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Poor Container Packing Costing Industry Millions

CTUpack e-learningTM course launched to combat bad practice in warehouses and other packing facilities

31 January 2014

Analysis by specialist transport and logistics insurer TT Club has revealed that as many as two thirds of accidents that involve the loss of, or damage to, containerised cargo are thought to be caused by poor or improper packing and securing.  Such a finding is echoed by the ocean carriers’ Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), where a third of incidents investigated were found to have this cause. The loss to the industry is substantial, resulting in direct expense, operational disruption and management distraction, not to mention litigation or insurance costs.

The TT Club’s claims history is strewn with incidents that indicate inadequate awareness of the dynamic forces that can be encountered during intermodal transport, in addition to lack of consideration of the consequences of inappropriate load distribution within the CTU. However, since the modern container typically passes through so many handling processes during its journey, it can be difficult to pinpoint liability for an incident, even where poor packing is suspected.


CTUpack e-learning (Screen Shot)

“It is no surprise that the correct packing of containers is high on the agenda for industry bodies, regulators and insurers, as the consequences of unsafe and badly secured cargo are serious. It is important to take account not only of financial losses but also in too many cases serious bodily injury to operators, and even death”, says TT Club’s Risk Management Director, Peregrine Storrs-Fox.  “Increased levels of training to maintain and improve the expertise of those employed by shippers, consolidators, warehouses and depots to pack containers and other transport units is now essential”, he continues.  “This is why TT Club has commissioned the expert e-learning course designer Exis Technologies to develop the CTUpack e-learningTM course”.

The CTUpack e-learning™ course is an online training tool for those involved in the packing and unpacking of cargo transport units (CTU), comprising freight containers, swap bodies, trailers and suchlike used in intermodal transport. The first release of CTUpack is a foundation level course, which is being launched today.  The course modules focus on the topics of cargo, transport, packing and arrival. There are lessons on the issues most relevant to container packers, including forces and stresses encountered during transport, and how these need careful consideration when packing and securing cargo in a CTU.  Students are assessed continuously through the course and receive a course completion certificate which records their final score. The e-learning course is accessed via the web and is available for individual training or for national, regional or global company training programs., Multiple courses are managed using Exis Technologies’ e-learning management system, which provides administrator functions for setting up courses and monitoring students’ records.

The aim of the course is to focus industry attention on the significant and dangerous implications of bad packing and provide guidance consistent with current good practice. The course takes account of the recent revisions to the ILO/IMO/UNECE* Guidelines, anticipated to be approved as a non-mandatory, but enforceable, Code of Practice later this year. The CTUpack e-learning™ will evolve to reflect any further changes to the UN documents and other industry good practice guidance.

Storrs-Fox concludes, “CTUpack e-learning follows the well-established IMDG Code e-learning training course from Exis, which is also sponsored by TT Club.  Both courses fit closely with the risk management approach that the Club has always fostered among the global freight transport community.  As in other operational sectors of the industry, training is clearly the number one loss prevention measure and, if adopted as a core feature of the operator’s culture, can greatly reduce the number of incidents incurred globally each year throughout the industry.”

CTUpack e-learning™ can be purchased directly from  There are discounts for courses purchased in quantity.

* International Labour Organization/International Maritime Organization/United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

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 About TT Club:

The TT Club is the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services.  As a mutual insurer, the TT Club exists to provide its policyholders with benefits, which include specialist underwriting expertise, a world-wide office network providing claims management services, and first class risk management and loss prevention advice.

Customers include some of the world’s largest shipping lines, busiest ports, biggest freight forwarders and cargo handling terminals, to companies operating on a smaller scale but whose operations face similar risks.  TT Club specialises in the insurance of Intermodal Operators, NVOCs, Freight Forwarders, Logistics Operators, Marine Terminals, Stevedores, Port Authorities and Ship Operators

About Exis Technologies:

Exis Technologies, headquartered in Darlington, UK, is the leading supplier of compliance systems for the management of dangerous goods in sea transport.  For over 25 years major container shipping lines, ports and shippers have been relying on Hazcheck Systems for regulatory compliance, efficiency and safety in their global operations. They serve 80% of the top container lines.

Exis Technologies also develops e-learning courses.  IMDG Code e-learning is a cost-effective training solution for shore side staff that has been implemented by half of the top 20 container lines as well as shippers and logistics operations worldwide. CTUpack e-learning is the latest addition to their training courses.



