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HPC to Sign Contract on Pre-feasibility Study for Port N’diago Operations

Hamburg, 03 November 2022 – HPC Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) has been selected by the private investor Mimarine International to accomplish a pre-feasibility study for the development of an operable business concept for the Port N’diago, Mauritania. HPC will identify investment requirements for port operation, the connection by rail to the hinterland and for a dry port terminal.

Port N’diago is a newly built port in the south of Mauritania, completed in 2021 but not yet in operation. The port currently has a 180 m quay wall for commercial purposes with a limited back yard, which needs to be developed. Other parts of the port that were built for fishing and other purposes can also be reconstructed for cargo handling.

Signing the contract:
(l-r) El Vara Doua, Mauritrans Shipping ; Dr. Martin Schramm, HPC ; Jamal Mohamed Salem, Mimarine International ; Abdallahi Barro, Africom

A consortium led by Mimarine International is pursuing the goal of better connecting the southern hinterland of Mauritania to international maritime traffic.

HPC’s role is to carry out a pre-feasibility study involving the development of port operations, the railway connection of 70 km to the planned railway route between the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott and the border of Mali, as well as the conceptual designing of a dry port terminal at the intended railway junction.

“Connecting south-western Mauritania to international maritime transport will stimulate the local mining industry”, says Jamal Mohamed Salem, CEO of Mimarine International. “The expansion of Port N’diago will also provide impetus for growth in the region.”

HPC’s core competencies include providing commercial, financial and operational analyses for the development of transport infrastructure from the quay wall to the hinterland. The overall objective of the study is the investigation of potential developments to stimulate port operations and the realisation of necessary additional infrastructure investments to achieve this.

It will involve the analysis and evaluation of potential commodities and cargo flows as well as the development of a functional and efficient operations concept that will meet market demand in terms of volume and performance within reasonable resource requirements.

The study will identify such market demand and assess the general need for an intermodal facility, as well as the required equipment and infrastructure.

Dr Martin Schramm, managing the project at HPC, comments: “This ambitious project aims to put currently untapped maritime facilities to good use in order to further develop the industry in the region.”

The results of the pre-feasibility study are expected to be available in January 2023.

The contracting parties consider the study to be a first step in a long-term partnership in which HPC will provide its experience to later develop efficient port operations.

About HPC

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