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"K" Line

“K” LINE to expand sharing of ship operation data to enhance utilization of big data in the maritime industry

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) and Ship Data Center Co., Ltd. (ShipDC) have agreed to share operation data of all “K” LINE fleet equipped with “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions”*1 through IoS Open Platform (IoS-OP)*2, the ship IoT data sharing platform promoted by ShipDC.

“K” LINE had so far stored operation data collected from several vessels equipped with Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions to IoS-OP, and has now agreed to expand the sharing for all its owned fleet of about 140 vessels.

Though the development of information and communication technology has made it possible to collect large and various data from ships in operation, approaches for data collection and analysis are still fragmented. For encouraging big data use in the maritime industry, ShipDC is working for the common platform for ship-related data.

This data sharing significantly increases the amount of ship operation data transferred in IoS-OP, and enables IoS-OP members to fully utilize the shared big data to enhance their corporate value, which includes the pursuit of ship safety and economic efficiency, environmental initiatives, and the creation of maritime innovations to strengthen their competitiveness.

(From right)
ShipDC President Yasuhiro Ikeda
“K” LINE Vice President, Executive Officer Atsuo Asano
ClassNK President & CEO Hiroaki Sakashita,
“K” LINE Associate Director Joichi Sasaki

Taking this occasion of expanding the data sharing, “K” LINE decided to upgrade its IoS-OP Consortium membership status to the highest rank of “Platinum” to extend its involvement.

“K” LINE and ShipDC aim for safety of ships, contribution to the environment, and economic rationality through the data utilization as well as further acceleration of the collection, distribution, and utilization of data in the maritime industry with IoS-OP at the core.

(*1) Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions
The ship ICT system which uses ship-shore intercommunication system and has functions of operation management of ships, condition monitoring of engine plant, and ship performance analysis from the office. Please see the link below for more information.

(*2) Internet of Ships Open Platform (IoS-OP)

A universal platform that enables the sharing of ship operation data among shipbuilders, manufacturers, and related service providers without compromising profits of data providers. 57 organizations joined the member association “IoS-OP Consortium” as of the end of 2020.

CEO Message for CDP2020 “A List” award ― Earning Highest Rating “A” for Five Consecutive Years―

On January 14, CDP2020 “A List” award, hosted by CDP Worldwide-Japan, was held online and Yukikazu Myochin, President & CEO of “K” LINE delivered message as one of the ”A List” companies in the event.

The video message is posted on “K” LINE’s YouTube channel.

“K” LINE YouTube channel

“K” LINE corporate website  *click top banner

“K” LINE was selected as ”A List 2020”, the top rating, on climate change from CDP, which is a non-profit global organization (NGO) engaging in activities for realizing sustainable economy, on December 8, 2020. 53 Japanese companies were in the list and only 4 companies were selected for more than five consecutive years.

“Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” is certified for innovative technology

~ First “Innovation Endorsement” for Products & Solutions accredited by ClassNK ~

“Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions”, jointly developed by ”K” LINE and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group, obtained the first certification of “Innovation Endorsement” (*1) for Products & Solutions which ClassNK newly launched certification program for innovative technology.

Since the system released 2016, it has been installed on about 140 vessels including chartered vessels. We are utilizing variety of applications with operation data that automatically sent to shore from vessels for detection of abnormalities with live data monitoring, performance analysis to maintain and manage fuel efficiency, and optimum navigation support to maintain safe and economical routing.

ClassNK verified system configuration and functions from many perspectives, “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” was authenticated as innovative solution utilizing digital technology.

We have been accumulated many kinds of ship’s operation data from 2001 when developed electric ABLOG system (*2). We will continue to promote innovative activities such as engine plant fault diagnosis with our big ship’s data and the latest digital technology.

Through these efforts, “K” LINE will continue to improve our safe and environment-friendly operation on all our fleets.

(*1) “Innovation Endorsement” is a certification service by third party for innovative technology which ClassNK launched in July 2020. It is to certify the worth and possibility of advanced technology with digital transformation to stakeholders, to achieve issues like safety improvement or environmental conservation, and continuously development.

(*2) Abbreviation of the Abstract log which is important record of voyage to know situation of vessel navigation. It includes navigation data such as vessel position, distance for next port, average speed, weather condition, and bunker consumption, etc.

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2016/06/28 Joint development project of “K-IMS”; Integrated vessel operation and performance management system

2017/10/10  Installation of “KAWASAKI Integrated Maritime Solutions Navigating System” to

operated/managed vessels

2019/12/04  Completed Additional Development (Phase-2) of “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions”

2021/01/05 Expanding “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” to chartered vessels

Expanding “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” to chartered vessels

“K” Line have started the installation of the integrated ship operation and performance management system “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” on chartered vessels, whilst their owned ships are also being equipped.

