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Online training for seafarers obtain DNV GL Certification

K” Line Maritime Academy (KLMA) Japan (Machida City, Tokyo) have obtained certification from Norwegian certification organization DNV GL for seafarers Online training.

LNG seafarer training by KLMA Japan, “LNG SIGTTO STANDARD TRAINING COURSE” (Note 1), was certified by DNV GL in 2007 that it adapts to the international seafarers training standard. Recently Online course delivery using the internet is added to the conventional face-to-face training and the certification range is enlarged. This is the first certification by DNV GL for Online seafarers training in Japan.

We place KLMA Japan as a core of our seafarers training system “K” Line Maritime Academy (KLMA). By adopting “Online” method, we have established a training system that eliminates the risk of infection due to the movement of trainees and face-to-face lectures during the COVID-19 pandemic. This enables us for maintaining safety in navigation which is fundamental to our business operations.

Expanding safety, environment and quality initiatives is one of our business policies to create corporate value. Growing seafarers is important mission to accomplish it. By providing continuous, high-quality training to our seafarers through KLMA, we promote safe operation and environmental conservation which lead to higher quality marine transportation.

Note1: SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators Limited)

Membership that includes the major oil companies, gas, electric and gas tanker transport companies, is an organization that aims at ensuring the safety of the LNG and LPG business, from production/transport to consumption.