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Holding of “K” LINE Group Environmental Awards 2022 Ceremony

K” LINE Group Environmental Awards 2022 Ceremony held on June 6th, 2022.

The awards were established to honor and give recognition to outstanding environmental-preservation-contributive activities undertaken by both executives and employees working throughout the “K” LINE Group according to the direction developed in “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050. This year marks the 8th awards since establishment of the awards in 2015, and we also have accepted many entries from our group companies both in Japan and overseas. Activities of five companies — one “Grand Award”, three “Excellence Award” and one “Special Award” — have received the awards from our President and CEO, Yukikazu Myochin.

The “K” LINE Group will continue to share environmental preservation activities being addressed within our Group companies broadly in order that we can further advance dissemination and enlightenment of environmental preservation activities as an entire Group effort by the presentation of these “K” LINE Group Environmental Awards. Through this emphasis on continuing aggressively to contribute to environmental preservation and biodiversity protection, we should successfully accomplish our mission, i.e., “Passing on a sustainable society and this blue and beautiful ocean to the next generation” expressed in “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050.

Awardees of the “K” LINE Group Environmental Awards are as follows:

Grand Award

Painting Contest on the theme of clean oceans – Let’s think together about the preservation of our irreplaceable oceans! –

“K” LINE CHILE LTDA. /   “K” Line Peru S.A.C.

A painting contest by school children was held on the theme of the sea and the environment. The winning works were used as illustrations for the commemorative calendars for the 50th anniversary of “K” LINE CHILE, LTDA. and K Line Peru S.A.C.

Teachers commented that the event provided an opportunity for the children to think about ocean environment conservation. They appreciated the fact that the children could participate in this activity at home amidst the COVID19 that still continues.

(The works are posted on the website below.)

“K” LINE CHILE, LTDA. Home Page:

“K” Line Peru S.A.C.  Home Page:

Excellence Award

  • Reduce CO2 Emission by ECO Driving training – Bangkok Marine Enterprises Ltd.
  • Reduce CO2 Emission through commuter bicycle rental to employees – “K” Line (Deutschland) GmbH
  • Diminishing CO2 Emission by Reducing Garbage Disposal Charge Through Effective Compacting – M/V CAPE BROLGA

Special Award “K” Line Pte Ltd