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Evergreen Recognized for Corporate Governance Excellence for the Third Consecutive Year

May 24, 2017 – The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) recently announced the result of its third annual corporate governance evaluation of both listed and Over-The-Counter (OTC) companies in Taiwan.  Evergreen Marine Corporation (EMC) is ranked among the top 5% of all listed companies for the third year in a row and is the only shipping company recognized for such excellent performance. Honoring outstanding contributions in this realm, TWSE presented the award to EMC Executive Vice President Eric Hsieh at a ceremony which took place at the Taipei International Convention Center yesterday.

In line with global trends, the evaluation highlights the importance of corporate governance and requires both listed and OTC companies to disclose not only financial data but also non-fiscal information.  The KPIs included in this evaluation assess protection of shareholders’ rights; equitable treatment of shareholders; board composition and management; information transparency and corporate social responsibility.  This year a total of 843 listed and 653 OTC companies were appraised.  Among the listed companies, as few as 21 joined EMC in achieving a rank in the top 5% for the third consecutive year.

In order to fulfil the requirements to attain a high standard of corporate governance, EMC invited senior accountants and lawyer to join the company’s board as independent directors, calling upon their expertise to strengthen the board’s managing and supervising functions. With regard to information transparency, EMC publishes an annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) report in addition to financial statements. The report enables EMC’s stakeholders, including investors, customers and service partners to understand the implementation of the company’s policies related to corporate social responsibility, business integrity, competition compliance and the comprehensive welfare of its employees.

Evergreen Group founder and chairman Dr. Y.F. Chang once said, “The ultimate goal of an enterprise is to contribute to the well-being of human life and to give back to society.”  EMC adheres to this philosophy, applying it in practice through support of various charities and social well-being activities.

In 2016 EMC continued in its efforts to sponsor charitable activities that illustrate the company’s commitment to this philosophy.  During the aftermath of an earthquake near Tainan City in southern Taiwan, EMC supported the relief efforts of Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, the charity foundation of Evergreen Group named in honor of its founder.  In addition, EMC also offered aid for the care of a Search and Rescue (SAR) dog injured in the line of duty; supporting its training and the equipment needs for future rescue missions.

Through other charitable activities, EMC donated servers and personal computers to schools in the mountainous Hsinchu County to enhance their online education capabilities.  Furthermore, EMC continues to work with Chang Yung-Fa Foundation to promote maritime education in rural areas of Taiwan, encouraging poor students to pursue a maritime career in order to help improve their families’ financial conditions.

Together with other ship owners of Evergreen Group, EMC establishes a policy which safeguards sustainable environment for the earth.  Designed in 2003, Evergreen’s award-winning S-type eco-ships demonstrated its forward-looking initiatives to protect the oceans with stringent standards set above the requirements of international regulations. Delivered from 2012 onwards, the carrier’s L-type containerships featured even more advanced technologies to enhance their environmental protection capabilities.  Commencing in the third quarter of 2017, Evergreen will take delivery of its B-type newbuildings, which are equipped with innovative Sea-Sword Bow technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

In addition to its efforts to optimize vessel design, Evergreen has also been putting sustainable concepts into practice, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions in port communities by voluntary speed reduction. Some preventative actions can have multiple benefits, slow steaming for instance not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions but also lowers the risk of whale collisions with ships. In 2016 Evergreen has also been honored with an environmental protection award by the Port Authority of Los Angeles for voluntarily cooperating in a vessel speed reduction program, contributing to cleaner air on shore and whale conservation in the Santa Barbara Channel region. Full details of Evergreen’s initiatives to mitigate its carbon footprint are available on the ‘Environmental Guardian’ section of Evergreen Line’s website.

Implementation of corporate governance policies has become an important global trend among responsible companies.  In harmony with striving for enhanced profitability, many enterprises now also see their roles as guardians of social welfare and environmental protection.  As a strategic partner for shippers around the world, Evergreen is committed to facilitating world trade and, while continuing with its obligation to create profit, it is committed to improve the welfare of its employees and give back to society as a whole.