Images to illustrate the need for safer and more secure cargo packing in containers are available on request from ISIS Communications, please email:

Dachser UK Honoured by BIFA with Staff Development Award

Northampton, 29 January 2014

BIFA Awards 2013 - Staff Development (Nicky Holdcroft)


Caption: (l-r) Julia Bradbury; Nicky Holdcroft, HR Manager, Dachser UK; Cliff Atkinson, Albacore Systems

Dachser UK is proud to have been honoured by the British International Freight Association at its annual awards ceremony held in London on 16th January.  The award, sponsored by the Albacore Group and presented by TV presenter Julia Bradbury, is for Staff Development.  The judges commented that “Dachser showed outstanding commitment to staff development with numerous schemes. These included setting up its own training facility and monitoring progress every step of the way”.

Dachser UK is part of the German head-quartered Dachser organisation, a global logistics provider. Dachser views itself as a ‘learning organisation’ and is committed to the on-going development of its staff. This philosophy led the group to invest in the Dachser Academy in 2008.  Located in Cologne, the Academy provides a selection of initial and advanced training for employees.  It also helps to support and communicate the development programme.

HR Manager for Dachser UK, Nicky Holdcroft, who accepted the BIFA award on behalf of the UK organisation, explains how the development programme works in the UK. ‘It ensures that each employee understands the business plan and is able to actively contribute to the achievement of the Company’s business. There is a focus on the conduct expected of employees in a work environment that fosters growth and personal, as well as corporate development,” she noted.

Among other training initiatives, in 2010 and in partnership with The Real Apprenticeship Company, Dachser UK implemented its Apprenticeship Programme to attract and develop entry level recruits into the business.  Debbie Shandley of The Real Apprenticeship Company outlines the scheme, “The two-year programme is an Advanced Apprenticeship, within which each participant receives a foundation for future development, spending time in all departments learning the business in all its aspects.  The result is an industry-recognised Level 3 qualification in Logistics Operations Management.”

Dachser also provides opportunities for suitably qualified employees to take a Bachelor Degree in Logistics at the Berlin School of Economics; a course fully developed and supported by Dachser.  The aim of this scheme is to train future leaders, rounded in their knowledge and experience of logistics and fully equipped to support business growth plans in the future.

Georgia Sunderland of Dachser in Rochdale is currently midway through the three-year course in Berlin and also attended the BIFA awards ceremony. “I’m really pleased that Dachser has been recognised by BIFA as a company that provides superior training options for the development of its staff.  I personally am benefiting tremendously from the opportunity to study in Berlin and to gain excellent practical experience via placements at various facilities throughout the Dachser network,” said Georgia.



DACHSER UK is part of the Dachser group, a major international logistics provider. With a staff of 21,650 employees in 37 countries at 347 locations all over the globe, in 2012, Dachser generated revenue of EUR 4.41 billion and handled 49.8 million shipments weighing a total of 37.46 million tons.

For more information, please visit


Caption: (l-r) Julia Bradbury; Nicky Holdcroft, HR Manager, Dachser UK; Cliff Atkinson, Albacore Systems

Evergreen’s EVER SUMMIT Rescues Indian Seafarers in South China Sea

January 22, 2014

The officers and crew of Evergreen Line’s 7,024-TEU containership EVER SUMMIT successfully rescued sixteen Indian seafarers in the South China Sea on January 20.

Photo caption : EVER SUMMIT's Captain Horng, Tsong-Been (middle) together with the rescued Indian seafarers

Photo caption : EVER SUMMIT’s Captain Horng,

Tsong-Been (middle) together with the rescued

Indian seafarers


At 14:00 that day EVER SUMMIT received a distress call from the BITU GULF, a Panamanian tanker, which was sinking.  The containership was on route from Shekou, China to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia. The captain of EVER SUMMIT immediately ordered his crew to stand by for a rescue operation and made best speed to the location of the distressed vessel.

Upon finding the lifeboat of BITU GULF around forty nautical miles off the coast of Vietnam, the crew of EVER SUMMIT acted promptly and successfully rescued all sixteen seafarers of the tanker at 16:35 pm.

