says Alexander Tonn, Managing Director European Logistics Germany, who is responsible for Dachser’s transport and storage business for industrial goods in Germany. “Dachser’s European network offers a combination of warehousing expertise and short transportation times that is convincing more and more companies to enter into tailored contract logistics partnerships covering functions such as transportation, terminal handling, storage, and additional services. Our contract logistics concepts aim to increase the responsiveness and flexibility of our customers in terms of warehousing and transport. We’re sure that we will succeed in doing the same for Emerson,” Tonn says.

About Emerson:

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global technology and engineering company that provides innovative solutions for customers in the industrial, commercial, and residential markets.  Emerson is divided into two core business platforms, Automation Solutions and Commercial & Residential Solutions. 

About Dachser:

A family-owned company headquartered in Kempten, Germany, Dachser offers transport logistics, warehousing, and customer-specific services in two business fields: Dachser Air & Sea Logistics and Dachser Road Logistics. The latter consists of two business lines: Dachser European Logistics and Dachser Food Logistics. Comprehensive contract logistics services and industry-specific solutions round out the company’s range. A seamless shipping network—both in Europe and overseas—and fully integrated IT systems ensure intelligent logistics solutions worldwide.

Thanks to some 30,600 employees at 399 locations all over the globe, Dachser generated consolidated net revenue of approximately EUR 5.6 billion in 2018. That same year, the logistics provider handled a total of 83.7 million shipments weighing 41.3 million metric tons. Country organizations represent Dachser in 44 countries.

For more information about Dachser, please visit

TT Club Advises Transport Operators on their Liabilities as a Consequence of the Coronavirus

The ongoing disruption to freight transport services and global supply chains resulting from the coronavirus are significant and will continue to evolve on a daily basis.  In addition to the heightening challenges transport operators are facing in moving their customers goods to and from China, insurance provider, TT Club is advising on the potential unforeseen exposures that may also accrue.

In a briefing compiled with the assistance of specialist international lawyers, HFW, the Club outlines how freight forwarders, logistics service providers and other intermediaries can protect themselves legally and minimise their liabilities, while still giving a quality service to their customers.

Restrictions due to labour shortages at ports and cancellations of inland transport links within China, constraints in the supply of goods due to factory closures and reduced schedules of air, ocean and rail carriers may expose forwarders to claims arising from delivery delays and cargo deterioration.

The TT Club briefing details these pitfalls and provides guidance on correct and comprehensive documentation handling. However, its underlying direction is to counsel transport operators to be proactive in their communication.  In such disruptive situations, as the one the coronavirus has precipitated, both the value of the operator’s service to his customer and his protection against future liability claims lies in good, accurate communication.

“Up-to-date status reports on their cargo’s progress, or lack of it, are vital to shippers,” emphasises TT Club’s Risk Management Director, Peregrine Storrs-Fox.  “Forwarders and logistics operators will certainly prove their mettle if they can consistently make customers aware of the ongoing attempts to problem-solve.  Careful recording of communication trails detailing such actions will also help in any disputes in the future.”

In attempting to deliver such solutions, however, a forwarder may need to use routes, carriers or modes that are less familiar, or to partner with other actors, of whom he has no experience.  Such ‘workarounds’ are common at times of crisis when pressure from customers to deliver freight by whatever means can be intense.  Additional care and due diligence must be taken when working in unfamiliar environments.  It might be necessary to take extra precautions in employing bills of lading, standard trading conditions (STC), letters of indemnity (LOIs) and other means in order to protect the stakeholders from unforeseen costs and liabilities.

The briefing, that can be accessed here, goes far in explaining these risks and the steps that can be taken to keep them to a minimum.  Underlying most of these steps however is good communication.  For example if force majeure notices are required to be sent, it must be ensured that these are fully understood by the recipient. In other cases, when delays or deviations are caused by matters genuinely outside the operator’s control, then these circumstances must be well documented.

Common sense, proactive communication with counterparties as required and the adherence to good working practices will set operators in a better position to be protected in these abnormal circumstances.  However, when stress can be heightened by unexpected pressures, it is useful to have guidelines that focus on the possibility of unusual risks, TT Club’s briefing seeks to provide such guidance.


