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GEODIS launches “GEODIS e-Logistics” to help brands grow their online sales


In response to the rapid increase in e-Commerce activity, GEODIS is offering brands a new level of end-to-end logistics support. Its goal? To help them offer their customers the same buying experience online as they do in-store. For this, GEODIS relies on its network of e-Commerce warehouses and transportation service at locations worldwide, and on its new digital platform for the processing of orders in real time.

“The current crisis has benefited e-Commerce, a fundamental sales channel that is experiencing profound accelerated growth, from France to China via the United States. Responding to this new consumer demand requires brands to be able to orchestrate both orders and inventories, while overcoming major logistical obstacles. This is why GEODIS e-Logistics has been developed. This new offering, based on the power of digital technology, is aimed at strengthening brand autonomy”, explains Marie-Christine Lombard, Chief Executive Officer of GEODIS.

Behind the scenes, once the consumer has validated their shopping cart in an online store, marketplace, or social media network, a race against time begins to deliver the order in accordance with the consumer’s choices. “Locating the available product closest to the consumer, wherever that may be, while optimizing the ‘time-cost’ factor, seems like common sense, but today it’s a challenge. Most brands are still struggling to achieve profitable growth via the e-Commerce channel and to provide a personalized customer experience,” explains Ashwani Nath, Vice President & Global Head of e-channel solutions of GEODIS.

GEODIS wants to enable brands to restore their decision-making power to meet consumer expectations while controlling their logistical costs. “Our solution is scalable and allows us to quickly, and easily connect brands’ e-Commerce protocols to our warehouse (e-Fulfillment) and transportation networks,” Ashwani Nath clarifies.

The platform provides a real-time overview of all available inventory, in-store, in warehouse or in transit, worldwide. It also provides for the management of orders no matter the sales channel, and determines the most appropriate supply source, delivery method and returns options.

With this new offering, GEODIS is positioning itself as a preferred logistics partner for brands looking to grow their direct online sales to consumers and retain effective control over their resulting orders. It reaffirms its own mission to be a partner in its customers’ growth.

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GEODIS is a top-rated, global supply chain operator recognized for its commitment to helping clients overcome their logistical constraints. GEODIS’ growth-focused offerings (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express, and Road Transport) coupled with the company’s truly global reach thanks to a direct presence in 67 countries, and a global network spanning 120 countries, translates in top business rankings, #1 in France, #6 in Europe and #7 worldwide. In 2019, GEODIS accounted for over 41,000 employees globally and generated €8.2 billion in sales.