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Evergreen Receives Unprecedented Third Consecutive LOG-NET E-Commerce Award at TPM Conference

March 6, 2017—For an unprecedented third consecutive year and the fifth time overall, Evergreen Line received the E-Commerce Excellence Award from LOG-NET, a leading information systems integrator of ocean carriers and their customers, at the recent Trans-Pacific Maritime conference held in Long Beach, CA.

LOG-NET gave the award in conjunction with the Journal of Commerce, which was accepted by Lawrence Lee, President of Evergreen Marine Corporation (Taiwan).  Also present to accompany Lawrence Lee were Roy Amalfitano, Vice Chairman of Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corp. (EGA), North America agents for Evergreen Line and Benjamin Tsai, the company’s President.

EGA Vice Chairman Amalfitano said: “We are honored and appreciate the recognition. This award is a testament to the hardworking and collective efforts by the entire Evergreen team, committed to providing customer service excellence and always striving for continual improvement. In our nearly 50-year history, we are honoring our commitments to the importers and exporters that we serve.”

He added: “Despite the many challenges liner shipping faced in 2016, Evergreen continued to commit resources and invest in what our valued customers need to remain competitive. As a third consecutive year recipient of LOG-NET’s e-commerce award, this is an amazing affirmation and a direct reflection of how the Evergreen team worldwide continues to work for the growth and success of our valued customers.”

LOG-NET’s evaluation analysed customer set-up, data completeness, accuracy, timeliness and deployment across customers of multiple sizes and geographic domains. The competition also factored in error detection and remediation. The award is acknowledged as the top honor for electronic commerce in the international trade and transportation industry and recognizes Evergreen’s commitment to customers in every area of online operations.

LOG-NET President John Motley said, “After completing our scoring and evaluations we have determined that once again the Evergreen team scored well in all geographies and in all customer size classes.”

Mr. Motley added: “While we saw some challenges in the carrier community keeping up with requests for interface set-ups and provisioning of electronic services, Evergreen did an outstanding job in the face of great competition. This award recognizes these successes.”

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in N.J., LOG-NET was established to provide the world’s finest solutions for the international trade, transportation and logistics industries. The company has grown from a supplier of custom logistics solutions into a developer of integrated trade management applications across the globe.

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Evergreen Recognized for Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies

170206 Santa Barbara award Blue Whales

Photo Caption: On behalf of Evergreen Line, Captain CT Chen (first left) attended the recognition ceremony of 2016 vessel speed reduction incentive program in Santa Barbara Channel Region. Photo courtesy of

February 06, 2016 – Evergreen Line has received recognition for its excellent performance in a voluntary environmental and ecological protection program, which started on July 1 last year and ended on November 15. The initiative was aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions of vessels and avoiding whale collisions by encouraging slow sailing speeds in California’s Santa Barbara Channel region. The recognition ceremony took place on January 23, 2017.

Vessels enrolled in this program were required to reduce speeds to 12 knots or less within 95 nautical miles of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. This practice helps to minimize the emissions of greenhouse gases and thus reduce their influence on air quality within the port community. The result was a reduction of more than 1,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases and 27 tons of the smog-forming air pollutant, nitrogen oxides (NOx).

The July to November period sees an increase in whale population in the Santa Barbara Channel region; these include blue, humpback and fin whales.  With thousands of vessels sailing through the Channel each year, ship strikes are unfortunately a major threat to the endangered whale population.  Slowing ship speeds has proved to reduce the risk of such fatal strikes.

“When you slow ships down you provide whale conservation and cleaner air for us to breathe here on shore,” said Kristi Birney, marine conservation analyst for the Santa Barbara-based Environmental Defense Center, one of the backers of the initiative.  The institutions that supported this program also include the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District, NOAA’s Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Ventura County Air Pollution Control District, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, and the Volgenau Foundation.

