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ModusLink and Newton Circus Join Forces to Increase Digital Inclusion

— Donated smartphones will undergo ModusLink’s enterprise-quality refurbishment for philanthropic project—

WALTHAM, Mass. and SINGAPORE— 2 April 2013—ModusLink Global Solutions™ Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNK) and Newton Circus today announced a collaboration to provide senior citizens high quality, renewed smartphones with a suite of apps known as Silverline, designed to connect them to the digital world.

Based in Singapore, with contributors across the globe, Newton Circus develops creative, environmentally-sound and people-focused business projects across a number of industries. For its newest endeavor, Newton Circus has selected ModusLink to provide global supply chain management capability and for its rigorous standards in electronics repair and recovery.

“Our goal is to provide millions of re-purposed smartphones that can be distributed free of charge through participating cellular providers, so that seniors and their families can have peace of mind knowing that a connection to select service providers is just a tap or a call away,” said Jason Aspes, co-founder, Newton Circus. “With the support of numerous global telecom leaders, this project will connect these seniors with critical information, provide education and connect them with family and friends for enrichment, safety and security. Silverline and its success hinges on the reliability of the systems we provide and ModusLink has a proven, industry-leading handset processing discipline that will ensure the high quality of these donations.”

“Newton Circus has a history of entrepreneurial projects that combine humanitarian endeavors, environmental stewardship and sound business opportunity,” said Scott Crawley, president, global operations, sales and marketing, ModusLink. “We find an increasing number of technology clients are interested in the renewal of electronics as an additional revenue opportunity that is simultaneously beneficial for the environment. Our expertise in this area has grown over the years and our ability to maximize value at every point in the process makes ModusLink truly unique in the supply chain and logistics market. It’s gratifying for our company to be involved with a project like Silverline.”

Donated handsets will be shipped to ModusLink’s repair and refurbishment locations in Bloomington, IN, and Singapore, where they will undergo a rigorous security and data wipe process before being restored to near-new condition and pre-loaded with the Silverline apps before being distributed to seniors through the Silverline program.

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About Newton Circus

Newton Circus creates products, services, and applications that are good for people, planet, and profit. We focus on key drivers of global change including climate, the environment, poverty, development, natural resource preservation, healthcare, migration, and urbanization. Newton Circus understands the mainstream consumer has shown an overwhelming propensity to support products, brands, companies, and retailers that are committed to responsible business practices. Contact us to embed sustainability into your company and improve your bottom line. Visit and for more information.

About ModusLink Global Solutions

ModusLink Global Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNK) executes comprehensive supply chain and logistics services that improve clients’ revenue, cost, sustainability and customer experience objectives. ModusLink is a trusted and integrated provider to the world’s leading companies in consumer electronics, communications, computing, medical devices, software, luxury goods and retail. The Company’s operating infrastructure annually supports more than $80 billion of its clients’ revenue and manages approximately 470 million product shipments through more than 30 sites in 15 countries across North America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region. For details on ModusLink’s flexible and scalable solutions visit and, the blog for supply chain professionals

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