The rescued seafarers received care on board EVER SUMMIT as the ship continued its voyage to Tanjung Pelepas. On completion of the rescue operation, Evergreen notified Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd, the owner of BITU GULF, to take responsibility for their crew in Tanjung Pelepas and arrange their repatriation.

EVER SUMMIT is one of Evergreen Line’s「S」type vessels with a capacity of 7,024 TEUs.  The ship is currently deployed in the carrier’s Far East-Middle East Gulf (APG) service.

On November 28, 2011 the crew of Evergreen Line’s 1,164-TEU UNI- ASPIRE performed a life-saving mission south of Hong Kong and rescued a Korean seaman.

Evergreen Names the Latest Duo of L-type Vessels

January 21, 2014

EVER LIVELY, the sixteenth in a series of Evergreen Line’s L-type containerships built by Samsung Heavy Industries, was christened by Bronson Hsieh, the Evergreen Group’s Second Vice Group Chairman, at the shipbuilder’s shipyard in Korea today. The official rope-cutting of the new 8,452-TEU vessel was performed by Ms. Ching-fen Cheng, Executive Vice President of Central Reinsurance Corporation.

On the same day, Vice Group Chairman Marcel Chang presided at the naming ceremony of EVER LENIENT, the seventeenth vessel in the series. The rope-cutting on this occasion was conducted by Mrs. Connie Chang, wife of Mr. Chang.

“As a primary benefit of our ongoing fleet renewal program, we have seen a significant enhancing of the fuel efficiency of the line’s operation. We believe that the delivery of  EVER LIVELY, EVER LENIENT and other newbuildings to come will continue to improve the competitiveness of our operating fleet in the global shipping market.” said Mr. Hsieh in his speech at the ceremony.

EVER LIVELY and EVER LENIENT are owned by Evergreen Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd respectively. The two ships are 334.8 meters in length, 45.8 meters wide, has 948 reefer plugs and a draft of 14.2 meters. Each can cruise at speeds up to 24.5 knots. Both will be delivered in February and join Evergreen Line’s Far East – Middle East route.

Evergreen Line commenced its fleet renewal program in 2010 when shipbuilding costs reached cost-effective levels. The project entailed ordering of thirty L-type vessels and chartering of five 8,800 teu ships as well as ten 13,800 teu units.  The carrier also recently signed agreements to charter ten 14,000 teu vessels. The newbuildings will act as replacements for existing units; the delivery of newbuildings will be balanced by redelivery of currently chartered ships when their charter periods expire.

140121 Ever Lively & Ever Lenient Naming Ceremony

Photo caption: (From right to left) Evergreen Group Vice Group Chairman Mr. Marcel Chang, his wife Mrs. Connie Chang, Central Reinsurance Corporation Executive Vice President Ms. Ching-fen Cheng and Evergreen Group Second Vice Group Chairman Mr. Bronson Hsieh

TT Club Applauds Success in Logistics Innovation

20 January 2014

TT Club, the insurance specialist serving the global freight industry, continues to support innovation in the logistics sector.
TT Club, which provides liability, cargo and propertycover to freight forwarders and logistics companies, once more observes that innovation in technological capabilities and tailored supply chain processes is essential for logistics companies to thrive in a sustained competitive environment.
A long-term supporter of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) Awards, TT Club sponsored the 2013 European Logistics Award.  TT Club’s Development Director for UK and Ireland, Brian Sullivan, was part of the judging panel that employed a stringent vetting process to find the most deserving entry. This year the winner is DSV. The award was presented by Sullivan to DSV’s Chris Malyon at a ceremony in London on Thursday, 16 January.
The Club’s detailed knowledge of its own Members’ supply chain services has convinced Sullivan that the proliferation of innovation in the sector and a trend away from rate-driven commoditisation is a very real phenomenon.
“Many in the freight transport industry feel that pressure on rates from customers has shorn the operator of the necessary resource to deliver the added-value elements that distinguishes logistics from the straightforward  ‘A to B’ transportation of freight.  As a result of my own and the Club’s experience, I would contest this view,” comments Sullivan.
TT Club is certainly seeing more extensive services being provided by its customers.  Many companies that in the past offered traditional freight forwarding now take on a much higher degree of supply chain risk and sustain greater liability by providing increasingly complex and sophisticated services.
The trend is however seen as positive.  The increased complexity of service offerings and the ingenuity of operators in designing alternative supply chain solutions provides opportunity for new entrants as much as established logistics companies.
TT Club recognises the need to support and reward quality innovation in the industry and has been a sponsor of the BIFA awards since their inception nearly twenty years ago.  By the very nature of the insurance services it provides, the Club is at the heart of the supply chain industry and consequently, is able to monitor the dynamic trends that are always at play as logistics operators strive to improve their service offerings to meet market demands.