Evergreen Line is committed to safeguarding the environment of both marine ecosystems and port communities within which it operates.  Over the years, the carrier has worked with government agencies, scientific research institutions, cargo owners and other relevant parties in the supply chain on various environmental protection programs. In September 2016 Evergreen Line was honored with an environmental protection award by the Port Authority of Los Angeles in recognition of the carrier’s excellent performance in the 2015 Vessel Speed Reduction Program.

Furthermore, Evergreen has implemented its environmental policy in its fleet renewal programs by adopting the latest shipbuilding technologies to create an eco-friendly fleet and to provide sustainable transportation service.  For instance, the ships that Evergreen enrolled in this program included its award-winning S-type containerships and the more advanced  L-type vessels that have been delivered in the recent years.

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Evergreen Line Enhances Asia-Australia Network

October 19, 2016

In order to offer shippers a more comprehensive service on Asia-Australia trade, Evergreen Line is teaming up with OOCL, MOL, “K” Line and YML to offer a new joint North East Asia – Australia Express (NEAX).

This weekly service will utilise six ships of between 3,500 and 3,700 TEU capacity, one each provided by Evergreen, MOL, K-LINE, YML and the remaining two by OOCL. The first sailing is planned to depart from Yokohama on 23rd of October, with the following port rotation: Yokohama – Osaka – Pusan – Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane, then returning to Yokohama.

The launch of this new loop will enable Evergreen to provide more service options for its customers in Asia – Australia trade by extending its network coverage to Japan, Korea and Northern China.

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Evergreen Line Expands Adriatic-Israel Service

October 4, 2016

Evergreen Line is to partner with COSCO in operating a joint Adriatic – Israel (AIS) Service. The new initiative opens up the corridor between North Adriatic ports, Piraeus and Israel, and provide direct and speedy service to customers.

Two ships of around 1,000 TEU will be deployed on the new weekly service, one each operated by the joint service partners. The first sailing on the AIS Service will be from Koper on the 4th of October and port rotation is as follows:

Koper (Slovenia) – Ravenna (Italy) – Venice (Italy) – Piraeus (Greece) – Haifa (Israel) – Ashdod (Israel) – Koper (Slovenia)

With a 14-day rotation, this weekly service provides an efficient link for regional trade and offers more opportunities for customers in the growing area, focusing especially on the time sensitive reefer cargo.

In addition to strengthen Evergreen Line’s current Adriatic-Piraeus feeder coverage, the pair of regional services will also further expand Evergreen Line’s global service network by improving connectivity via its transhipment hub in Piraeus.

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Evergreen Responds to Hanjin’s Rehabilitation With New E-Commerce Service and Substitute Service

12th September 2016

Evergreen Line has added new functions to its on-line e-commerce system in response to the unexpected service disruption caused by Hanjin Shipping, a CKYHE alliance member, which has entered rehabilitation proceedings. The service disruption has caused delay to Evergreen Line’s cargoes previously loaded on the Korean carrier’s vessels.

Evergreen’s new functions enable customers to update the status of their cargoes and Hanjin’s vessel positions, including information about anchorage at or sailing to a particular port.  Besides, Evergreen has developed detailed service plans within its own network as an effective substitute to cover the affected services operated by Hanjin.

For further information about Evergreen’s service update, please log onto Evergreen Line’s website at, or contact the carrier’s sales representatives and customer service departments.

In addition to the e-commerce enhancement and substitute service solutions, Evergreen Line is conducting fleet adjustment to meet customers’ demand for reliable service.  Evergreen is also working with alliance partners, port authorities, terminal operators and other service providers in the transportation service chain to offer necessary assistance to the customers impacted and endeavor to complete onward carriage where possible.

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Evergreen Receives Environmental Protection Award from Los Angeles

Evergreen Line has been honored with an environmental protection award by the Port Authority of Los Angeles.  The award has been conferred in recognition of the carrier’s excellent performance in the 2015 Vessel Speed Reduction Program initiated by the largest port in North America.

The program rewards vessel operators’ compliance with a policy of reducing vessel speeds to 12 knots or less within 40 nautical miles of Point Fermin (near the entrance to the Los Angeles harbor). The aim is to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and thus reduce their influence on air quality in the port community.

