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“K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050 “Securing Blue Seas for Tomorrow”

March 17, 2015

As an integrated logistics company grown from the shipping business, “K” Line is pleased to introduce “K” Line Environmental Vision 2050. This is a long-term environmental management vision for the global environmental conservation toward 2050 to realize a sustainable society, and to hand on this blue and beautiful ocean to the next generation by contributing to society for the well-being and prosperous lifestyle of people around the world.

In the future global environment, it is expected that the worldwide population will increases rapidly in emerging countries, and will lead to faster economic growth and a greater demand for natural resources – foods and water – and industrial products, such as cars and home electric appliances. As a result, environmental issues like resources depletion and global warming will become more serious problems.

Shipping is essentially a very efficient and eco-friendly transportation mode that can transport a large amount of goods at one time. We have therefore identified our course of action in order to reduce environmental impact to as close to zero as possible and fulfill the responsibilities as a key industry operating to support people’s well-being and prosperous lifestyles.

We are taking these firm steps towards our “Goals of 2050” set in our Environmental vision through a variety of initiatives related to environmental conservation.

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