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“K” LINE Awarded CDP’ s “Supplier Engagement Leaderboard”

“K” LINE is pleased to announce that the company was recognized as ”Supplier Engagement Leaderboard” for three consecutive years, the top rating, on “Supplier Engagement Rating” from CDP, which is a non-profit global organization (NGO) engaging in activities for investigating and disclosing environmental information, on February 9.

“Supplier Engagement Rating” evaluates the companies initiatives for climate change and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain and ranks the companies in line with their efforts. Our strategies and initiatives were evaluated on “Supplier Engagement Rating”.

This year 396 companies, including 83 Japanese companies, out of 5,640 companies were awarded as ”Supplier Engagement Leaderboard” worldwide.  

Last June, we revised the “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050 in order to further refine the Group’s strengths of “safety”, “environment”, and “quality” and tackle the initiatives for “Decarbonization” and “Reduce an environmental impact on the sea and air”.  As an environmental front runner, we will continue to provide environmentally low-impact and high-efficiency marine transportation to as many people as possible around the world, and aim at realizing a sustainable society.

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December 9, 2020

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