In 2015 Evergreen Line’s vessel fleet called 138 times at the port of Los Angeles. The carrier’s voluntary effort to reduce speed is estimated to have lowered emissions by : 4,657 tonnes of CO2; 156 tonnes of NOx; 87 tonnes of SOx and 8 tonnes of particulate matter.

Evergreen Line is committed to safeguarding the environment of marine ecosystem and of port communities within which it operates.  Over the years, the carrier has worked with government agencies, scientific research institutes, cargo owners and relevant parties in the supply chain on various environmental protection programs. Furthermore, Evergreen has incorporated this philosophy into its fleet renewal programs by adopting the latest shipbuilding technologies to build an eco-friendly fleet and to achieve sustainable transportation service provision

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Evergreen Strengthens Indian Subcontinent Network

August 25, 2016

In a move designed to significantly enhance its service on the China–Indian Subcontinent trade, Evergreen Line is teaming up with K Line, COSCO, Wan Hai and PIL to offer two new joint services from early September.  Both will provide direct calls at Karachi and Mundra and will improve current transit time.

The PMX (Pakistan Mundra Express) service will utilise six ships of 4,200 TEU and call at Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Singapore, Port Klang, Karachi, Mundra, Colombo and Singapore once more before returning to Qingdao. The first sailing on the Evergreen Line’s service is scheduled to depart from Qingdao on the 4th of September.

The PIX (Pakistan India Express) will employ five ships of 4,200 TEU.  This service is scheduled to commence with a sailing from Jiangyin (Fuzhou) on the 8th of September and call at Hong Kong, Nansha, Shekou, Singapore, Port Klang, Colombo, Karachi, Mundra, Port Klang and then back to Jiangyin.

In addition to providing efficient shipping service between China and Northwest India as well as Pakistan, the pair of regional services will also further expand Evergreen Line’s global service network by improving connectivity via its transhipment hubs in Singapore, Port Klang and Colombo.

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Evergreen’s Inaugural Voyage through Expanded Panama Canal

160711 Inaugural Voyage Celebration

Evergreen held a special ceremony at Panama Canal’s Cocoli Locks. Representatives from shipping related industries and government agencies were present at the event to witness the significant milestone. Important guests are listed below (from left) Third left : Panama Canal Authority, Manager of the Division of Economic Analysis and Market Research, Ms. Silvia de Marucci Seventh left : Unigreen Marine S.A. Chairman Mr. Scott Chang Eighth left : Panama Maritime Authority General Director of Merchant Marine, Mr. Fernando Solórzano Ninth left : ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Panama, Mr. Jose Maria Liu, Tenth left : Unigreen Marine S.A. President Mr. Frank Zeimetz Eleventh left : Colon Container Terminal Chairman – Captain Yen-I Chang

Ever Lambent, an 8,452 TEU containership owned by the Evergreen Group, passed through the expanded Panama Canal on the ninth of July (Panama time), marking a new era for Evergreen Line’s all-water services connecting the Far East with the US East Coast.  Evergreen held a special ceremony to mark the occasion at the Canal’s Cocoli Locks.  Representatives from shipping related industries and government agencies were present to witness and celebrate the significant milestone.

Ever Lambent is 334 meters in length, 45.8 meters wide, with a deadweight tonnage of 104,408 tons and scantling draft of 14.2 meters. The vessel is not only Evergreen’s first large containership to pass through Panama Canal’s third set of locks but also the first Taiwanese operated cargo ship of over 100,000 DWT to transit the expanded waterway. Ever Lambent is deployed on the NUE service, which serves Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai, Coco Solo (Colon Container Terminal), Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore and New York.

In light of the business opportunity presented by the expansion of the Canal, Evergreen recently upgraded the size of the ships it utilizes on its Far East – USEC services, introducing 8,452 TEU L-class containerships to replace the 4,211 TEU D-type vessels previously deployed. Evergreen’s internal research indicates that the eco-friendly L-class vessel can offer the equivalent capacity as two traditional Panamax ships while at the same time reducing fuel consumption by 40% and lowering carbon emissions by the same percentage.

