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“K” LINE Held Safety Campaign Meetings 2020-2021 ~ Online Meeting for opinion exchanges and Season’s greetings~

On December 23, we held an online meeting for information and opinion exchanges as a part of our Safety Campaign, as well as Season’s greeting together with the four vessels on voyage, which were; “YAMATOGAWA”, a tanker vessel, “SUMMIT RIVER”, an LPG vessel, together with “OCEANIC BREEZE” and “BISHU MARU”, LNG vessels.  

The captains, chief engineers and crews from the vessels attended the meeting with board members and multiple shore staffs from Tokyo including President Mr. Myochin, Vice President Mr. Asano, Senior Managing Executive Officer Mr. Harigai, Managing Executive Officer and Chief Safety Officer Capt. Aya as well as Mr. Iwaki, President of “K” Line Energy Ship Management Co., Ltd.

President Myochin expressed heartfelt words of appreciation to all the captains, chief engineers and crews of four vessels who have been facing the risks of getting infected with the COVID-19. They have dealt with the situation for safe operation and environmental preservation night and day in order to keep logistics moving as the lifelines of the people all over the world.

One of the captains participated in the meeting mentioned, “It is not easy to take thorough countermeasures to prevent infection under the situation that regulations of each country change day by day. However, seafarers have been highly motivated, and the continued support from all shore staffs making us realize that we are not alone. Wish next year to be a great year.”

We will continuously use all our powers to support, keep and enhance the safe operation under the theme of “Harmony, Team-up, and Unity” by utilizing our existing online tools between seafarers and shore staffs, which then highlights our slogan, “No Ship is Alone”.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Reference: Announcement on December 11, 2020:

“K” LINE to Launch Safety Campaign 2020-2021~Unity for Safety~