Note to Editors:
The TT Club is the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services. Established in 1968, the Club’s membership comprises ship operators, ports and terminals, road, rail and airfreight operators, logistics companies and container lessors. As a mutual insurer, the Club exists to provide its policyholders with benefits, which include specialist underwriting expertise, a world-wide office network providing claims management services, and first class risk management and loss prevention advice.

Groundbreaking ceremony in Lyss: Dachser erects new site in Switzerland

Kempten/Lyss (CH), January 16, 2014. Logistics provider Dachser is expanding its presence in Switzerland with the opening of its new site in the Bern region. The international company is enhancing its global operations by establishing its ninth Swiss site that will occupy an area of 12,200 square meters, and create around 40 new jobs in the region.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place at the construction site in the Lyss industrial park, with Marcel Meier, President of the Board of Directors for Dachser Switzerland, in attendance, along with Urs Häner, Country Manager and Andreas Hegg, Mayor of Lyss. Start-up of operations at the new site is anticipated for September 2014.

The new site will enable shorter runtimes

From 2015 on, Dachser will have a presence in the Canton of Bern in addition to its already existing locations in the Cantons of Zurich, Basel-Land, St. Gallen, and Waadt. “The new site will enable us to develop our operations in the Bern region and, at the same time, to relieve the pressure on Birsfelden,” explains Urs Häner, Country Manager of Dachser Switzerland. Additionally, the proximity to Western Switzerland will shorten the runtimes as much as an entire day. Lyss is another important hub for a network that enjoys seamless Europe-wide coverage. “With its nine branch offices, Dachser now has a presence in Switzerland’s most important economic centers,” says Urs Häner.

Creation of new jobs

A total of 40 new jobs in the areas of administration, storage, and transport will be created at the Lyss location. The town of Lyss welcomes the development of the new site. “The expansion of logistics services will also benefit local small industries and skilled trades and manufacturing plants,” says Andreas Hegg, the mayor of Lyss. “By creating new jobs, Dachser is broadening the mix of industries in Lyss.”

New construction includes plans for the future

The first phase of construction entails a 2,260-square-meter warehouse for industrial goods, where 18 trucks can be loaded and unloaded. Each floor of the two-story office building is 680 square meters. In addition, a 4,000-square-meter area has been reserved for a possible building expansion. This second construction phase is planned for 2019.

About Dachser Switzerland

Dachser Spedition AG (Dachser Switzerland) is a subsidiary of Dachser, a transport and logistics provider headquartered in Kempten, Germany. The first branch office in Switzerland was opened in 1967. Today, Dachser Switzerland has a presence in eight locations and 239 employees; in 2012, it generated gross revenue of CHF 163.98 million. In the past year, Dachser Switzerland transported 506,600 shipments weighing a total of 332,900 tons.

Dachser, a family-owned company established in 1930 and headquartered in Kempten, Germany, is one of the leading logistics providers in Europe. Dachser’s portfolio comprises transport logistics, warehousing, and customer-specific services in three business areas: Dachser European Logistics, Dachser Food Logistics, and Dachser Air & Sea Logistics. Comprehensive and multi-disciplinary services, such as contract logistics, consulting and advisory services, and industry-specific solutions round out the company’s offerings. A seamless transport network—both in Europe and overseas—and information technology that is fully integrated into all its systems provide intelligent logistics solutions worldwide.


Image Trailer 2007


Latest Fuel Efficient Newcomer to Join Evergreen Fleet: EVER LUCID


January 10, 2014

The third low-emission, fuel-efficient L-type vessel to be built by the CSBC Corporation in Taiwan for Evergreen Line was named at a ceremony, held at CSBC’s Kaohsiung shipyard today. The ceremony was officiated by Mr. S. S. Lin, First Vice Group Chairman of Evergreen Group.  The official rope-cutting of the new 8,508 teu EVER LUCID was performed by Mrs. Woo Mun Tak, wife of Mr. K. L. Chen, Director of Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd.