This system, released in 2016, has so far been installed on about 140 vessels, mainly those owned by “K” Line. It has a variety of smartphone and PC applications that are used for early detection of abnormalities with live data monitoring, performance analysis to maintain and manage fuel efficiency, and optimum navigation support to maintain safe and economical routing.

In the future obtained big data and information will be shared not only with the operator but also the ship owner and ship manager through a common platform in the cloud and can be monitored with multiple eyes to accelerate elaborated vessel operation and management.

Through this expansion, “K” LINE will make a safe, environment-friendly, more solid and highly qualified operation on all their fleets.


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Announcement on June 28, 2016
Joint development project of “K-IMS”; Integrated vessel operation and performance management system

Announcement on October 10, 2017
Installation of “KAWASAKI Integrated Maritime Solutions Navigating System” to operated/managed vessels

Announcement on December 4, 2019
Completed Additional Development (Phase-2) of “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions”

2021 New Year Message from the President

“Finding opportunity for transformation in hardship”

Aiming to be a company that responds to change and contributes to the future

The New Year Message delivered by Yukikazu Myochin, President & CEO at “K” Line

To everyone throughout the entire “K” Line Group and its stakeholders, I extend my very sincerest Happy New Year wishes.

When I gave my New Year Message last year, I could not have imagined the awaiting year that would change the shape of the world. The spread of COVID-19 still threatens the health of many people and has an impact on their lifestyles and the economy, and the efforts of healthcare workers and steps being taken to resolve the situation are continuing day and night. At the same time, transformation of work styles and digitalization have progressed while living with COVID-19, and I feel that there is a greater need for sustainability of society and the company.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Management Plan

At the start of last year, we were fumbling our way forward in the dark as COVID-19 spread across the world. The Company has deepened discussions to launch a new medium-term management plan from April, but faced with significant changes in the business environment, the plan was completely revised and announced as the “Management Plan” in August.

The “Management Plan” outlines the issues to be addressed in the short term and the direction to be taken in the medium to long term. The spread of COVID-19 has brought forward phenomena thought to yet to come, such as the reduction of crude steel production in Japan and a decrease in the number of vehicles exported, revealing potential issues and concerns. Amid such conditions, we revised all business plans from scratch with a view to the business environment after COVID-19, and also completely redrew our investment plan accordingly. Following a conservative scenario, we planned to reduce costs and risks through the rationalization of fleet size and ensured a suitable level of investment for the company. We aim to be profitable even with low economic growth by well-balanced operation of the company’s four core businesses without placing disproportionate emphasis on any of the dry bulk, energy transportation, car carrier or logistics/shortsea-coastal businesses. Improvement of financial standing is a significant management issue, and we would like to steadily build up our own capital by ensuring we make a profit and use this for future development.

Looking back on 2020

During the first half of the current fiscal year, the COVID-19 pandemic had the most substantial impact on the dry bulk and car carrier businesses of “K” Line. In particular, it had a deep impact during the first quarter, with crude steel production in Japan down by 30 percent year-on-year and the number of vehicle transportation being halved. However, we made an effort to swiftly control the damage by executing around half of the fleet reduction of more than 20 vessels that had been set out for the current fiscal year in the Management Plan during the first half of the fiscal year. In the containership business, ONE reached cruising speed in its third year with synergies emerging and best practices being steadily realized. In addition, the recent restructuring of the industry also had the effect of enabling us to flexibly reduce the number of voyages without lowering service quality in response to the sudden decline in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to reducing operating costs, we have also contributed to the reduction of environmental impact through the appropriate allocation of vessels according to demand.

Although our handling of COVID-19 began with fumbling our way forward in the dark, the direction to take has been clarified by the Management Plan and so far we have been able to proceed as anticipated.

Direction and challenges for 2021

Although concerns about the disease spreading again remain, the movement of goods has not stopped, and each countries are finding ways to balance prevention of the spread of the disease with the economy. In such conditions, the dry bulk and car carrier businesses that were significantly affected by COVID-19 have left their most difficult period and are on the way to recovery. We will continue to endeavor toward stable management in the energy transportation and logistics/shortsea-coastal businesses, and ONE will continue flexible allocation of vessels according to demand in the containership business. Through such efforts, we aim to be profitable across all divisions in the second half of the fiscal year.

