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Expanding “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” to chartered vessels

“K” Line have started the installation of the integrated ship operation and performance management system “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” on chartered vessels, whilst their owned ships are also being equipped.

This system, released in 2016, has so far been installed on about 140 vessels, mainly those owned by “K” Line. It has a variety of smartphone and PC applications that are used for early detection of abnormalities with live data monitoring, performance analysis to maintain and manage fuel efficiency, and optimum navigation support to maintain safe and economical routing.

In the future obtained big data and information will be shared not only with the operator but also the ship owner and ship manager through a common platform in the cloud and can be monitored with multiple eyes to accelerate elaborated vessel operation and management.

Through this expansion, “K” LINE will make a safe, environment-friendly, more solid and highly qualified operation on all their fleets.


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