In his speech, Mr. S. S. Lin said, “Among the ten L-type vessels that Evergreen ordered from CSBC, two are now plying the oceans in the service of our customers. In every aspect, the performance of these newbuildings fully meets our expectations. The deliveries of EVER LUCID and its sister ships will continue to enhance the competitiveness of our operating fleet in the global shipping market.”

With a deadweight of 105,000 tonnes, EVER LUCID is currently the biggest Taiwan-flagged vessel.  This ship is 334.8 meters in length, 45.8 meters wide, has 948 reefer plugs and a draft of 14.2 meters.  The vessel can cruise at a speed up to 24.5 knots and  is owned by Evergreen Marine Corp.  EVER LUCID will join Evergreen Line’s Far East – Europe route after her delivery on January 15.

EVER LUCID is the latest vessel in Evergreen’s fleet renewal program. This commenced in 2010 at a time when shipbuilding costs were at cost-effective levels. The project entails thirty L-type vessels, which will act as replacements for existing units; this is achieved by balancing the newbuildings with the redelivery of currently chartered ships when their charter periods expire.

Again as part of its fleet rejuvenation and to meet the requirements of its service cooperation agreements with various strategic partners, the line has signed charter agreements for five 8,800 teu vessels already delivered in 2013 as well as ten 13,800 teu to be delivered by the third quarter of this year.

140110 Naming Ceremony - Ever Lucid


Photo Caption (from left to right)

Mr. K. L. Chen, Director of Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd. and his wife Mrs. Woo Mun Tak,
Mr. S. S. Lin, First Vice Group Chairman of Evergreen Group,
Mr. Lai Sun-Quae, Chairman of CSBC Corporation

Evergreen Line Charters Ten 14,000 TEU Vessels

January 13, 2014

Evergreen Line is continuing its fleet renewal program and has signed charter agreements with both Costamare and Shoei Kisen Kaisha to each provide, on charter, five 14,000 teu containerships to be delivered during 2016 and 2017 respectively.

The ten new vessels, which include the seven announced last month, will further optimize the competitiveness of Evergreen’s operating fleet and reduce the carrier’s unit costs.  As this is a fleet renewal program, the newbuildings will be replacements for existing vessels and balanced by the redelivery of currently chartered ships when charter periods expire.  Evergreen’s operating tonnage therefore will not be increased.

The ten ships will be fully equipped with fuel saving technology.  Their fuel consumption will be substantially lower than ships of the same size built prior to 2010.  These ships will not only enhance the line’s operating performance but will also meet the stringent requirements for environmental protection that the carrier has set itself.

‘Pick to Light Carts’ Set to Improve Order Productivity

Menlo Worldwide Logistics is implementing a radical new product picking regime involving ‘Pick to Light Carts’ developed by warehouse system integration specialist Inther Logistics Engineering.  The system has been operational at the global logistics company’s Maastricht (Netherlands) facility since early December and is to be rolled out across its international network in the coming months.

Amsterdam, 9 January, 2014

Inther - Pick to Light Cart Jan13

Menlo and Inther have been working on the new system’s development for 3 months and have now completed successful trials with the ‘Go Live’ implemented for a medical device client in early December.  Menlo’s Maastricht facility in the Netherlands is the first operation to bring the system into operation, and will assist Menlo in processing some 60,000 orders per year for this particular client.  Initial measurements of the system’s performance show overall improvement in productivity of up to 20%.

With guidance lights on the reception bins of picking carts, which move from aisle to aisle, rather than on the storage racking, product location display and confirmation buttons are also positioned on the carts. This configuration allows operators to locate and secure product more quickly than more traditional picking methods. Although existing carts can be adapted to utilise the new equipment, Menlo have chosen to invest in new carts, which can also accommodate 16% more orders and have a facility to carry larger, or irregular out-sized items.

Menlo’s Functional IT Consultant Michel Kil is excited by the new system, “We have data that is already showing savings of 2 to 3 hours per day just on the picking list printing process, a further 30 minutes on manual order consolidation and picking performance improvements of up to 50%.  There is some additional time required for build and breakdown of the cart but overall we are experiencing consistent levels of between 15 and 20% increased productivity.  This is indeed impressive.”