The rationalization of fleet scale mentioned in the Management Plan has proceeded according to plan and medium- to long-term contracts are also progressing on schedule. The expansion of our capital base has exceeded initial plans due to improvement of performance, and we will aim to achieve the goal of restoring shareholders’ equity to 150 billion yen by the mid-2020s ahead of schedule by progressing without easing up on the liquidation of non-core business assets that we have previously been working on.

We will further strengthen efforts aimed at safety, the environment and quality, and accelerate both the Safety and Environmental Technology Project and the Alternative Fuel Project being implemented across the entire company. Furthermore, we have fully commenced business reform through BPR amid the significant changes in the business environment. By reviewing tasks and operational flows from the ground up and optimizing business processes throughout the entire company including the unification of data, we intend to be able to devote more time to more creative tasks.

The importance of sustainability

People have been forced to make significant changes due to the spread of COVID-19, providing a renewed awareness of the importance of sustaining society, the environment and the economy, which is sustainability in a word. Although demand for international transportation temporarily decreased through this, it has retained underlying stability, and we have been repeatedly reminded of the importance of the sustainability of shipping as a lifeline and infrastructure supporting people’s life and the economy.

The company is conducting ESG management and has positioned efforts aimed at safety, the environment and quality as priority issues in the Management Plan and will aim to ensure sustainability into the future.

In terms of the environment, we revised the “K” Line Environmental Vision 2050 last year, establishing greenhouse gas reduction targets exceeding those of the IMO. In order to achieve these, we are currently examining implementation plans for each business division in a project spanning the entire company. One specific move is expansion of utilizing LNG fuel. Last year, we commenced the LNG fuel supply business in the Chubu Region, and following ship management of an LNG fuel supply vessel in Singapore, we are also scheduled to complete construction of the company’s first LNG-fueled vessel this year. Testing aimed at the practical implementation of “Seawing” using wind power is also underway. Furthermore, research on next-generation fuels is also being conducted through a companywide project with the aim of halving the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions as targeted for 2050.

In terms of the aspect of safety, which is positioned as the “S” in ESG, we will strengthen safety in navigation of all vessels regardless of whether owned or chartered, and the systems for supporting this. COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalization of society, including maritime industries. In addition to expanding the use of the “K-IMS” integrated vessel operation and performance management system to chartered vessels, we will also promote the reduction of crew workloads and work style reforms through the digitalization of work on ships and research on the utilization of telecommunications technology on ships.

The stagnation of crew rotation due to COVID-19 has placed a physical and mental burden on crews and their families and brought about concerns for safety navigation associated with this. Although the situation is gradually improving, the company is working with the relevant organizations to ensure a healthy working environment and safe operation.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the company’s business. Meanwhile, we have been able to use the critical situation as an opportunity to fundamentally revise our business plan and make efforts to strengthen sustainability. Adversity presents us with the opportunity to change. The highly uncertain environment will continue, but we should remain responsive to change, and taking action toward the aim of being a group that contributes to the future.

In closing, I wish all of you, the members of the entire “K” Line Group and your families, good health and prosperity as we celebrate the New Year and pray that all our ships will navigate safely throughout 2021.

“K” Line Financial Highlights for 3rd quarter FY2020

Please be advised that “K” Line Tokyo Head Office published the following press release today.

Please click the following addresses to read the report.

・Notice of the Third Quarter Financial forecast

The information is also available on the website:

“K” LINE Held Safety Campaign Meetings 2020-2021 ~ Online Meeting for opinion exchanges and Season’s greetings~

On December 23, we held an online meeting for information and opinion exchanges as a part of our Safety Campaign, as well as Season’s greeting together with the four vessels on voyage, which were; “YAMATOGAWA”, a tanker vessel, “SUMMIT RIVER”, an LPG vessel, together with “OCEANIC BREEZE” and “BISHU MARU”, LNG vessels.  

The captains, chief engineers and crews from the vessels attended the meeting with board members and multiple shore staffs from Tokyo including President Mr. Myochin, Vice President Mr. Asano, Senior Managing Executive Officer Mr. Harigai, Managing Executive Officer and Chief Safety Officer Capt. Aya as well as Mr. Iwaki, President of “K” Line Energy Ship Management Co., Ltd.

President Myochin expressed heartfelt words of appreciation to all the captains, chief engineers and crews of four vessels who have been facing the risks of getting infected with the COVID-19. They have dealt with the situation for safe operation and environmental preservation night and day in order to keep logistics moving as the lifelines of the people all over the world.

One of the captains participated in the meeting mentioned, “It is not easy to take thorough countermeasures to prevent infection under the situation that regulations of each country change day by day. However, seafarers have been highly motivated, and the continued support from all shore staffs making us realize that we are not alone. Wish next year to be a great year.”