Together with the fleet upgrade program, Evergreen has further enhanced its service cooperation with strategic partners to offer both a direct service from the Far East to US Gulf ports, including Houston, Mobile and Miami through a capacity swap arrangement and to offer a more comprehensive service to its existing network of destinations.

In light of the demand for increased terminal capacity to handle larger vessels following the completion of the Canal’s expansion program, Evergreen has built the new Berth No. 4 at its Colon Container Terminal. At CCT, Evergreen will continue with the next stage of a planned expansion program, which on completion, expected around the first quarter of 2017, will enable the terminal to handle two large vessels of 12,000 – 14,000 TEU simultaneously.

Furthermore, Evergreen is developing 32 hectares of land adjacent to the terminal into a sizeable logistics park. Expected to be completed in two years, the new facility will connect with the terminal operation and provide seamless, efficient logistic services for customers.



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Taiwan President Honors Evergreen Founder Dr. Chang Yung-Fa

Triple honors for Dr Chang Feb16

Triple posthumous honors were bestowed in recognition of Evergreen Group founder Dr. Chang Yung-Fa’s contributions at his memorial service in Taipei, including the Presidential Commendation, the First-Class Professional Education Medal from the Ministry of Education and the First-Class Professional Transportation Medal from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (from right to left).

Taipei, Taiwan (04 Feb 2016) – Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou honored Evergreen Group founder Dr. Chang Yung-Fa with a posthumous commendation in recognition of his contributions to international transportation and social welfare during the memorial service today. Taiwan’s Education Minister and the Minister of Transportation and Communications also offered homage to Dr. Chang with the First-Class Professional Education Medal and First-Class Professional Transportation Medal.

Evergreen Group is holding the memorial service for Dr. Chang at the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation in Taipei from January 27 through February 05. Thousands of mourners are coming from around the world to pay respects to Dr. Chang, including his close friends, government officials, representatives from business partners, shipping industry, aviation and travel trade in addition to Evergreen Group’s local employees and delegates from its overseas affiliates. Many more attending the memorial are among those who have benefited from Dr. Chang’s charitable work and generosity.

Dr. Chang established Evergreen Marine Corporation in 1968. The global container carrier’s service network facilitated exports from East Asia and especially for Taiwan, an island that relies on foreign trade for economic development. The shipping line’s unprecedented success in launching Asia – Europe service opened the door to the booming European market for exporters in Taiwan and many parts of Asia. Evergreen’s cargo growth boosted Kaohsiung’s container throughput and enabled it to flourish as a main transshipment hub in Asia.

Dr. Chang formed EVA Air in 1989. The airline’s innovative service has attracted international passengers and driven the growth of Taiwan’s travel industry. Now a Star Alliance member, the airline has won numerous awards for service excellence and flight safety from aviation and travel organizations. Its consistent recognition has helped promote Taiwan’s image in the global community. Besides, Evergreen Group has also diversified into aircraft maintenance, engine overhaul and manufacturing of aircraft parts, playing an important role in building up Taiwan’s burgeoning aviation supply chain.

With its business expansion, Evergreen Group has set up overseas affiliates across a global network of more than 110 countries. These investments have driven growth and development for numerous related industries, including container shipping, aviation and hotels, etc. Evergreen’s steady growth over the past few decades has also enhanced Taiwan’s economic exchanges with other countries and paved the way for bilateral relations.

Dr. Chang believed in giving back to society. In 1985, he founded the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, an organization committed to providing emergency and medical aid, promoting education and culture and elevating moral standards. The Foundation formed the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, launched Morals Monthly, a free magazine distributed in more than 30 countries, and also operates the Evergreen Maritime Museum, an institution dedicated to preserving maritime heritage.

The honors now being bestowed on Dr. Chang posthumously are added to the accolades that he received over the course of his career from many countries across the globe, including the USA, Panama, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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