The efficiencies inherent in the new Inther system start with the consolidation of orders at the beginning of each shift.  Orders can be sequenced in batches of 21 at a time, which is much more effective than using the picking list method.  Rob Winnen, Inther’s Project Manager explains more, “Yet more time is saved as the cart’s alert buttons enable the operator to report product discrepancies from the rack location before moving on to the next item with no loss of time.  The report is immediately logged at a discrepancy station for resolution without disruption to the picking schedule.”

Kil also comments on the integration of ‘Pick to Light’ with Menlo’s global data centre back-up facility in Portland, Oregon.  “We aren’t experiencing any latency in data communication and the strong data security features provide confidence and operational advantage.  The global data centre handles order input from across Menlo’s international operation and will aid the possible adoption of ‘Pick to Light’ at our Asian and American sites in the future.”

Winnen says Inther is also looking to the future with adaptations to the system.  “We are already working on a number of variants, including utilising the system in reverse to increase the efficiency of ‘put away’ processes.”


About Menlo Worldwide Logistics Europe

In Europe, Menlo Worldwide Logistics maintains seventeen dedicated and multi-client logistics centres located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom. This warehouse network can serve as pan-European distribution solution using one or several facilities.

Supply chain and transport management solutions as well as 3PL, warehousing and distribution services are offered to a variety of vertical industry sectors including: fashion & apparel; healthcare and medical equipment; hi-tech electronic and data network equipment; automotive; defence and government services and retail e-fulfilment. The European headquarters is at the multi-client Amsterdam Distribution Centre in the Netherlands.

Follow Menlo on Twitter:

About Menlo Worldwide Logistics

Menlo Worldwide Logistics, LLC, is a US$1.7 billion global provider of logistics, transportation management and supply chain services with operations in five continents, including North America. As a third-party logistics provider, San Francisco, California-based Menlo Worldwide Logistics’ services range from dedicated contract logistics to warehouse and distribution management, transportation management, supply chain reengineering and other value-added services including packaging, kitting, order fulfillment and light assembly through a strategic network of multi-client and dedicated facilities.

With nearly 20million square feet of dedicated warehouse space in North America, the Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America, and industry-leading technologies, Menlo Worldwide Logistics creates effective, integrated solutions for the transportation and distribution needs of leading businesses around the world. Menlo Worldwide Logistics, LLC, is a subsidiary of Con-way Inc. (NYSE: CNW), a $5.7 billion diversified freight transportation and logistics company.

About Inther Logistics Engineering

Inther is an international system integrator. We are a ‘one-stop shop’ for all logistic issues. That means you have a single point of contact for all matters concerning the project. Inther listens, designs, delivers, integrates and bears 100 percent final responsibility for its projects.

The core of our solutions always consists of our own developed software, which is state of the art and holds all functionalities necessary in a modern warehouse. With Inther LC we supply software for Warehouse Management (WMS), Voice Picking, Pick to Light, barcode and RFID integration and Material Flow Control (MFC).

Inther delivers complete logistic systems that provide high performance at an affordable price. Thanks to our solutions, our customers realize reduced costs and at the same line increase capacity, productivity, utilization rate, customer service and quality.

Evergreen Carries Relief Supplies to the Philippines

January 07, 2014. 

In November last year, the powerful typhoon Haiyan devastated the central region of the Philippines, causing catastrophic damage. The victims are still in urgent need of life’s daily necessities. Evergreen Line has worked with international aid agencies to arrange free transportation services to carry relief supplies to the affected areas.

These relief supplies, including drinking water, dry food, tents, medical and sanitarian items, were collected by Crisis Relief Services & Training (CREST), a non-profit Christian humanitarian organization in Malaysia. Four twenty-foot containers of relief supplies were carried by Evergreen’s ITAL ONORE from Port Klang to Kaohsiung on December 31. The supplies then connected to the UNI-ASPIRE for delivery to Cebu in the Philippines on January 03.

CREST is planning to deliver another three twenty-foot containers of humanitarian supplies with Evergreen Line’s help for transportation from Port Klang in early February.

Following the natural disaster two months ago, the Philippines has been receiving continuous supplies of humanitarian aid from around the world.  For its part, in addition to providing free transportation services, Evergreen has also provided seventeen forty-foot containers to International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), a terminal operator in Manila, for delivery of relief supplies.

Evergreen is pleased to be able to take concrete action to bring relief supplies to the disaster areas and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility as a global ocean carrier.