We will continuously use all our powers to support, keep and enhance the safe operation under the theme of “Harmony, Team-up, and Unity” by utilizing our existing online tools between seafarers and shore staffs, which then highlights our slogan, “No Ship is Alone”.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Reference: Announcement on December 11, 2020:

“K” LINE to Launch Safety Campaign 2020-2021~Unity for Safety~

“K” LINE to Launch Safety Campaign 2020-2021 ~ Unity for Safety ~

“K” Line launched the annual safety campaign that started on December 1, 2020 which is scheduled to end in the end of January, 2021. In this campaign, we share the actual accident cases and exchange each opinion among onboard staffs and shore-based staffs, in order to keep and enhance the safe operation.

In view of the current situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the company set up the theme “Harmony, Team-Up and Unity” for the campaign in this year to make mutual respects and understandings among Onboard staffs, Shipowners, Ship management companies and us.

The preventive measures to bring COVID-19 onboard shall be top priority for safe operation, therefore in the safety campaign, we are going to have an open conversation amongst seafarers and shore staffs includes top managements by utilizing video conferencing/online meeting as much as possible.

In the safety campaign, we are holding online meetings, so to speak “online ship visitation”. As the first visitation, on December 1, Ship management company in Singapore (KLSM Singapore) and the “K” Line Tokyo HQ visited 7 container ships online and conducted detailed discussions about the importance of safe operation on the basis of actual accident cases in past.  It was really great opportunity for both onboard staffs and shore-based staffs to share real voices, suggestions each other, as well as to confirm our mission to each and every one towards the common goal “SAFE OPERATION”.

Safety in navigation is an immutable mission in a shipping business. We will continuously bring our powers to keep and enhance the safe operation under the theme of “Harmony, Team-up, and Unity” by utilizing our existing online tools between seafarers and shore staffs, which then highlights our slogan, “No Ship is Alone”.

Video Release: “K” Line’s Seasonal Greetings to All Frontliners, Seafarers and Families (Christmas Version)

Despite the difficulties that we have been facing due to the coronavirus pandemic, now is one of the most important time to share the love, joy and happiness to everyone.

This yuletide season reminds us of each and everyone’s strength, light and hope. We are all in this together and we will get through these challenging times.

Through a simple video, “K” Line and with thousands of its maritime frontliners are wishing a wonderful, safe, and a healthy Christmas to everyone, especially to all the COVID-19 frontline workers, seafarers and their families,

The video is published on “K” Line’s official YouTube.

Everyone is very welcome to post their warmest Christmas greetings under the comment section of the YouTube video.

“K” Line Movie: Seasonal Greetings to All Frontliners, Seafarers and Families

Again, wishing everyone all the best for the Christmas season and beyond.

June 17, 2020 release:


“K” Line Movie: Thank you Seafarers ~Unsung Heroes~

“K” LINE Awarded CDP’ s “A List 2020” on Climate Change – Earning Highest Rating “A” for Five Consecutive Years

“K” LINE is pleased to announce that the company was recognized as ”A List 2020”, the top rating, on climate change from CDP, which is a non-profit global organization (NGO) engaging in activities for realizing sustainable economy, on December 8.  The ”A List” is awarded to companies that are evaluated as global leaders in their response to climate change.

Among the companies that disclosed their climate change information in response to a questionnaire sent from CDP on behalf of 515 institutional investors with total assets of over 106 trillion US dollars, 270 companies whose measures against climate change such as emissions reduction activities in the reported year were regarded as outstanding were recognized in the “A List”. 53 Japanese companies were in the list and only 4 companies were selected for more than five consecutive years.

In June 2020, we revised the “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050, which was originally formulated in March 2015, in order to further refine the Group’s strengths of “safety”, “environment”, and “quality”.

Regarding “Decarbonization”, as one of 2030 interim milestones, “K” LINE set CO2 emission efficiency improvement by 50% over 2008, which is ahead of International Maritime Organization(IMO) target by 40%. We are proceeding with new technologies and businesses aiming for zero GHG emissions such as the introduction of the automatic kite system, “Seawing”, using natural wind energy, the LNG-fueled car carrier scheduled to be completed within this fiscal year, and the first Ship-to-Ship LNG fuel supply business in Japan that started in October 2020. 

As an environmental front runner, we will continue to aim for the realization of business in which more people throughout the world can enjoy the benefits of more environmentally low-impact and high-efficiency marine transportation.

* Please see the following for details of our “K” LINE Environmental Vision 2050.