About TT Club

TT Club is the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services. Established in 1968, the Club’s membership comprises vessel operators, ports and terminals, road, rail and airfreight operators, logistics companies and container lessors.

As a mutual insurer, the Club exists to provide its policyholders with benefits, which include specialist underwriting expertise, a worldwide office network providing claims management services, and first class risk management and loss prevention advice.

“K” Line enters into Long-Term Time Charter with Petronas LNG Ltd. for Two Newbuilding LNG vessels

Signing Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” Line) is pleased to announce the signing of a long-term Time Charter contract of 12 years plus 12 years(Extension Option) from 2022, which have been concluded with PETRONAS LNG Ltd., a subsidiary of Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS). “K” Line has also executed Shipbuilding contracts for 79,960m3 LNG carriers with Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. (Hudong).

These are the first long-term Time Charter contracts between PETRONAS and “K” Line with new-building vessels. These two vessels will be equipped with X-DF() engine.

PETRONAS, a fully integrated oil and gas company and also a global LNG producer with over 35 years of experience, provides an uninterrupted supply of LNG to more than 25 countries around the world. PETRONAS is also the first global energy player to introduce the floating LNG concept in 2016. These two newbuilding vessels will engage in transportation of LNG from Malaysia (Bintulu) to Shenergy (Group) Co., Ltd., China, from 2022.

Since the delivery of S.S. “Bishu Maru” in 1983, the first LNG carrier owned by any Japanese shipping company, “K” Line has been establishing safety/expertise on LNG transportation and developing its worldwide network over the past 37 years.

“K” Line will further expand stable earning structure from long-term contract and contribute to stable supply of energy. 

()X-DF engine is dual-fuel engine which uses gas admitted at low pressure.

〔Main Particulars of the Vessel〕

Shipyard Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.
Delivery The second quarter of 2022
LOA About 239m
Beam 36.6m
Tank Type Membrane
Tank Capacity 79,960m3
Propulsion System X-DF (dual fuel engine which uses gas admitted at low pressure)
Speed 17.5knt

“K” Line : Delivery of Coal Carrier “TOHOKU MARU” for Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., Tokyo, (hereafter called “K” Line) is proud to announce the delivery of “TOHOKU MARU,” an 91,000 DWT-type special coal carrier at Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. on 6 February 2020.

TOHOKU MARU is same type as “K” Line’s specialized fleet for transport of thermal coal known as the “Corona-series”. The “Corona-series” consists of epoch-making coal carriers equipped with wide beam and shallow draft, which are the most suitable type to enter ports of Japanese Thermal Power Stations to discharge cargo.

TOHOKU MARU is equipped with latest energy-saving and ecological technology such as Advanced Flipper Fins and Rudder Fin which promote her propeller efficiency. She also has the latest ecological technology such as ballast water management system which protects marine ecosystems, and SOx Scrubber which eliminates sulfur oxides from exhaust gas of engine and enables her to comply with the Global regulation of SOx which started in January, 2020.

TOHOKU MARU will be principally involved in carrying thermal coal to Thermal Power Plants for Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc..

Vessels’s Specifications:

LOA 234.99 M Deadweight Tons 91,818 MT
Beam 43.00 M Gross Tons 52,458 T
Depth 18.40 M Net Tons 28,945 T
Full Draft 12.885 M Hold/Hatch 5/5

“K” Line Press Release : Announcement of Financial Highlights for 3rd Quarter FY2019

January 31, 2020

Please click the following addresses to read our reports.

・Financial Highlights for 3rd Quarter FY2019

This is also available on “K” Line’s website:

“K” Line to Provide Support for Those affected by the Australian Bushfires

January 30, 2020

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. announced that it will provide a monetary donation in the amount of 10 thousand Australian dollars through the Australian Red Cross toward relief efforts in the areas damaged by the Australian Bushfires.

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to those in the disaster areas and sincerely wish for the earliest recovery from this most unfortunate event.